The Earth Is Shaking

I have been hesitant to write this post, but through the urgings of my wife and a few close friends (who are usually right about such things) I am going forward with this. I am not a man who jumps on every word I receive, but when something gets three, four, five different, unrelated confirmations, I tend to sit up and take notice. So here it is. I submit this to you for your prayer and consideration.

At 4 am on Wednesday morning, February 10, Chicago had an earthquake. My wife and I were awakened by it, and our whole house shook. It happened at exactly 4 am, and also happened to be 4 days before the release of Furious Love. Not only is this a pretty rare occurrence for Chicago, the epicenter of the earthquake just happened to be a mile from my house.

Later that morning, I began to receive emails and phone calls from people I trust, people who have proven themselves to me, over and over, as accurate hearers of the Lord. They were all telling me the same thing: this was no ordinary earthquake. This was a prophetic sign from the Lord that a great shaking of His church, of the world, is coming.

I have a group of people I refer to as my "ring of fire". These are people to whom I submit myself–they are my spiritual brothers, fathers, and mothers. They are spread around the world, and are some of the most extraordinary, humble, God-fearing people I have ever met. They also care about me in a very deep way, and don’t give a rip about how I can advance them or their ministries. They just want to stand beside me and lift me up in prayer. I mention them, because they began to contact me as well, and they were all telling me the same thing: that God had been waking them up at 4 am for weeks! They had never understood why…until now.

Robbie Dawkins, who is in Furious Love, called me and told me that God woke him up just before 4 am that morning and said, "I want to tell you something." 10 minutes later, his house was shook to its foundation by the earthquake. The Lord then spoke to him and said, "The earth groans for the sons of God to reveal themselves."

Now, do I think that the imminent release of a movie caused this earthquake? I’m not ready to go there yet, but the sheer amount of words I’ve been receiving are certainly giving me pause. God is getting ready to do something extraordinary, and if this little donkey can be of some assistant to Him, then it is the greatest blessing of my life to play even a small part.

Later in the day, I received a copy of a prophetic word spoken by Kim Clement back in 2008, when he prophesied that there would be an earthquake in Chicago, and that God would be bringing forth righteous media. Hmm…

What does all this mean? I have no idea. I am a little nonplussed, intimidated, and humbled at the moment. Part of me wants to just bury my head and let this firestorm pass, while another part of me doesn’t want to miss a thing. I started this process just wanting to make a really good movie about God’s love. As I continuously learn, though, God’s plans for us are always bigger than we could ever imagine.

Please join with me in prayer for God’s love to truly shake the very foundation of unbelief and passivity. Pray that He use this film, and the tens of thousands who are about to see it, to storm the gates of hell and reclaim that which was lost. Pray for the revolution of love to begin.

--Darren Wilson of Wanderlust Productions, from his blog.
Darren is the producer and director of the Furious Love and Finger of God movies, which can be ordered here.

This word is neither about nor from the Northwest, but it is about events that are prophesied in and for the Northwest as well as other regions of the world.

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