Seniors Arise

by Patricia King

Prophetic Word for Seniors:
Are you 60 years of age or older? If so, this word is for you!

I am launching Seniors on the Frontlines this July and as I was seeking the heart of God for this event, I received this prophetic word for the Senior Generation. It is awesome!

I see a company of radical Believers in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond arising in these days. This generation will experience personal revival that will re-ignite their passion and their purpose. They are full of wisdom, zeal, and they carry dreams yet to be fulfilled. Their latter glory will be greater than the former.

I see them walking with the younger generations and empowering them with encouragement.

They are gathering together and redefining the term “senior”. They will be a sought after generation. They will be honored and respected by the younger generation. Many will rise into places of predominance and leadership. They will produce more fruit in their latter days with less effort.

Financial increase and sudden provisional surprises will come to them. Favor will rest upon this generation and a wave of healing, health, and rejuvenation will visit them. Their “latter glory” will be greater than the former and they will be filled with joy that overflows!

Patricia King

Word of the Lord For 2016: The Year the Tide Turns

Cindy Jacobs, Red Oak, TX

Since 1999, the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders has met annually before the New Year to pray and seek the Lord for a word. In 2011, we added a group of emerging prophetic leaders that we now consider fully seasoned members of our round-table; their input is included into this word of the Lord.

The ACPE has the conviction that we are to function as an Acts 13:1-3 group. This passage notes that it was the Holy Spirit releasing a prophetic word as a consensus of the prophets, as opposed to the exclusive utterance of any one prophet. In the same way, even though this is a compilation of the prophecies that we each brought to the roundtable meeting, it was the general consensus of the ACPE members that the Holy Spirit was speaking the following prophetic words to us.

While we are calling this a prophecy for 2016, it should be noted that the ACPE believes the Lord speaks more in seasons, rather than our calendar years. In the past few years, we have observed that the trend of some of the prophetic words is continuing for several years and intensifying.

It is also important to note that intercession can diminish the severity of some of the words that speak of potential judgment–and, in some cases, may avert the judgment all together (see Genesis 18:17-32; Amos 7:1-6). In any case, all prophecies should be bathed in intercession, both the ones that speak of harvest and blessing, as well as the ones with the admonitions attached to them.

As prophets, it is always wise to go back and look at the words we have given in the past. We did this for the years 2011-13 and noted that the Lord continues to speak some of the trends given in those years. Let us reiterate, the timing of prophetic words should generally be understood more as a season than a calendar year. The words given are not fate or karma but can be changed subject to how God's people respond.

One additional disclaimer–our meetings for 2016 took place November 16-18, 2015, and some of the events have already transpired.

Weather Patterns and Revival

There is going to be flooding in various parts of the United States, but in the midst of the tragedies, there will be a visitation of God to the affected regions. The Lord particularly spoke to us about flooding that would take place along the Mississippi River basin.

California is going to be significantly touched by the Spirit of the Lord as well. Even as the Jesus Movement was birthed there, this is also happening again. (At the time, we were not aware of the 1,000 year rainfall on Death Valley, CA! The desert is going to bloom like a rose!) The weather pattern, El Nino, is a sign that Christ, the anointed one, is birthing new moves of God in this state. This will even affect the political structures.

The Body of Christ will come into alignment with God's design for gifts to be released through His people. We will see the Church step into her fullness as the roles of prophet, priest, and king are manifested in our nations.

U.S. Politics

2016 is a tipping point year, and the Lord gave us a word that we were given another chance to recover the lost greatness of the nation.

The Lord strongly spoke to us that it was up to the Church taking our responsibility to pray and vote righteously that will determine the outcome. The Church must awaken, pray, and act (see 2 Chronicles 7:14).

We sought the Lord about the upcoming U.S. elections, and the Lord did not speak to us about who would be the next president. He did indicate that He was preparing a patriot, but we would have to pray earnestly.

