Pacific Northwest

This word is for all of those who are being called into this work….

For the Lord would say - "Come into the Plan that I have for you!"

For the Lord would say, "Come into the work that I have for you. I know that you have been downtrodden and that you have seen bits and pieces of the vision, bits and pieces of what I want to do in this region and I do not give these things out vainly in the hope that they will or will not occur, for I know that they will occur," says the Spirit of the Lord.

The Lord says, "Come in - for I know that you are beaten and abused and discouraged," and the Lord says, "Come in, Come in! Come in and come unto Me because I WILL complete the vision that I AM has given you - I WILL complete the vision that I have for this region."

The Lord says, "Come in and be blessed! Come in and be put to use - come in And be put to work. Come in and find your destiny in what I have planned for you For I have called you to be apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers and evangelists. I have called you to this region and I have ordained you and I have set you in this place for a time and a season SUCH AS THIS," says the Lord. "I WILL fulfill what I have promised you in your personal lives as well as in the vision for the region."

"Come in," says the Lord. "Come in and do not delay. Come in and make it a work of speed and in haste. Come into the tent of the Lord. Come into the shadow of His wings. Come in and rest and reside and I will build you up! I will remove that which is not of Me and I will replace it with that - that IS OF ME," says the Lord. "And I will open the door for the you.... I WILL OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU!" says the Lord.

Shaun Sullivan
via ETPV