The Lakeland Revival is the Northwest's "Cookie"

Have you ever offered a child a cookie for behaving as you want them to? A friend of mine was pregnant, and she had passed the baby's "due date" by several days. She wanted the baby born, so she offered him a cookie. She held up a cookie, and declared to the baby, "If you come out, you can have this cookie!"

Recently, I was reflecting on the Lakeland revival. We've prayed for years for revival in the Northwest, and there have been many prophetic words about revival starting in the Northwest and spreading to the nations. "So why is the revival in the opposite corner, in Florida, and not here in the Northwest?"

God brought that story back to my mind. It seemed like He was saying, "Lakeland is the Northwest's cookie." And as He spoke that, I knew that He was saying, "If you come out, you can have this revival!" If we come out of our comfort zone, if we get outside of the box, if we risk, He will pour out revival on our region as well.

(I understood that He wanted revival in the Northwest – more than I did, in fact. (I am not saying that Lakeland was second choice; only that He's in favor of revival here.)

Sue McLain, Olympia, WA
May 25, 2008