50 State Tour. Washington. Day One: Chuck Pierce.

USSPN WA Gathering with Chuck Pierce: Sunday Evening, December 14, 2003

Chuck Pierce: I would say to you there is a great harvest in the midst of this State, and I am about to put an urgency and a passion in my people. For the sound that has come forth this night, will now flood this State and permeate my people, and they will not be able to shut their mouth, but boldly proclaim the Good News. And I say Salvation will flood the state of Washington. YEAH!

Father, we dedicate this night to you, we dedicate this sound to you, we dedicate this portion of our giving to you, and our life provision to you.

Father, we say from this night forward the supply lines of Washington open up and take a change in Jesus name.

Let’s just worship the Lord and thank Him for what he’s going to do.

Chuck Pierce: Let’s declare Him Lord over Washington State.

Just declare Him Lord,

Declare Him Lord over your block,

Declare Him Lord over you street,

Declare Him Lord over your city, Declare Him Lord over your church.

Now just speak it out into the atmosphere, that He is Lord.

Father, we ask you to possess Washington State.

Pray with someone around you, pray with two (2) or three (3) around you.

I want you to declare that your inheritance in Washington will be possessed (by God). Start with your life; speak your family’s name.

Decree that God has come to possess the inheritance that He has in Washington State.

Lord we declare Washington State a portion of your inheritance.

Father we thank you that salvation has come to Washington State.

I want you to decree that salvation has come to Washington State. And all of you back in the gym and in the other rooms and you in here let your faith go out and now begin to claim a number that God puts in your heart of salvations that we will begin to see in Washington State. Let your faith rise up.

Lord we thank you, we thank you, we thank you, we thank you, now just clap your hands and thank him for what he’s going to do.

There is great power in blessing, so bless three (3) people around you and you may be seated.

Just declare (to) those in the gym and the overflow rooms; just declare double portion blessings on them. Let’s just release it. It’s always a blessing.

This isn’t like a conference, this is a gathering, God, gathered His people three (3) times a year, and He just had plans for them. We have deviated from that and it’s important that we just see the power of gathering. And that we accomplish what God has called us to accomplish tonight. As well as when Dutch gets here tomorrow, I know we are praying so specific for every State.

We’ve not gone with any canned message. My role is really just to orchestrate what the Spirit of God is doing through you, as you set the order.

It’s such a blessing for Burdell and the intercessors, let’s thank God for them. And then thank God for this place (where) we’re meeting. Let’s thank God for Sonrise Chapel. It’s just a blessing.

Now, there (are) several things I feel like I (am) supposed to share with you to get focused. And there are two (2) other special people (then) we’re going to release the revelation of that into the atmosphere.

But one of the reasons we’re doing this, is first of all, when I was flying in, in October, to Washington D.C., it was during the time ‘the sniper’ (attacks) (were) going on, and it was a real intense time.

I mean fear had just gripped the area, all ready several had been killed, and you never knew if you were just going to sit out and drink a cup of coffee ... mater of fact the day we flew in, two or street over is where the young man going into the school was shot. So actually it was just really an interesting time there.

While I was flying in the Spirit of God said to me “I must raise up a watch-man anointing in this land” He shared with me that nigh when I went to bed, as a matter of fact, I got up in the middle of the night, He said two (2) things. First of all, “I want you to visit every State and release that ‘Watchman’ anointing for this hour, in those States.

My life is very... It looks real complicated, but it’s not as long as I just do what the Lord tells me to do. He just... He just does it... I mean... and so I pondered the word, like Mary did. (Which) we read about (in scripture) I just put the word in my heart and I began to ponder it. And I said Lord, in the midst of all that you have me focused in (on) it’s going to be interesting to see how you orchestrate this. So, I immediately submitted to it.

The other thing He said: I want you tomorrow, because I always pray what I’m to share, and He said “that tomorrow you’re going to share that at the end of seventeen (17) days, that which is bringing terror to this region is going to be stopped.”

