This word about an end-time train of Signs & Wonders & Healing has been slowly growing in both my wife Dianne & I for some time. In 1995 my wife was warned about the coming removal of our home church - Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship from the Vineyard Movement in a vivid dream.

The dream was fulfilled to the most unbelievable detail. As a result, we have sought God for added insight about a train encounter at the end of the dream.

At the end of this dream she saw a powerful steam train moving out through a vast field of grain. It was clearly a time of Harvest. The light on the engine was very bright. Dianne actually hid herself from this powerful train as it approached. It was a fearful, awesome experience as it descended what looked like the Niagara Escarpment on the outskirts of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. This all took place what looked to be about Christmas time.

We began to understand this dream after Bobby Connor received the Jan.8,1997 vision about the Gold & Diamond Train. One portion of the vision describes a Signs & Wonders movement that will begin near the city of Hamilton, On. (See <www.bobbyconnor.com> )

Some months ago, during our Monday Pastors Day-off, my wife & I went for a country drive. I headed west out of the city of Hamilton on my way to Lake Huron.
Dianne had fallen asleep in the car. It was just me and the Lord. He began to speak to Me in a near audible voice.

"Son take note of that highway sign you just past". It was a sign for Ingersol, a town some 50 miles away. Again a little further down the road He spoke again.

"Son, take note of this sign you are now passing". It was a sign for St. Mary's, a town some 60 miles away from the city of Hamilton. After passing the second sign the Lord explained the importance of these two signs.

"Son, a great woman, Amy Semple Macpherson , with a great gift of miracle healing was born in Ingersol, Ontario, on the west side the city of Hamilton. Also a great man John G. Lake, with a great gift of miracle healing was born in St. Mary's on the west side of Hamilton."

Right there before my eyes a vast army of women & men rose upon the land and began marching toward the city. I knew then that what had been birthed near this lowly city of Hamilton was about to be re-birthed.

A miracle healing movement would descend upon this region and then begin marching to the west and around the world. This army is unstoppable. The noise of their feet was like a stream train, pounding out it's approach.

The Lord said to me "I will again birth the John G. Lake miracle healing ministry near the city of Hamilton and let it mature in the Northwest, where John G. Lake finished his ministry. This is Holy Ground to Me. I always finish what I begin." (Philippians 1:6)

Jim Paul