A Vision of Revival

Fuchia Pickett

In 1963, while I was ministering in a church in Klamath Falls, Oregon, God took me “into the Spirit” for two days. The Lord told me that if I would remain in the sanctuary and wait upon Him, He would show me things to come in His Church and the world when He poured out the fullness of His Spirit. As I waited there in prayer He took me into the heavenlies and let me see the revival that is coming.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

The Holy Spirit used the analogy of a hydroelectric power plant to explain to me what He was going to do. (I knew nothing about electricity; I couldn’t have fixed a light switch if my life depended upon it.) The Greek word for the power of the of the Holy Spirit is dunamis, from which we derive our word dynamo. The analogy of a hydroelectric power plant was a dramatic word picture to reveal the dunamis work of the Holy Spirit.

Above the Church, high in the heavenlies, I saw the excavation for the building of a huge hydroelectric power plant. God laid the solid concrete foundation carefully, measuring the sand that went into it exactly. He cleansed everything and placed every screen and tubule in order precisely as it should be. Then He erected the power plant section by section. I saw the pipes, the dam and all its massive gates; out from which He ran prime lines, primary lines and secondary lines through great transformers to many points of distribution. After that, He began to fill the reservoirs with water, teaching me that unless a certain level of water was maintained the high-powered dynamo could not function properly.

As I watched, I saw a church without walls.

An awesome divine power was flowing down through the pulpits, out to the people and then through them to the world. Above this power plant I saw Christ, Head of the Church, holding that gigantic power plant in His hands. At the same time, however, it seemed as though He were the One being poured through that power plant, down into the church and out to the world – a great harvest field, golden and ripe unto harvest.

Networking Churches

Somehow I understood that He was flowing His living water only to churches where deep wells and reservoirs had been dug. In the vision, I saw pipes being placed underground from one fountainhead to another – from church to church. The pipes formed a network of churches, connecting those with deep wells that He had dug and filled with His living water – the living Word.

I wished it was going to all churches, but I realized that many churches could not tap into this living water because they had no reservoir.

In 1963 there was little evidence of such networking of churches and ministers. Nevertheless, I understood that He was showing me a network of churches that had been dug out through which He would flow His great flood of truth. The “digging” would happen as pastors and believers obeyed God and allowed the dealings of God to work in their lives. By their yielded obedience to the Holy Spirit and His Word they would become reservoirs of truth. From these churches His power would flow throughout the all the world.

When a vast network of churches had been filled with living water, God would pull a great switch and open all the gates of truth that have been dammed up by man. I saw the release of stream after stream of truth that God wanted to flow freely in the church, but the truth had been dammed up by denominational walls erected by man.

Then in my spirit I heard the water – His Word – begin to run. Churches that had their reservoirs prepared began to fill up with water. They were ready for God to pull the switch and open the gates of truth from that great dynamo

At the time of the vision, my Father said to me, “I am running the pipes now. And this time when I pull that great power switch and release all the rivers of my living Word in their fullness, no demon, devil, man or denomination will ever dam it up again. I will do a quick work; I am going to bring the revival that will result in the ingathering of the great harvest of souls.”

Excerpts from the book "The Next Move of God" by Fuchia Pickett