Northwest -- Watch Your Mountain

Kim Clement


"Where the first tornado, hurricane, or great storm hits, I'm going to give a great, great, great breakthrough."

Something significant is going to happen in this nation by a very "insignificant" event. God's going to take of your dust, He's going to take of your trash, He's going to take of your soil, He's going to take of your bugs something insignificant, and make it the greatest source of energy for the world.

There will be a major move of the Spirit in South Florida. There's going to be a shaking in Indiana.

There's going to be a major, major revival and restoration all along the Northwest--Watch your mountain, watch the puffing, this is a sign that there will be an eruption like you have never seen in the Spiritual realm affecting specifically your children and your family.


"There is a battle going on in the nation. An unusual battle shall arise, a spiritual battle. I will not end this year with defeat, I will end this year with victory. My Spirit," says the Lord, "has been grieved as I've watched the division that has taken place in this nation." God says, "The abolishment of the United Nations is one of My key tasks.

It shall come to pass that I will pour out an incredible amount of favor, grace, and prosperity." "This is a year where I will hasten things; I will take what was slow and speed it up. This year many things will fall down and they shall say, 'We thought it was judgment against our nation.'"

God says, "It is not judgment against this nation, but judgment against the powers of the air and the principalities of this nation. There has been a mockery of the servant, Christ, now there will be a mockery of the serpent.

Babylon the great is falling. Do not judge and say, "God does not love the nations of the Middle East." Yes, He does. He would position a Daniel in a lion's den in order to reach the kings of Babylon; He would position Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in a fiery furnace in order to reach the kings of Babylon. Your children will be the prophets of this end time.


The Spirit of God says, "There is no such thing as political battle--that is useless and futile. Religious battles can never be won. I'm not giving you a solution on the terms of religion or politics." God says, "Watch Me through the summer months again, and you will see how significant I shall make 'insignificant.'

The United States of America shall encounter its greatest victory before November of this year. Seeing it, Saying it, and Seizing it. What you comprehend, you will apprehend."

A great revival will come to Iraq.

Indiana, you are about to be visited by the Lord, God. Indiana, you're about to have one of the greatest breakthroughs. A time of refreshing has come.

God says, "I'm going to touch certain regions in this nation." One of the first things that God told me: "Where the first tornado, hurricane, or great storm hits, I'm going to give a great, great, great breakthrough.

The tornado that hit Florida on February 2 was something that they say does not happen. Look at that town, the town that nobody knows. I took a pastor of that town and put him on Larry King and showed the example of a servant of the Lord."

"I'm going to take the insignificant and place them on the secular media. This generation is about to have a new appearance of Christ.

The same yesterday, today, and forever, but a new appearance. The voice of the Father will say to those that are around, 'Hear Him, this is My beloved Son.' Your children are about to be raised up as the Daniels and the Esthers of this generation. I will go to the Middle East, and I will show Myself," says the Lord of Hosts.

Kim Clement: