Prophecy to Tonasket, Washington and the Okanogan Region of Washington State

In the spirit there has been a perceived dryness. It seems that in the hearts of man, so many are trying to make up their mind about what God is up to. I hear God saying “I am about to change the dynamics, I am about to change the minds of men.”

I saw a vision of the mountains in the area here. I saw the hand of God reaching into the ground. It is almost as if there were a crowd of onlookers. They were saying, “See! There was nothing here and now God is going to start something here. He is going to do something new.” I was looking over the edge into the hole that was made by the hand of God. There was a seed there. I heard the voice of God saying, “I’m not planting anything new. I am revealing what has always been planted. What man has tried to ignore, what man has tried to cover up, now I am exposing, I am revealing what my heart really is.”

I hear the Lord saying the challenge is going out. The abundance of rain is coming. In the realm of spirit my rain is coming. The seeds that have lain dormant in this area are going to begin to produce life. I hear the Lord saying there is a season of abundance coming, an abundance of the move of God; an abundance of the gifts of God. There will be a call that will go out and those of like mind, those of like spirit will hear the call of the Lord and they will respond.

I hear the Lord saying there will be those who will come, those He will bring in who will bring strength to the house, even to bring strength to this area. I hear the Lord saying that even what men would despise I am calling brand new. What men would reject I am opening up my hands to accept.
Now is a time to rejoice. Now is the time to believe again. Now is the time for hope to be restored.

This is what I have called you to, says the Lord. At times it has been difficult but I hear the Lord saying you are coming to the point where you will reap the reward. You will begin to reap the harvest from what you have toiled and strained so hard for and it has been so hard to see a return.

So we thank you, Lord, now for that, in the name of Jesus. Even as your word is spoken now in faith we say it will not be returned void unto you but it will go out and perform successfully and return to you full of success. And so, Lord, I proclaim success on this house, success over this region, success over your sons and daughters. Lord I thank you that they have a heart for you and a passion for you. Lord, as they step one step in your direction, you return chase and you run after them. Lord, I thank you; the chase is on. This is the time, this is the season that you have ordained us unto. We thank you for all these things in Jesus’ name. Hallelujah!

Matthew Hester of Greer South Carolina, August 8, 2008

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