The Lord also spoke that a conservative revolt would shake up the elections and cause even the months leading up to the elections to be tumultuous. Also, several words came forward about more surprising shake ups in the next three to six months (remember this was given in mid-November), including disfavor falling on one liberal leader.

There was a prophetic concern expressed that we have not done our job to steward the earth and have let others attach ungodly agendas to what should have been our job as creationists.

Justice issues are coming to the forefront, and the candidates that will fully please the Lord will speak to the marriage of righteousness and justice (see Psalm 89:14). A particular concern for the poor and human rights issues was emphasized (see Galatians 2:10). Judicial reform is on God's docket.

Racism and Riots

Hidden agendas will be revealed in those who are inflaming rioting, and it will shock the United States. Satan has a plan to stir up old pains to such a degree that it could cause a disruption at voting sites. An admonition to pray for peace before the elections is important to note.

Abortion is rooted in racism, and there will be even greater advances toward the overturning of Roe vs. Wade in the coming days. God has a case that, once presented in the courts, will make it extremely difficult to get an abortion in the nation.


Several words were given about the future dissolution of OPEC, which the Lord would allow to shake up the Middle East. There is a division coming between oil-producing nations; past cooperation is going to deteriorate and, in some cases, unravel. For the first time, we had words about the oil reserves being opened up in North America, which would shift the global scene significantly.

New Alliances Against Terrorism in Europe

New alliances will form between such nations as France, Germany, and England. Italy will come into this alliance at one point as they stand together against terrorism. All of Britain must stand guard, as should Germany–there is danger on the horizon from radicalized individuals.

The churches must pray; they are soft targets and need to move to be vigilant in protection.

Protecting the World Against War

For several years, we have been warned that satan wants to inflame a regional war into a world war. ISIS has become the new threat to the world and has declared itself to be at war with all the apostate nations. We must stand against this taking place on the scale that they desire. The world wars have always been about global domination, and this is no different–only the tactics are not engaged on traditional battle fronts as they were in past times.

We were given Psalm 37–where God deals with evildoers–in regards to ISIS, that the Lord will allow them to move for a season but will suddenly stop them. They will even penetrate Saudi Arabia in a significant way.

The Chinese will come on the scene as a great force against Islam in the coming days.

A great harvest of souls will take place in the Middle East as the Lord reveals His love and nature to those who are Muslims (see Joel 3:13, Luke 10:2). God loves the nations of the Middle East.

Appeal to Heaven

The prayer movements around the globe will stand up and make an "appeal to Heaven" to see God release both a reformation and revival that will produce awakening transformation. Many fasts will be called leading up to national elections.

There was a prophecy given about great political shifts taking place across Latin America, and we are already seeing that happen. New economic policies will be implemented that will start to break the back of poverty off the Spanish-speaking nations on a broad scale.

Flood of Violence

A flood of violence has been released across the earth. The enemy wants to stir up any unhealed places in people's hearts.

The riots are not over in the United States. We must pray for the United States, so there will not be mass riots that disrupt the elections.

Racism must be dealt with on all levels. The Church has been given the authority and the responsibility from the Lord to heal the nation and release the supernatural ministry of reconciliation.

There is a major clash of kingdoms taking place and a battle over whose throne will rule–God's Kingdom or the spirit of the anti-Christ. This clashing of kingdoms will work for good in that it will create a new unity in the Body of Christ on levels not previously seen. A sweet koinonia will develop between Church leaders and those in many other parts of society, as a result of the enemy's onslaught, such as took place in the book of Esther.

In the midst of a very difficult season for many and new levels of spiritual battle and oppression, the good news is that, as we claim Isaiah 59:19b, "When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him," the tide will turn against the enemies' plans, and a divine reversal will take place.

This is, in fact, one of the major reasons that the theme for this year is 2016: The Year the Tide Turns!

Kingdom Alignments

This is a season when there will be global Kingdom connections made; leaders from across the world will begin to function together behind the scenes. (This is not to be taken as a subversive, radicalized movement.)

"Daniels and Josephs" who have been preparing for years will step into places of favor and visibility in all seven mountains (spheres of society, for those unfamiliar with this terminology).

The reformation of nations is well on its way, and new ideas on how to establish Biblical economics on a national scale will be implemented. Africa will be a leader in this.

We also received the word Kingdom Church, as old independent spirits are put aside and new alliances are formed as one to stand for Kingdom purposes against ungodly agendas.

There will be connections between apostles and prophets that will result in prophetic words not only being released, but also implemented to see their fulfillments.

Major media outlets and secular businesses will call on prophets for insight and direction, instead of calling on mediums and psychics. A new level of visibility is coming to God's leaders that will influence the secular fields.


A renaissance is coming that will bring great change and cause nations to come alive! There is a hope revival where those who have been greatly discouraged will find a new grace and purpose for their lives. Prophetic Kingdom changers will bring about a renaissance, not only to the arts, but also to innovation and the way Believers function in society. Great visibility will come, and great glory will be given to God as this happens.


The Body of Christ will begin to manifest new levels of supernatural wisdom. Business leaders will be recognized for their wisdom and will be sought after–even by the world–as the "Issachars;" they will come into visible prominence as leaders in nations (see 1 Chronicles 12:32).

The Transference of Wealth and the Prophets

Dramatic Kingdom connections between the prophets and business leaders were reported, leading us to say that this is a new season. Prosperity will come with these alliances.

These connections will impact the formation of alternative economic paradigms that will both influence world markets and systems, as well as form new ones. For many years, we have prophesied about a coming "Lion's Market"–an alternative economic structure formed within the Body of Christ.

As has been the trend for the past several years, volatility will continue to be the new norm.

Concerning the Church, a shift in understanding of the connection between tithes and offerings and blessing will cause poverty to be broken off many Believers (see Malachi 3:8-10). Pastors will become bold and unashamed to teach on the subject of finances, and both the people and the Church will be blessed.

Prophetic Evangelists

We have been prophesying about the raising up of "Philip-type" evangelists who will go to areas where no one else wants to venture. There was a specific admonition about not being afraid to minister to the Muslims (see 2 Timothy 1:7).

There was a call for evangelists to go as missionaries to the refugees. Acts of compassion will be linked with the unashamed preaching of the Gospel. The Lord called these evangelists ambassadors of Kingdom kindness.

The prophetic evangelists are the revivalists of today. Many will be touched through street preaching, and those who go out of the Church into the highways and byways will boldly manifest the goodness of God through supernatural signs and wonders. The Heartland of the United States will be affected by this revival moves all along the Mississippi River.


There is a legacy awakening as current influential leaders are looking to leave a legacy behind and establish succession. Legacy conferences and teachings will abound as this is a current theme being released by the Holy Spirit.

Reformation unto Transformation

2016 is a hinge year where we are approaching the 500th anniversary of the Great Reformation, beginning in 1517, when Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses in Wittenberg, Germany. What was once a reformation will now be the great transformation.

Angels, Angels, Angels

Whole armies of angels are being released into the earth to see these things prophesied come to pass. Many dreams were given about angelic hosts, and the good news is that angels will be sent to minister to individuals and nations (see Psalm 103:20-21; 1 Corinthians 13:1a; Hebrews 1:7, 14).

Native Americans

The whole group expressed a great excitement about the role of the Native Americans in the upcoming revival. An awakening sound is coming to the First Nations peoples; villages already are seeing revival, and this will continue on an even greater scale. The voice of Native Americans will sound as an awakening bell.

The Blood Moon is a Harvest Moon

The Blood Moons which occurred last year were a sign of a great harvest (see Acts 2:19). Many nations will start seeing tremendous awakenings and visitations from the Lord.