As long as your brain doesn’t try to think through things you’re ok. But I had four (4- 5) or five hours to try and figure that one out. It made me wonder why the Lord would tell me that, other then just to see if I would be obedient.

I got up and I spoke the most wonderful message there. In the world it just wasn’t what God wanted, good message, but at the end I just said and in seventeen (17) days we’re going to have victory here, and what’s producing terror if you’ll surround the city it will be found out. So it was just really clear what we decreed there.

Pastor Dutch flew in, and he said: “what’s the Lord saying to you? And I told him about the seventeen (17) days, but then I said “you know, He’s telling me to go to all fifty (50) States.” And he said “when I was flying in the Spirit of God spoke to me and said if our nation is to survive, we’re going to have to rally the troops in all fifty (50) States.

And so we just covenant together to come and be with God’s people. We see so many of you in conferences, and God said: “NO, I want you to go where my people are.” Because, the first principle we find in the Word of God, in Exodus, was when it was time for them to come out and head toward their inheritance, the Word of God say’s in Exodus chapter six (6) “He brought them out by armies.” It’s the first corporate type of connotation we find; God when He’s ready to advance His people, (brings them out) by armies. One of the things we’ve forgotten in the body of Christ is, the Church means “gathering place” Ecclesia” it means a place to gather, a place to fellowship. It’s also equated in the word of God to an army, a powerful army, look at your neighbor and say: “you are enlisted,” and look at somebody and say “you signed up for this.” And I believe what the Lord is doing, is restoring His army.

NT:1577 ecclesia (ek‑klay‑see'‑ah); from a compound of NT:1537 and a derivative of NT:2564; a calling out, i.e. (concretely) a popular meeting, especially a religious congregation (Jewish synagogue, or Christian community of members on earth or saints in heaven or both):

KJV ‑ assembly, church.

NT:1537 ek (ek) or ex (ex); a primary preposition denoting origin (the point whence action or motion proceeds), from, out (of place, time, or cause; literal or figurative; direct or remote): KJV ‑ after, among, are, at, betwixt (‑yond), by (the means of), exceedingly, (+abundantly above), for (‑th), from (among, forth, up), grudgingly, heartily, heavenly, hereby, very highly, in, ...ly, (because, by reason) of, off (from), on, out among (from, of), over, since, thenceforth, through, unto, vehemently, with (‑out). Often used in composition, with the same general import; often of

NT:2564 kaleo (kal‑eh'‑o); akin to the base of NT:2753; to "call" (properly, aloud, but used in a variety of applications, dir. or otherwise): KJV ‑ bid, call (forth), (whose, whose sur‑) name (was [called]).

NT:2753 keleuo (kel‑yoo'‑o); from a primary kello (to urge on); "hail"; to incite by word, i.e. order: KJV ‑ bid, (at, give) command (‑ment).

Like I said earlier, this is the thirty first (31) State that we have been in this year, really rallying God’s troops together. There are a couple of scriptures I want to read to you. Then I want to share a couple of thing with you that I believe are important. (Then) you’ll know why we had to do this before the end of the year. Because we do.

I think I’m like you; I’d like to be home with my family. I love my family, they're a fun family, they're a good family, and they’re not one of those you want to stay away from. But, I just (have) to do what God says to do, and I have to do it when He says to do it.

It’s really interesting, usually I try to set aside December, just to regroup, and do every thing. But the Lord said “no you’re going to go to Texas, I have a clear assignment for you there, then you are going to go to Washington, because there (is) something ‘that’ people must do now, then you are going to go to Oregon.” And so it’s really... (We) just have to do what the Lord tells us to do. Success means you are at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.” We’re in a success moment right now here in Washington.

In Psalms 19, the Word of God says this: “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.”

In other words, we can see the work of the hand, because heaven is making declaration. One of the things when we would sing the song “The God of Elijah” when the Lord decided to teach His disciples, when they asked Him ‘Lord teach us to pray’ he said, it was interesting how he began to teach them, He said: okay, “when you pray say” (in other words you’re going to have to voice your prayers) , SAY: “Our Father” and why he did that, and I don’t think a lot of time we make that connection, there had been over four-hundred (400) dark years. And why there had been such dark years is, we find in the book of Malachi, those dark years had come because they had not recognized and honored the Father. And it say’s that right there. And so, the Lord came 400 years later, actually four-hundred and thirty (430) now. The same amount of that it was from the time of Abraham, until they came out of Egypt. And He came and He said okay, if you’re going to pray, you’re first going to have to honor Father. And see, that’s what the book of Malachi, is about. They had gotten so religious and so obsessive compulsive, I don’t know what else to say, they were obsessive people. They had lost touch with reality. What had happened was that the sons and the fathers had gone their separate ways. There was no restoration in the house of God and they had forgotten how to honor God with their giving, they had forgotten how to honor Father in their relationships. So the Lord said okay, if you’re going to restore prayer you’ve got to begin by saying “Our Father.” Just period. In the original Greek, it says that. Hallowed be Thy name, we honor Your name; we honor You for who you are.

And it say’s here the heavens declare the glory of God. One of the things it’s so important to understand, over Washington State, (the) heavens are declaring Gods glory right now. And so by us coming together and worshiping Him, sounding the trumpets, coming together like this, we come into agreement with what heaven is saying. Isn’t that what the Lords prayer is about? “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.”

And so He say’s here “day unto day He utters speech and night unto night He reveals knowledge.” In other words, I am crying out and I am speaking to My people. And in Washington State, I want them to hear my voice and come into agreement with me. I’ll gather them so they can agree with me. Then He says: “even at night I will reveal knowledge,” and this year, like never before God will be visiting us in the night season. This will be a year of secrets revealed, mysteries disclosed, and surprises.

One of the ways the Lord is going to be causing us to understand things we’ve never understood is through dreams. One of the books I have out there is called “When God Speaks” and it’s got three (3) chapters on dreams in it. Because, we’ve got to know that God is getting us quiet (so He can) speak to us, but He is getting us in enough order that we can handle the revelation He’s bringing.

That’s another important aspect. Because God can be speaking but we’ll not have the right order over what to do with His Word so that we can move forward with that word.

It says: “There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard.

Their line or measure, or this is an interesting word - just think of a communication line, has gone out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world.” Now, when you understand how heaven operates, the spirit of God is sending out key revelation. Just imagine the lines that you see on a globe. The Spirit of God is sending out key revelation, and He encircles the earth with what He’s saying about it. And what ever line you’re on you want to be able to grab that revelation because you have then, the authority to set the order for your region. And so it becomes very important that we grab hold of the revelation for as the Bible talks about how He has set boundaries (Acts 17: 24-27) He has measured out, He has predetermined our times and our place.

By setting boundaries, these lines with the word of God on (them) begins to encompass the boundaries that God has set and there becomes a manifestation of the word within those boundaries. This is a time when God is causing His word to be manifest in the earth realm. Let’s look at one more scripture, Job 38:12.

This is where the Lord is revealing His omnipotence to Job. His Power to Job. And see, there is power in prophetic decree. And when you really agree with what God is sending from heaven, things change.

During these fifty (50) State gatherings that we’ve been in it’s been amazing to watch how God has orchestrated the plan. All of them have been different. They have all been set in that particular environment for what God is doing.

Now let me ask you this, how many Pastors, Apostolic leaders, and Ministry leaders do we have here? O’ my, that is awesome. See, God is (getting us in order) ordering us, He’s connecting us, a lot of times in gatherings like this He just brings us together so we can find each other. And we can align with each other, and find our order. It says in verse 12, of Job 38, “Have you commanded the morning since your days began, and caused the dawn to know its place? That it might take hold of the ends of the earth, and the wicked be shaken out of it?” And the Lord said “if my people will just come together and listen to me, they’ll be able to shake out the wicked, that (are) in their midst. If they’ll just get up early and set my order before the morning gets up.”

