A revelation for intercessors over North America

Last month I attended the Eye of the Eagle Prophetic conference in Grants Pass Oregon, USA and the Lord gave me a revelation about the deaf and dumb spirit being over the Pacific Northwest. I wrote the revelation as this post, but before releasing it, I prayed over it for a month because of exposing such a large principality. The answer to my prayers came last night at a Todd Bentley meeting. His whole sermon was a revelation the Lord gave him in Hawaii about the deaf and dumb spirit. He said that the main spirit over the North American church today is unbelief... and the main one OVER that spirit is the deaf and dumb spirit. He backed this revelation with healing and miracles and also scripture. Now I realize that the revelation the Lord gave me about the Pacific NW was much larger, extending over North America and this is vital information for all intercessors.

Whenever I can, I try to incorporate how He speaks to me so that I can help others grow in their own hearing. Many of my readers are not from North America. I hope that you use this as a teaching tool as to how God speaks via building revelation as well as how to dig a well over your own region. This revelation was given to me in many pieces and rather than try to condense it any further, I have chosen to give you the pieces just for these reasons.

~ Piece One ~ (A Quickened Phrase) In regards to digging a well over your own region, at the conference Bob Jones shared a separate revelation (not related to this article) and said, "I have given you the scriptures, now dig your own well." He mentioned that the prophets had arrived to help, but it was up to us to dig ourselves. That concept began stirring in my heart. Later a friend asked me to write out some simple steps for using some new computer software. I did this, she had a question and I laughingly said, "I gave you the pieces, now dig your own well." As soon as I said that it was quickened to my spirit as the Lord's Word, although I was not sure how. My friend then showed me a menu that was not written in the same sequence and was without reference points. She did not know how to apply it to get back to the steps I had written.

~ Piece Two ~ (A Quickened Question) The next piece came a few days later also regarding digging a well when someone asked me, "How does one dig a well?" I knew this question was no accident! I suddenly realized that we do not know how to dig spiritual wells, and yet we are being commissioned to dig them.

~ Piece Three ~ (A Dream) At that point the Holy Spirit brought to memory a dream He gave me on 8/20/00. In that dream I had revisited the pool of my childhood home, which is also in the same town as the conference. (It is interesting to note that in real life, when this pool was being dug, it filled up by an underground artesian spring, three times.) In the dream, the pool was gone and had been covered over with landscaping. We wanted the pool back so we took away the dirt. After the dirt was removed, I was very blessed to realize the Lord had protected the pool, for there was a huge covering over the pool made from one piece of plywood cut to its exact shape. (It is also an interesting parable that in real life, our pool shape was the shape of a kidney, and kidneys filter toxins, which keep our bodies from being poisoned. This cap represented a sealing to filter the dirt and keep the water pure.) This piece of plywood was perfectly cut in one huge piece, which was obviously supernatural since they do not make plywood that size in real life. In the dream I realized the pool was like an old well that had been capped over. The Lord obviously knew the new owners in the dream wanted to bury the pool in dirt, so He had sealed it.

In the next scene I looked up and was startled to see that the sky had been covered over with some kind of dome so there was no more open heaven to swim under. At that point, I saw two people talking to each other who in real life are both carnally minded and they speak with filthy mouths. They were standing there as though claiming squatter's rights. I had the feeling they were somehow responsible for covering the pool with dirt. They of course speak of the demonic forces that come to take squatter's rights in our spiritual wells because of compromising carnal choices.

~ Piece Four ~ (The Old Testament parable) The following is a relevant study of the importance of wells in Bible times and how it relates to our building our own spiritual wells. In the Old Testament, wells were dug as cisterns, limestone pits, holes, and filled with rain water, springs or even gushing fountains of water. This was no small feat with crude tools. Jacob's well is 75 feet deep and some say it might have been much deeper back then.

The use of wells were often a source of contention and power struggles. Israel's enemies were noted for filling up their wells with dirt. Notice the following account of Isaac: "Soon the Philistines became jealous of him, and they filled up all of Isaac's wells with earth. These were the wells that had been dug by the servants of his father, Abraham. And Abimelech asked Isaac to leave the country. "Go somewhere else," he said, "for you have become too rich and powerful for us." So Isaac moved to the Gerar Valley and lived there instead. He reopened the wells his father had dug, which the Philistines had filled in after Abraham's death. Isaac renamed them, using the names Abraham had given them. His shepherds also dug in the Gerar Valley and found a gushing spring. But then the local shepherds came and claimed the spring. "This is our water," they said, and they argued over it with Isaac's herdsmen. So Isaac named the well "Argument," because they had argued about it with him. Isaac's men then dug another well, but again there was a fight over it. So Isaac named it "Opposition." Abandoning that one, he dug another well, and the local people finally left him alone. So Isaac called it "Room Enough," for he said, "At last the LORD has made room for us, and we will be able to thrive." (Gen 26:14-22 NLT)