This year, there will be a significant increase in the clashing of kingdoms. California will be a prophetic picture of this clash. Persecution of Christians will continue, but we will see God start to release supernatural interventions. There is, in essence, a "conflict of thrones," as to who will rule in certain mountains or sectors of society. Deeply entrenched politicians who are corrupt have ruled in some of these areas for a long time and will not give up their influence without a fight.


A great move of the Holy Spirit upon children (ages 2-12) began in 2014, but will spread to other nations this year and will grow rapidly in intensity. They will be the "Samuels" of this generation and be very accurate in hearing God's voice.


Spain will become a focus for Islam. The Islamic spirit that ruled there during the times of the Moors will try to regain control but will be rebuffed.


A youth movement will arise in Japan. Great awakenings will happen on campuses. This once-hard-ground nation for the Gospel will begin to produce signs and wonders, and young revivalists will appear. In the midst of the economic shakings ahead for Japan, God's power will be evident.


India is going to see a great harvest of souls that will continue to increase in coming years.


The clash of kingdoms will manifest in Europe. The nations of Germany, France, and Scotland will begin to burn with great passion for the Lord. Europe's re-evangelization has begun!


A move of God among the Orthodox community will become evident. Cities such as Vladivostok will see the apostolic emerge and will affect the rest of the nation. Moscow will see a move of God among the youth, and large gatherings will take place to pray for the nation.

Pacific Rim

These nations will start to develop missions-sending ministries that will impact the rest of the world. The power of God will become evident in the Pacific Rim, like a spiritual tsunami that will begin to break down the strongholds of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.


Visitations, visitations, visitations! God is uniting Believers in Messiah from the Jewish and Arabic-speaking communities. This has released a powerful force of unity that is a "firewall" against the tide of terrorism and evil. Even though there is still a violent spirit in the region, this group together has great authority to pray and stop it in its course.

A new wave of those making Aliyah (when Jews from the west immigrate to Israel) will be seen (see Isaiah 11:11-12).

Middle East

Egypt is in a season of mercy where God wants to use this nation to be a voice against terrorism and violence. It is called to be a refuge nation even for those experiencing religious persecution.

The conflict of the different Islamic factions over who is going to rule the Middle East, Sunni or Shia, will sharply increase, and ISIS will become a greater thorn in the side of nations, even such as Saudi Arabia.

The Global Church

The connections across the world of the Global Church will increase and break down the political spirit. The love and unity of the Body of Christ is going to bring a manifestation of God's power to change nations. They will support the "Daniels and Josephs" who are moving into elected offices. This will be seen in a surprising way in Geneva and in the EU.

This connection between the Church and society led us to this quote from Winston Churchill:

One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next. This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear; its religious faith, its heroes...when one generation no longer esteems its own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying that the very foundation and experiences that make the society is no longer valid. (Never Give In: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, p. 190)

In the midst of all of this connection between the Church and society, there will be an "agitation of old wineskins" and persecution of leaders who are trying to bring reformation. They will be accused of going "into the world" and abandoning their position in the local church. An admonition that the Church should not participate in this persecution is important to heed.

However, this will not be the predominant view, and denominational churches that have been historically opposed to Christians becoming involved in politics will be given an opportunity from God to make a shift.

Partnerships between born-again Believers in many denominations will develop as the Church truly becomes one. God will "rightly position" His people into strategic places of responsibility, and the church will support them in their societal roles.

This will include some divine interventions in which God will save and cause "game shifts" where people who could not seem to do anything right will seemingly not be able to do anything wrong.

Local Church

Pastors will begin to prioritize based on current events. Rather than planning based upon one local congregation, there will be an understanding that there are issues that the Body of Christ, in general, needs to deal with, and they will teach and train their people accordingly.

One of the key issues that the Lord prophetically spoke to us was that pastors are to be a major voice to deal with racial divides.

In addition, an admonition to be crisis-prepared and find a way to be the redemptive answer to the needs of society was brought by the Lord as an important issue.


The restoration of the family unit was also brought to the forefront. As the Body of Christ matures, so will family relationships. Fathers and mothers will teach their children to hear the voice of God.

Closing Exhortation

Jeremiah 27:18 states, "If they are prophets, and if the word of the Lord is with them, let them now entreat the Lord of hosts." Prophets do not only pronounce the word of the Lord; they in turn pray the revelatory promise back to the Father in Jesus' name! Let us bring the two hands of prayer and the prophetic together to see the birthing of God's promises in our generation.

Cindy Jacobs, Generals International

Cindy Jacobs is an author, speaker, and teacher with a heart for discipling nations in the areas of prayer and prophetic gifts. She and Mike – her husband of 41 years – co-founded Generals International in 1985. She is a respected prophet who travels the world, ministering not only to crowds of people but to heads of nations. 

Greatest Outpouring / Responding to Prophetic Promises

Martin Best

IT'S COMING: I had a very intense dream last night/early this morning that at first I thought was just for me because I normally not recognize individuals in my dreams unless they're just for me. However, Holy Spirit said to share parts of this one.

I was in a large room like a school gymnasium with round tables and chairs, somewhere in the south, listening to the worship team. As I was getting lost in the worship I noticed one individual come off the stage area and go over to the table where my wife was sitting and begin to chat with her.

Then a few moments later a young man came over and sat down next to me and I recognized him as Jeremy Mangerchine . We started talking about “stuff”, how it's easy to gain weight eating all the good food around New Orleans, and then he said,

“The Father wants you to know that you're about to see the greatest outpouring of His Spirit since the first Pentecost - and that all of the signs, wonders and miracles since that day until now will pale in comparison to what He is about to do now through His sons and daughters who have been tried and tested over the years.”


Prophetic dream from Martin Best.


Do you want in on this? Even though it’s a promise, even though it’s a gift, it’s not without cost.

The key, I believe, to participating in words like this is ὑπομονή, perseverance: not swerving from our deliberate purpose. If we approach this as a tourist, as an observer, then at best, we’ll watch it from a safe distance; we won’t be in the midst of it. 

It’s easy to hear promises like this and get excited about them. That doesn’t accomplish much more than a temporary emotion.

It’s easy to hear promises like this, and to notice that you haven’t seen what it’s talking about, and get discouraged, and quit hoping, quit believing, quit pressing in for them. I don’t mean to be harsh, but that disqualifies us from most of the promise.

I hear Father emphasizing something this morning: emphasizing that we have the choice for how much we get to participate in promises like this. And our choice is revealed by how we respond. Here’s what I hear him whispering is a wise response, a response that targets us for participating:

·         Don’t just grab the promise (any promise) blindly. Examine it. Judge it. Discern it. (1 Corinthians 14:29).
·         An emotional reaction is fine, but insufficient. It’s good to be happy about an extravagant promise like this, but happiness is just wrapping paper: it’s not substance.
·         If we want the promise to come about, we pretty often need to participate with God in bringing it out of the spiritual realm and into the world here. That may involve work. It will involve prayer, and likely lots of prayer, much of it in face-to-face declaration of that which is promised as though it were already manifested in our community. Agree with the word. Vigorously.
·         I recommend dialog, listening to God even as we’re talking with Him (and declaring to creation) about the promise. He’ll give more clarity, more revelation, more direction in how to pray, how to work, what to expect, who to partner with, etc.

So do you want in on this? Are you ready to go war over the promises? This is part of the trying and testing the word speaks about.

Comment and application from NWP.