The Islamic people, I try to explain some, and God just wants to do a sweeping move of revival, an awakening to His salvation plan in the Muslim people, the Muslim people, understand the premise of getting up early and releasing that trumpet sound. I mean they understand it, that’s why they do it.

One of the things we’ve been doing every Friday morning from three (3) to six (6) is getting up and praying those three (3) hours, and decreeing and worshiping. So the (negative - Anti Christian) sound is neutralized in the heavens and the power of that sound won’t be able to take its effect. That’s why when you are in Jerusalem; you hear that sound above all sounds.

Yet God has a people. Look at your neighbor and say that’s you. Now, say this, “you have a trumpet; you have the power of declaration.” And He actually says if you’ll get up and if you’ll begin to operate with what I’m saying, you can cause the wicked that’s in your midst to be found out. The wicked doesn’t have to overtake you.

And so, It’s been really interesting to see God move, this year we’ve seen Him do some incredible things.

(When) Pastor Dutch (arrived in) Newark, New Jersey, and began to speak he started talking about how God had called that State, and in the middle of his message, he said, “this is a garden, it’s a garden here, and God says ‘I’ve called you as watchmen of the garden” well you know, he had no idea that State was called “the Garden State” he’s just not that type. He’s not the type that operates like that. And yet while he was speaking the Spirit of prophecy fell and I mean it was a specific word from heaven. He said to them “there (are) vipers in your garden, mater of fact their located in Jersey City.

See, when we gather together all of a sudden you can begin to see things.

Because of the atmosphere changes around (us and we) began to decree it. That’s where we began to see transformation, it’s not all of us just coming together, but it’s all (of us) thinking the way God thinks. And he said to them, and the Lord then said, “If you don’t find these vipers, they will turn into snipers and they will bring great destruction to this land.” And then He said, “this is what you’re to do (this was in June), He said, “in August for twenty-one (21) days you’re to meet from three (3) to six (6) (a.m.) and I will uncover the enemies that are in Jersey City.

So those prayer teams, I mean it was amazing, they found twenty-one (21) Apostolic Churches, just like what we’re in here. And they gathered from three (3) to six a.m. (6). (The fourth watch). If you can imagine packed crowds praying from three (3) to six (6), for twenty-one (21) days in New Jersey. They took the word seriously, and what happened all of a sudden in the very middle of that twenty-one (21) days. Those over the shoulder missile’s that were planned for destruction in Jersey City were uncovered. You see how God operates. If we will operate in God’s light, light is greater then darkness, we’ll uncover darkness. But it takes us coming together.

One of the things the Lord (has) so instructed me on. Now, here’s another thing I want to say, and this is particularly for you. He said to me, this year “I want you to go to the West Coast, I want you to stay concentrated on California, first of all because it’s in a mess” He wasn’t ready for it to fall off into the ocean or any thing like that, He just said it’s in a mess.

“It’s urgent that you intercede for that State and gather my people,” In January, Cindy ,was having a meeting in Washington D. C., that I would normally have been in with leaders from all over the world. But I knew I just had to go up the coast of California, so I went from San Diego, to Bakersfield, and Fresno, and L. A., actually we were in the studio, in (the) center of L.A., where the “Terminator III,” was being filmed. And we made some incredible declarations there. We went all the way up, (to) Camarillo, San Francisco, San Jose, (and) Fresno, I would just go periodically. By April the first (1st) we came to Sacramento, and about two-hundred (Intercessors) gathered there, we just stood with our hands held out and we said by mid October the government of this State will change. We didn’t ask the Lord for the Terminator, or any thing like that, but he knew what they needed in California. But we said, the current government will come down and a new government will come into place.

I mean, it was just clear; it was the will of God. Then Cindy and I were there in September, and we began and to prophesy and Steve sent out some of (the prophecy) about the fires coming, and the rains, that would begin on November, the first. And I mean unto the day God began to do that. And so every State God has had a word.

