Greatest Outpouring / Responding to Prophetic Promises

Martin Best

IT'S COMING: I had a very intense dream last night/early this morning that at first I thought was just for me because I normally not recognize individuals in my dreams unless they're just for me. However, Holy Spirit said to share parts of this one.

I was in a large room like a school gymnasium with round tables and chairs, somewhere in the south, listening to the worship team. As I was getting lost in the worship I noticed one individual come off the stage area and go over to the table where my wife was sitting and begin to chat with her.

Then a few moments later a young man came over and sat down next to me and I recognized him as Jeremy Mangerchine . We started talking about “stuff”, how it's easy to gain weight eating all the good food around New Orleans, and then he said,

“The Father wants you to know that you're about to see the greatest outpouring of His Spirit since the first Pentecost - and that all of the signs, wonders and miracles since that day until now will pale in comparison to what He is about to do now through His sons and daughters who have been tried and tested over the years.”


Prophetic dream from Martin Best.


Do you want in on this? Even though it’s a promise, even though it’s a gift, it’s not without cost.

The key, I believe, to participating in words like this is ὑπομονή, perseverance: not swerving from our deliberate purpose. If we approach this as a tourist, as an observer, then at best, we’ll watch it from a safe distance; we won’t be in the midst of it. 

It’s easy to hear promises like this and get excited about them. That doesn’t accomplish much more than a temporary emotion.

It’s easy to hear promises like this, and to notice that you haven’t seen what it’s talking about, and get discouraged, and quit hoping, quit believing, quit pressing in for them. I don’t mean to be harsh, but that disqualifies us from most of the promise.

I hear Father emphasizing something this morning: emphasizing that we have the choice for how much we get to participate in promises like this. And our choice is revealed by how we respond. Here’s what I hear him whispering is a wise response, a response that targets us for participating:

·         Don’t just grab the promise (any promise) blindly. Examine it. Judge it. Discern it. (1 Corinthians 14:29).
·         An emotional reaction is fine, but insufficient. It’s good to be happy about an extravagant promise like this, but happiness is just wrapping paper: it’s not substance.
·         If we want the promise to come about, we pretty often need to participate with God in bringing it out of the spiritual realm and into the world here. That may involve work. It will involve prayer, and likely lots of prayer, much of it in face-to-face declaration of that which is promised as though it were already manifested in our community. Agree with the word. Vigorously.
·         I recommend dialog, listening to God even as we’re talking with Him (and declaring to creation) about the promise. He’ll give more clarity, more revelation, more direction in how to pray, how to work, what to expect, who to partner with, etc.

So do you want in on this? Are you ready to go war over the promises? This is part of the trying and testing the word speaks about.

Comment and application from NWP.


I was sharing with Holy Spirit recently on a drive into Olympia, Washington, to help a friend and to be at a ministry meeting with another friend … and Holy Spirit began to share with me some things about the times and seasons.
As a bit of background – over the last several years many awesome men and women of God within the institutional, mainstream denominational churches, often – and suddenly – found themselves no longer part of the organizations that they had been ministering in for many years.
For some it was a voluntary move – they just knew it was time to move on to something, for others Abba had to get them across the bridge and then burn it down behind them to get them where He wanted – OFF THE GRID.
And so for many years now they have worked in obscurity, enjoyed being the Church instead of going to church, and have listened to Abba as He began to reveal hidden things for the days ahead.
Like Elijah some felt they were the only ones, but in reality, He has hidden away thousands of such individuals around the world… hidden for such a time and season as is about to come upon us.

In the natural, our nation’s power grid serves us well, unless there is a significant or unnatural load placed on it, or parts of it are impacted by events, and then it is literally lights out.
In a similar vein, our spiritual power grid has served us well over the decades, but it has become stressed and weak in many areas and any significant spiritual issue or attack could cause it to crash isolating pockets of believers around the nation in spiritual dimness – and in some areas, darkness.
Today, Holy Spirit showed me that one of the reasons Abba has taken so many “off the grid” is that He needed to restore and upgrade many key sections and transformer in the old system and could only do it when they were off line.
Today I heard Abba clearly say
So be prepared and ready to be plugged back into His power system, be ready to take on a significant power shift, and to ensure that His power gets to those who need it…

Martin Best, 

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Northwest Prayer Assignment, 2015

Report for April/May of 2015
By Rachel Hickson and her team.

In November 2014, as Rachel was preaching at Destiny Life Center, the Holy Spirit spoke to her and reminded her of her mandate to pray “from Washington to Washington.”  For several years Rachel and various team members have gathered in Washington DC to pray, but now we feel there is a shift in the spirit and it is time to stir the Northwest and Washington State

Again and again Rachel has been impacted by the number of people who were stirred to pray for a spiritual awakening in the Northwest as a result of the Northwest Intercessors conference held in Portland during the 1990’s. Many times people have said those times of prayer changed their life. So at the end of last year Rachel felt God challenge her to call the remnant of prayer warriors who love the Northwest and begin to pray specifically for this area of America again. Ahead of the election year we need to cry out to God and see an awakening of the government of Jesus in the Northwest!