I was sharing with Holy Spirit recently on a drive into Olympia, Washington, to help a friend and to be at a ministry meeting with another friend … and Holy Spirit began to share with me some things about the times and seasons.
As a bit of background – over the last several years many awesome men and women of God within the institutional, mainstream denominational churches, often – and suddenly – found themselves no longer part of the organizations that they had been ministering in for many years.
For some it was a voluntary move – they just knew it was time to move on to something, for others Abba had to get them across the bridge and then burn it down behind them to get them where He wanted – OFF THE GRID.
And so for many years now they have worked in obscurity, enjoyed being the Church instead of going to church, and have listened to Abba as He began to reveal hidden things for the days ahead.
Like Elijah some felt they were the only ones, but in reality, He has hidden away thousands of such individuals around the world… hidden for such a time and season as is about to come upon us.

In the natural, our nation’s power grid serves us well, unless there is a significant or unnatural load placed on it, or parts of it are impacted by events, and then it is literally lights out.
In a similar vein, our spiritual power grid has served us well over the decades, but it has become stressed and weak in many areas and any significant spiritual issue or attack could cause it to crash isolating pockets of believers around the nation in spiritual dimness – and in some areas, darkness.
Today, Holy Spirit showed me that one of the reasons Abba has taken so many “off the grid” is that He needed to restore and upgrade many key sections and transformer in the old system and could only do it when they were off line.
Today I heard Abba clearly say
So be prepared and ready to be plugged back into His power system, be ready to take on a significant power shift, and to ensure that His power gets to those who need it…

Martin Best, 

Northwest Prophetic is a public record of prophetic words that have been declared either to, about or from the greater Pacific Northwest: Canada's lower mainland through northern California.

Please use these prophecies to understand more of God's heart about the destiny of our region, and to pray for that destiny, and for the move of God in our region. join the conversation at 

Northwest Prayer Assignment, 2015

Report for April/May of 2015
By Rachel Hickson and her team.

In November 2014, as Rachel was preaching at Destiny Life Center, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and reminded her of her mandate to pray “from Washington to Washington.”  For several years Rachel and various team members have gathered in Washington DC to pray, but now we feel there is a shift in the spirit and it is time to stir the Northwest and Washington State

Again and again Rachel has been impacted by the number of people who were stirred to pray for a spiritual awakening in the Northwest as a result of the Northwest Intercessors conference held in Portland during the 1990’s. Many times people have said those times of prayer changed their life. So at the end of last year Rachel felt God challenge her to call the remnant of prayer warriors who love the Northwest and begin to pray specifically for this area of America again. Ahead of the election year we need to cry out to God and see an awakening of the government of Jesus in the Northwest!

The purpose of our Prayer Strike was threefold:
  1. To reestablish right lines of government and order in the state.
  2. To unlock the pioneer spirit of the Northwest: we visited areas where the origins of the spiritual life of the Northwest were forged, where commerce was born, and the birthplace of the significant cities of the Northwest region.
  3. To awaken the right spiritual atmosphere over the Northwest.

The scripture God quickened to Rachel was from II Samuel 11:1 “In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.”


On April 25, 2015, the Strike began as Rachel and Helen and several members of Rainier Hills Christian Center visited a monument erected to commemorate a place of injustice during the Indian War fought in 1855 at Connell’s Prairie, 6 miles west of Buckley. Rachel represented the British army officers as Gordon’s family has a strong history of military service in the British army.  They prayed to cleanse the land of bloodshed and injustice, and declared a new covenant of God over this area.  It was discovered that after this conflict, many of the Native American tribes moved to Alki Point and thus founded the city of Seattle, where we were planning to pray later in the week.

Monday, April 27, a team of 14 seasoned intercessors gathered in Bellevue to strategize and plan the Prayer Strike over the Northwest region. We prayed and took communion together and we then discussed and identified the key areas that should be our prayer focus for this time.  We dedicated oil, salt and wine as spiritual tools that we would use in our prayer journey to establish cleansing, represent the anointing of God and God’s covenant blood. 