But, one of the reasons that the West (Coast) is important, (is that) at the beginning of the year, the Lord said, “I start blowing My revival wind from the west” He said “so this year, you prepare the way for the wind, and then next year the wind will blow.”

I knew at that point the Lord was saying all the way up California, and then I saw something, from Northern California, through Oregon, up through Washington, all the way into Vancouver. I’ve never shared this before. The Lord said I saw something; it was like ... you couldn’t see what was under you. It was like you had one level of foundation, but your foundation wasn’t deep enough. And especially from Northern California on,

And the Lord said, “There’s a new wave coming,” and I said Lord, what’s the wave? And He said “it will be both a wave of evil, that will try to affect that region, but it’s (also) a wave of my Spirit” and he said, “They’ve not built the foundation in that area to handle the wave.” And then I woke up and I actually saw a wave. I saw water hitting, and you weren’t capable of dealing with the wave of the spirit that God was going to bring in days ahead. So the Lord said, “You declare that the wind, that will produce the wave will begin, but you pave the way for it. And then you declare that the foundation that needs to be build for what is ahead, be built from Northern California, through Vancouver,” (BC) and it is just really clear, up in that area. Up there.

There is just such a heart of God for one of the key awakenings, and out-pourings, of the Spirit of God, for this region, it will shake this entire continent. Now hear me! What God wants to do from Northern California, up through Vancouver, (BC), will shake this continent.

This is another thing I want to say, however, there is an evil ploy, that will be devised to bring terror into this area that would stop you form moving in Gods power the way that he longs for you to move. So, the Lord says now, “ you get in front, and you declare the order that’s coming. you gather together, you move forward.” There was some sort of urgency in me about that, and then Steve Shultz, wrote me about a dream he had, which we will share with you in a moment.

There’s a synergy that happens when we come together like this. Things can’t stay in place, there’s a greater power in the corporate then the individual. Now before we do that, I think by us being here tonight there is a rejoicing, and there is some reason we’ve come from Texas to here. We were in Texas, Monday, and Tuesday, than we’ve come here.

(When) Texas gathered together, and because of so many other things going on. And even though we’ve been praying all year, all of a sudden God did something in Texas, now, Texas is a big State, and we were in San Antonio, which is a big place. Doug Stringer is known for transformation, he’s known for mobilizing, and releasing an anointing for compassion, stirring it up in God’s people, to get us prepared for that awakening that’s coming. (Doug Stringers’ sharing isn’t recorded on the tape)

This is the thing I want you to know. We don’t have to be complicated with the Lord; we just have to do the thing that He’s asking us to do here. And when tonight, we do that, it’s going to set a new course in Washington State. Especially Seattle.

I’ll have Steve share and then we’re going to do something that God sent me for us to do.

Steve Shultz: I woke up with a confirming song, if you ever wake up with a song, with a dream, that means something; it’s not a coincidence so you pay attention. Now I’m teaching, sorry.

The song was ‘The First Noel’ and I thought why would I get ‘The First Noel’

And I wrote the dream to Chuck, and he felt that it was quite significant.

But a few weeks later I realized that weeks before I’d had this dream, I had written (the dream) down, I had written in my calendar, no Elijah list work and it was during the Christmas season. I had happened to write it on 24, 25, and 26th of December, now that’s where I happened to write it.

Weather it’s exactly those dates, I put “no Elijah list work,” but I abbreviated it and I misspelled it.

So a couple of weeks after I shared the dream with Chuck, I looked in my calendar, and it says: Noel “words.” See, I never said it to you. ‘Noel “words” and I had woken up with the words.

See, that’s the way God works with (the) prophetic... He just does these funny little things, just to confirm that He’s talking. Even tonight, and even as I’m sitting there God’s giving me more revelation, because He’s saying... You know the words go “the First Noel, the angels did sing,” Or say, “was to certain poor shepherds.”