As I was pondering this section of scripture I realized that our enemies in the spirit world also fill up spiritual wells dug by our ancestors that are rightfully ours. These wells represent not only the living waters of their past gifts of ministry, but also their unfulfilled promises. I could see the connection between Isaac's scripture and also the dream the Lord gave me about reclaiming our old pool in that we had to remove the dirt. It is important to note that the Holy Spirit's renewal movement (Toronto / Pensecola) that was birthed in 1996, was nicknamed Isaac, meaning laughter, who was the son of promise. This is quickened to me that those who have been touched by this movement being given a commission, like Isaac, to re-dig old wells.

~ Piece Five ~ (Prophet's Words) Bob Jones had mentioned during the conference that there are portholes in the skies where the spirit world comes and goes (both demonic and angelic). Later John Paul Jackson talked about how we need to be careful when tearing down high places, for they are territory claimed by the enemy. These are also porthole locations. As I applied these thoughts to my pool dream, I remembered that in real life the pool was located at the base of a mountain called Beacon Hill. Synonyms for beacon are: radar, beam, lighthouse, lantern, flare, signal. I realized this location was also a porthole and the Lord was telling me that the sky over that porthole was capped.

~ Piece Six ~ (Symptoms and Emerging Patterns) As I started praying over what had capped the area, the revelation grew larger. I was anticipating hearing from the Lord at night, while attending the conference there, since I am accustomed to hearing from Him at night. I was surprised to hear so little. Someone had also mentioned to me that the town's intercessors were having trouble with mental confusion and forgetfulness and she also mentioned that the town had just built a facility for Alzheimer's patients. Through prior revelation given to us in the 80's we knew that the deaf and dumb spirit causes these symptoms, especially lack of hearing and understanding the Lord. So we prayed against it. I felt that this was somehow related to my not hearing the Lord as freely. A few days later another intercessor from a different town called me saying that she was having problems with confusion and memory. She also mentioned that a gal with Attention Deficit Disorder asked her several times what they were in line for while standing in a prayer line.

~ Piece Seven ~ (Bob Jones Experience) By this time, I knew that the spirit over Oregon was the deaf and dumb spirit and I searched my computer to see what references I had made about it. I was very surprised to discover that Bob Jones had fought the deaf and dumb spirit while staying in Redding, California on 6/22/99.

~ Piece Eight ~ (Prophetic Dream/Vision) I also noted in my computer notes that I had a dream type vision on 10/21/98 where I saw a huge tree fall that was taller than the largest redwoods. Looming above my head at the base of the tree were 2 giant carved figures made of the same wood. They were huge, although not as tall as the tree. I looked up at the boot of one foot and it was several feet tall. He was dressed like a logger. Suddenly the boot moved. This alarmed my spirit and I took off flying. As I got eye level with him, we bumped into each other and he turned around and said something stupid and unintelligible to me, then moved on. I thought to myself that he was quite dumb. The experience goes on from there, but in re-reading this, it was quickened to me that this was possibly a deaf and dumb spirit over the Pacific Northwest" the Northwest because it was known for its logging and its wealth in old growth timber. And this connected with the plywood cap or lid that was placed over the pool in my other dream. In that dream the Lord had used the spoils of the enemy to allow the plywood (fallen tree above ) to seal the pool, before they dumped dirt on top of it.

~ Piece Nine ~ (Confirmation) 3 weeks after I had written this post and was still praying over releasing it, I was handed a tape called, "Be a Well Digger" by Pastor Dale Howell. He is the pastor of Cornerstone Church that hosted the above Eye of the Eagle Conference. Evidently he preached that sermon just 10 days before the conference. The Lord had given him a separate, but joining revelation of the fact that the Isaac generation is called to re-dig the spiritual wells of Abraham, as well as dig new wells. He speaks of being a bridge and servant for the youth today by serving them through re-digging wells. This was my confirmation that the Lord was speaking to His prophets about re-digging wells and that this was an important step to coming into His promises.