We felt God saying that He wanted to release a new sound in the region, and realized that the word “Bell” kept coming up.  Our first meeting was in BELLvue, our second day in BELLingham and our third day in BELLtown.  As we prayed in Spokane on the fourth day, we were gathered around the Clock/BELL tower and it began to strike the chimes for 11 AM.  On our last day, as we prayed at the monument erected to commemorate the birthplace of Seattle, one of the women listed had the surname BELL.  Many times as we prayed throughout the week, we heard bells or chimes ringing, almost as if God was endorsing our prayer.

Some of the key senses that we felt as a team were that Washington State is at a pivotal point in history. This area of the Northwest has been called to pioneer and be the Northwest cornerstone for the nation. We prayed that there would be a turnaround beginning in the west and moving to the east.  We prayed - let them pioneer to bring the glory and establishment of God rather than the liberal ways. Many prophetic words spoken over the last two decades have spoken of God’s glory falling in the Northwest and then moving to the east of our nation.  Chuck Pierce prophesied that this is a whirlwind state. JH heard the words “Appoint and Disappoint” and shared that God is looking for whistle blowers who will pay the price.  RZ heard the words “tuning fork”, bringing a new sound of resonance with God, and “pruning” - a cutting back to bring a more healthy harvest.

On Tuesday, April 28, the team met at Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham.  We drove to the Peace Arch and had an amazing time of prayer disconnecting the old covenants of bloodshed. We began declaring the covenant of God over this strategic border. We particularly prayed for the border to be protected from every malicious spirit wanting to cause harm to America. We secured the boundaries in the spirit as we stood in the gates.  JH had a stone taken from the land of the Lummi Tribe and as he held it, we anointed it with oil, wine and corn (Hosea 2:22), prayed a blessing and placed it as a representative of the true cornerstone, Jesus, to establish a new covenant in that region.  

Then we split into two teams: one team went to the Fairhaven district, where prostitution and human trafficking has been a long-standing stronghold.  We prayed to break those chains.  We also prayed at the location of a home held by the Masonic Lodge, which was reportedly being sold to an Islamic organization.  We prayed that those ungodly contracts would be broken and that land be used for God’s purposes.

A second team went up to the Sehome tower over the WWU campus and prayed for revival to come to this generation of students.  Each time we prayed to release a new sound, a train nearby would blow its whistle!  AMEN!

We concluded the day at the Light of the World Center in prayer.  HA declared, in Arabic, a blessing over the US and Israel in a powerful demonstration with the Israeli flag and the US flag.   Many prophetic words were released and an atmosphere of great joy was present.

On Wednesday, April 29, the team gathered in Belltown and walked up to the Gates Foundation.  On our way, we had a significant prayer time at the Memorial Stadium, where in 1951 and 1962 Billy Graham held great crusades.  Rachel saw the names of some servicemen who had been lost in war written on the wall, and just saw them representing the names of many who would get saved in this generation.   NC led us to a Board Room at the Gates Foundation and we were privileged to hear about the work being done to feed and bring healthcare to needy nations and people groups.  Then, once again, we split up into smaller groups to strike various locations in the city.

One group went to the Columbia Tower observatory, 73 stories up, which is the highest place in the city.  From there we were able to see many strategic communities and landmarks and pray for revival, declare the covenant of God, and call in God’s heart for the city. 

Another team went to the waterfront and prayed for the cleansing of the waters, removal of the atmosphere of suicide and depression from downtown Seattle and for the godly influence of Seattle to the nations from the city.  They also went up to the top of the Space Needle.   Rachel had had a word as she prayed earlier in the day that God was leading us back to the same point but at a different level of influence and authority; that although we may feel we are going round and round in circles we are shifting and changing our geography. As we walked up the Space needle suddenly this word had a perfect illustration, as each time we walked around the entrance of the Space Needle we came back to the same point and same view of the city but at a higher elevation and the perspective changed.  God spoke to us that even though it seems we have come around to the same place as we have prayed before, we need to have a new perspective because we are at a higher level.