Now then the Lord takes the words and He twists the words, instead of the words... you know that’s almost a King James thing. Instead of saying it was to certain shepherds that were in the hills, No, it was to cause certainty to the shepherds. To cause them to have a faith and trust in the certainty. That’s the way the Lord twisted the meaning of the word to me. The First Noel, “was to cause certainty to God’s shepherds.”

And as I was sitting here, God was saying if you love God’s people, you...

You love to encourage people,

You love to talk to them,

You love to just build them up. You’re a shepherd, you’re a pastor, and you’re a shepherd. The First Noel was to cause you to be certain of what He wants you to do.

(This is) where I’m going to hand it back to Chuck, because I just like that’s what Chuck picked up “that there was a meaning in the timing of this at Christmas time, at the Christmas season, and I’m going to let apply the rest.”

Chuck: And so you know, you always want to listen to Gods people , and my being in prayer for the West Coast, in prayer for Seattle, in sharing that and for Steve, to have this dream. When he shared this with me, and his (back?) Promise (set to words?), of the dream, and it’s been that far back, and all of a sudden I just knew what we were supposed to do.

That we were to meet in Washington, for a fifty (50) State gathering, at Christmas time and if we would just sing “The First Noel” it would set the atmosphere over Washington, for the coming year in a new way. And what death had planned for this area would be thwarted. And really all God wants to hear is that going out from His people of this State. And this year you set a new course for this State.

And so I want us to stand and I want the worship team to lead us in this song. Sounds simple, but, what it’s going to do. The words of this song are going to have great meaning this year as a shield over this State.

It’s going to set a new course in this State for the coming year.

It’s going to decree that the shepherds of this State will start having revival. And it’s not just an issue to uncover and stop a terrorist’s act, it’s really saying: I’m (coming) going to visit the shepherds of Washington State this year.

This is my year to start moving on the pastors and either they’ll respond to my visitation or I’ll remove them.

And somebody has to come and say that.

This will be the year that the church comes into order in Washington State.

I want our worship team just to lead us and I want these words to become reality to you.

God is going to do a new thing in Washington State.

The Angels Are Coming! Just say that, The Angels Are Coming! The Angels Are Coming!

Invite the Angelic Force’s, The Lord of Tsaba, or (Yehovah) The Lord of Hosts, to come into Washington State.

OT:6635 tsaba' (tsaw‑baw'); or (feminine) tseba'ah (tseb‑aw‑aw'); from OT:6633; a mass of persons (or figuratively, things), especially reg. organized for war (an army); by implication, a campaign, literally or figuratively (specifically, hardship, worship): KJV ‑ appointed time, (+)army, (+)battle, company, host, service, soldiers, waiting upon, war (-fare).

Before we sing it again I want you to grab someone’s hand and name three (3) Pastors, three (3) Apostolic leaders, three (3) Shepherds that you know of in this particular State, and I want you to decree that they will be visited by the Lord.

Just pray for them right now. Pray for the Church. Declare that Angels will begin to come into their offices.

Now I want us to pray, and I want us to ask the Lord to bring to birth His perfect plan, in 2004, in Washington State, in Seattle. (Snohomish Co.)

Declare new birth,

Declare that you will travail.

Not only will you travail, but you will prevail this year.

Now I want you to declare this, this is a year of surprises; you can get the two tapes from this morning,

Declare that the Spirit of God is going to surprise Washington State this year with His visitation.

Father, we just thank You, we thank You for what you are doing right now.

Let’s sing the second verse and let the Spirit of God just minister to you, minister to this need.

Name a city that you know in eastern Washington, and ask God to visit that city.

Ask the Lord to just flood into Spokane, Washington, ask Him, ask Him.

Now, let’s sing the second verse.

I want to say this to you, this is a season to rise up early in Seattle, and that which is hidden in the eastern portion of this region of Seattle, God says: “if you’ll rise up early with me, if you’ll shake out the enemy, the enemy will be shaken out of this region.”