~ Piece Ten ~ (Rhema Word and Quickened Story) One last story that fits this revelation: As I was praying over the cap that had been placed over the area, I heard the Lord say, "The day they completed the boring through, the waters flowed." This is connected to a story in the archaeological supplement in the back of my Bible. In 2 Kings 20:20, it mentions the channel that Hezekiah built: "The rest of the events in Hezekiah's reign, including the extent of his power and how he built a pool and dug a tunnel to bring water into the city, are recorded in The Book of the History of the Kings of Judah." In 1880 a school boy waded into the Pool of Siloam, into this water tunnel and saw some ancient writing in the rock above the water. Later he told his teacher and the teacher copied the inscription. This is the inscription taken from the walls of King Hezekiah's tunnel, written in early Hebrew script about 700 BC: "Now this is the story of the boring through; while the excavators were still lifting up their picks, each toward his fellow, and while there were yet three cubits to excavate, there was heard the voice of one calling to another, for there was a crevice in the rock, on the right hand. And on the day they completed the boring through, the stone-cutters struck pick against pick, one against the other; and the waters flowed from the spring to the pool, a distance of 1000 cubits. And a hundred cubits was the height of the rock above the heads of the stone-cutters."

I thought how marvelous and seemingly miraculous that stone cutters with crude instruments would be working on two opposite ends of a 1000 cubit tunnel, and end up coming together pick to pick and releasing the waters to flow. They must have thought it marvelous enough to record and the Lord thought it important enough to preserve as a record for us in the end times. I believe this is a parable preserved for us today.

Angels are working through from the other side, to reach us, as we cry out to hear, to see, to understand what the Lord is speaking. They are working hard to break through the barriers, as we declare that the heavens will be opened and the Word of the Lord will come and go freely in Jesus Name. Angels are working on the other side, as we bind the deaf and dumb spirit over our areas and loose the angels to go forth. (Binding the enemy does not take him down or pull down a high place, but it temporarily restrains him and allows angelic activity to move forward. All believers have the authority to bind the enemy in Jesus Name.)

Also as intercessors begin to cry out for open heavens, they are like the excavators working on opposite sides. One day they will connect pick to pick and the double portion waters will freely flow. Hallelujah!

How to dig a spiritual well: 1) Pursue hearing, seeing and understanding the Lord. 2) Open wells of corporate and radical worship. Welcome the Holy Spirit. 3) Pray for the Lord to reveal obstructions and hindrances. 4) Pray with humble and contrite hearts. 5) Repent of compromise and carnality. 6) Repent of personal sins, and ancestral sins over the area, especially coming through leadership in all levels. 7) As the Lord reveals them, bind the spiritual sources of obstructions. 8) Loose the angels to break through and keep the portholes open.

~ Piece Eleven ~ (Confirmation) As mentioned before, I had written the above post prior to Todd Bentley's meeting. In that meeting, after preaching about his own revelation on unbelief and the deaf and dumb spirit, he had us stand for corporate prayer. We were told to repent of our sins of unbelief and of those same sins in leadership and within denominations. Then he took authority over the deaf and dumb spirit over our personal lives as we agreed together. The Lord's Presence was very strong and I felt His virtue sweep over me as Todd prayed over the congregation. It was a confirmation to this posting, of the Lord's desire for the intercessors to take authority in a corporate setting and overcome this strong hindrance.

~ Piece Twelve ~ (Confirmation & Prayer Request) I picked up Todd's "Fresh Fire" magazine, Year in Review and opened it to an article where he spoke of Oregon. The Lord told him that the "heavens shall open and it shall be even as it was in Capernaum in that OREGON WILL BE A HUB TO THE WORLD AND THE NORTHWEST for healings, signs and wonders."

We intercessors in Oregon are small in number. Most of us come from very small churches. We have interceded for many years, just like the excavators with crude pick axes in our hands, taking one plunge after another. We have born the heat of the day, and we are earnestly asking for your prayers. As our hindrances crack, we are now beginning to hear outside voices of intercession and the prophets. And we cry out to you. "Here, strike here. Please strike here, for we have deep wells of powerfully anointed water, just waiting to flow not only to a region, but to a very thirsty world." For in your serving us, we serve you and together we will see the principality of the deaf and dumb spirit broken and the heavens over our nation will turn from solid brass to portholes of golden glory.

If you would like to order Todd's revelation on the deaf & dumb spirit I heartily recommend it. It was preached on 1/4/00 in Albany Oregon. (Call Toll free: 1 866 853-9041 or email:

If you would like to order Pastor Dale Howell's message on "Be a Well Digger," I recommend it as very encouraging to intercessors and those with a servant's heart for our youth. You may order it through:

May God give us the courage and the tenacity to re-dig the wells of promises, and receive the open heaven that we have prayed over for so long!

Sandy Warner
January 5, 2001
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