A third team went to the City Hall and prayed at the Mayor’s office, even as the city council was meeting.

We concluded the day with a divine appointment at St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Ballard.   This is where the charismatic movement really began with Dennis Bennett in the 1960’s.  We met with their current priest, Canon Brit Olson, who had just 2 months earlier taken this parish in a “Big Yes” response to God who asked her to move there.  She shared how she has been prayer walking the community, how desperate the need is to help restore this sanctuary and how they feed over 1,000 meals every month to the homeless.  Brit took us to the old historic chapel and as we sang in the Spirit, we soaked in God’s presence there.  We were able to bless Brit with some cash and know that this was a divine appointment from God.

On Thursday, April 30, Rachel, Helen and Glenda flew to Spokane to prayer strike on the east side of the state.  Rachel shared the prophetic and biblical significance of the east gate.  Pastors Barry and Kay Hill met us with several other pastors from the area.  We walked the university district, where there are now 6 universities all sharing this area.  Even the flags were declaring to “think big” and so we declared all over that campus that God would make Himself known to the students.  We had a particularly powerful prayer time in a gazebo that had blades on top of it that whirled in the wind.  As we prayed for the wind of God, the wind in the natural began to blow.

We then went to pray at the birthplace of Spokane, also the site of the 1974 World’s Fair.    As we prayed, the clock tower began to strike the hour of 11 AM with loud chimes. The bells rang for 12 minutes, as least three different bells in the city each after one another and the time was not on the hour – it was 11:16 when the last bell started chiming! Rachel shared how it may seem we are at the same location as we have prayed before, but God has elevated us to a new position for better perspective.   We then walked to the City Hall, where we were given opportunity to pray in the council chambers for the government and governing officials of the city.    Helen shared a word she had prepared regarding the 6 cities of refuge in Israel and how the original meaning of each city’s name had significance for Spokane as a city of refuge. 

Thursday evening we concluded the day with a powerful service at Victory Faith Fellowship with Pastors Craig and Moni Lotze.  The worship was powerful and there was electricity in the air as Rachel shared a message of giving a “Big Yes” to God and “Bold No” to those things that are not giving Him glory.  Many people came forward for prayer and it was a glorious time in the presence of God.  We know that sovereign Kingdom connections were made in this strategic time.

Friday, May 1, we flew back to Seattle and stopped at the Birthplace of Seattle monument on Alki Beach.  There were 5 women on our team and, significantly, 5 women listed on this monument; one of them was called Sarah BELL. Again the new sound of bells was ringing!

Then a team of 9 women met on the Interstate 90 bridge.  This is the only highway that stretches from the west coast to the east coast, so it is a significant roadway.  We prayed for God’s glory to go from Washington, to Washington DC to Jerusalem!    The team concluded at the Jewish synagogue on Mercer Island, calling God’s people back to salvation and to the knowledge of their heritage.  We broke any assignments to attack the Jewish people and blessed Israel and those of Jewish heritage. 

The glorious conclusion of the day was our first Northwest Regional Prayer Meeting held at Sonrise Christian Center in Everett.  There was a full house and you could sense the excitement as intercessors came together from all over the region to pray.   It was like a reunion as many greeted each other after long absences.  Rachel again preached a powerful message, calling the intercessors back to a life of prayer (you can listen to the message here).  The altars were completely filled with men and women crying out to God, recommitting themselves to pray.


Heard from some inside sources (key believer who works at the border) that a few days after we prayed they discovered and shut down an Isis training cell in Canada just eight miles from the border.

So that is an overview of the time of prayer we had for the Northwest part of this amazing nation called America. During this time the UK elections were held and everyone expected these elections to have no clear outcome and lead to a time of compromised government for Britain. But God did a miracle and against all the odds we have a clear leader and secure government. All the media called it a miracle TURNAROUND – I believe that as we enter 2016 we need to see a turnaround for the American people too.
Let it be, God – establish your Kingdom!