The Lord says: “find that day to get up with me.” I don’t want to get legalistic, I don’t want to tell you, you have to get up every day, but find that day each week until we shift into spring, that you get up early with the Lord. One day a week, until March 21st, that you’ll get up early with the Lord, and if you’ll do that the enemy’s plan in Seattle will be thwarted and the Spirit of God will begin to blow in Washington.

Now let’s sing this all the way through.

Father, we come and we set the atmosphere over Washington, Father, you see your people gathered here. Lord, you’ve heard the sound of your people. Lord, you came to set a new course, to bring redemption, to curry that which is shallow in this particular State. That foundation that’s not as deep as (You) Lord would have it be.

Declare that through these months when you are rising early and seeking Him, that the foundation, the Apostles, the Prophets, the Pastors, the Teachers, the Evangelists will begin to find their place in the order of God in Washington State. Father, we pour forth a new foundation in Washington State.

Now I want to ask prophetess, Jean K______, to come up, she’s here ministering. And I want to ask her just to loose a prayer that God has put in her heart over you for this time.

Jean if you’ll come now, and just release that ... as she’s coming let’s sing this one more time. Just get these words in your mind and in your heart.

Now before Jean release a word over us, I want you to pray for the transportation system. I want you to decree that the shield of faith that’s been raised tonight, will shield the transportation system. No weapon formed against the Airlines, Boeing, the Freeways, and the Transportation system in this area, no weapon formed against it will be able to prosper in Jesus name.

Decree that God is doing a new work in the Church, and the anointing is rising in a new way, and because the anointing is rising in a new way the yoke is broken.

Jean K (?) Father, we decree tonight the voice of the Lord, Father, you said that there was a maturity coming to the State, to the Saints in Washington, there is a maturity coming to the body of Christ, there is a maturity coming to the Prophetic, and the Lord says: “I am raising the prophetic to a new level, a new authority, a new maturity, and I’m sending in those of a high level of authority to lead this State into revival.

There shall be a sudden change, a sudden shift up and the saints that shall receive the Word of the Lord, the Lord says:

“I’m going to cause a pureness to come to the prophetic,

I’m going to cause a correctness to come to the prophetic,

I’m going to cause a sharpness to come to the prophetic, the cleanness of it, the sharpness of it, and the pureness of it.

Accuracy shall come forth. And it shall not be just the few, but will be the many.”

The Lord says: “I’m going to cause you to take territory.

I’m going to cause you to walk,

I’m going to cause you to walk in authority.

And as you speak that which I have released to you, it shall happen, and it shall happen before your face.

It shall happen in the time quick time.”

The Lord says: “I’m going to encourage you.

I’m going to encourage you by seeing the answers to your declarations, the answers to your prayers,

There’s going to be sudden answers.

It’s not going to be by faith any more.

It’s going to be by a knowing.

I’m going to place a gift of faith in my people, and when they speak what I speak, it’s going to happen right before their face.

I see speedy things happening,

I see the Lord moving quickly and yes, there shall be surprises and one of the surprises is going to be how fast I hear and I answer. “

The word maturity, I just heard it over, and over, and over.

God is going to send people in to mature that which you have already experienced.

Chuck: Father, we thank you for the course you are setting here. We thank you for the shield that’s over this place.

Father, I thank you for every one that has gathered here tonight.

Father, to set a new course in this region.

Father we decree that what you do in Seattle, will be the first, and it will be announced, Lord we say it will be announced throughout this land.

Father, we thank you that you have stopped the enemy’s plan.

Father we thank you that over this region there is an overshadowing and visitation is in the air,

Father, we decree that there will be a move of God in the pastors of this State, in Jesus name.

Let’s sing this one more time, then we’ll just let the worship team lead us, and just... Great, great, we’re going to sing the last verse; they didn’t have it up here. She’s just going to sing it here so we can hear it, and then let’s just move forward.

Then let’s sing the whole thing through, and know that we have gathered here, and God is securing a new atmosphere in the Northwest.

This is the first of two days of the 50-state tour with Chuck Pierce & Dutch Sheets.