The purpose of our Prayer Strike was threefold:
  1. To reestablish right lines of government and order in the state.
  2. To unlock the pioneer spirit of the Northwest: we visited areas where the origins of the spiritual life of the Northwest were forged, where commerce was born, and the birthplace of the significant cities of the Northwest region.
  3. To awaken the right spiritual atmosphere over the Northwest.

The scripture God quickened to Rachel was from II Samuel 11:1 “In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war, David sent Joab out with the king’s men and the whole Israelite army. They destroyed the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained in Jerusalem.”


On April 25, 2015, the Strike began as Rachel and Helen and several members of Rainier Hills Christian Center visited a monument erected to commemorate a place of injustice during the Indian War fought in 1855 at Connell’s Prairie, 6 miles west of Buckley. Rachel represented the British army officers as Gordon’s family has a strong history of military service in the British army.  They prayed to cleanse the land of bloodshed and injustice, and declared a new covenant of God over this area.  It was discovered that after this conflict, many of the Native American tribes moved to Alki Point and thus founded the city of Seattle, where we were planning to pray later in the week.

Monday, April 27, a team of 14 seasoned intercessors gathered in Bellevue to strategize and plan the Prayer Strike over the Northwest region. We prayed and took communion together and we then discussed and identified the key areas that should be our prayer focus for this time.  We dedicated oil, salt and wine as spiritual tools that we would use in our prayer journey to establish cleansing, represent the anointing of God and God’s covenant blood. 

We felt God saying that He wanted to release a new sound in the region, and realized that the word “Bell” kept coming up.  Our first meeting was in BELLvue, our second day in BELLingham and our third day in BELLtown.  As we prayed in Spokane on the fourth day, we were gathered around the Clock/BELL tower and it began to strike the chimes for 11 AM.  On our last day, as we prayed at the monument erected to commemorate the birthplace of Seattle, one of the women listed had the surname BELL.  Many times as we prayed throughout the week, we heard bells or chimes ringing, almost as if God was endorsing our prayer.

Some of the key senses that we felt as a team were that Washington State is at a pivotal point in history. This area of the Northwest has been called to pioneer and be the Northwest cornerstone for the nation. We prayed that there would be a turnaround beginning in the west and moving to the east.  We prayed - let them pioneer to bring the glory and establishment of God rather than the liberal ways. Many prophetic words spoken over the last two decades have spoken of God’s glory falling in the Northwest and then moving to the east of our nation.  Chuck Pierce prophesied that this is a whirlwind state. JH heard the words “Appoint and Disappoint” and shared that God is looking for whistle blowers who will pay the price.  RZ heard the words “tuning fork”, bringing a new sound of resonance with God, and “pruning” - a cutting back to bring a more healthy harvest.

On Tuesday, April 28, the team met at Light of the World Prayer Center in Bellingham.  We drove to the Peace Arch and had an amazing time of prayer disconnecting the old covenants of bloodshed. We began declaring the covenant of God over this strategic border. We particularly prayed for the border to be protected from every malicious spirit wanting to cause harm to America. We secured the boundaries in the spirit as we stood in the gates.  JH had a stone taken from the land of the Lummi Tribe and as he held it, we anointed it with oil, wine and corn (Hosea 2:22), prayed a blessing and placed it as a representative of the true cornerstone, Jesus, to establish a new covenant in that region.  

Then we split into two teams: one team went to the Fairhaven district, where prostitution and human trafficking has been a long-standing stronghold.  We prayed to break those chains.  We also prayed at the location of a home held by the Masonic Lodge, which was reportedly being sold to an Islamic organization.  We prayed that those ungodly contracts would be broken and that land be used for God’s purposes.

A second team went up to the Sehome tower over the WWU campus and prayed for revival to come to this generation of students.  Each time we prayed to release a new sound, a train nearby would blow its whistle!  AMEN!

We concluded the day at the Light of the World Center in prayer.  HA declared, in Arabic, a blessing over the US and Israel in a powerful demonstration with the Israeli flag and the US flag.   Many prophetic words were released and an atmosphere of great joy was present.

On Wednesday, April 29, the team gathered in Belltown and walked up to the Gates Foundation.  On our way, we had a significant prayer time at the Memorial Stadium, where in 1951 and 1962 Billy Graham held great crusades.  Rachel saw the names of some servicemen who had been lost in war written on the wall, and just saw them representing the names of many who would get saved in this generation.   NC led us to a Board Room at the Gates Foundation and we were privileged to hear about the work being done to feed and bring healthcare to needy nations and people groups.  Then, once again, we split up into smaller groups to strike various locations in the city.

One group went to the Columbia Tower observatory, 73 stories up, which is the highest place in the city.  From there we were able to see many strategic communities and landmarks and pray for revival, declare the covenant of God, and call in God’s heart for the city. 

Another team went to the waterfront and prayed for the cleansing of the waters, removal of the atmosphere of suicide and depression from downtown Seattle and for the godly influence of Seattle to the nations from the city.  They also went up to the top of the Space Needle.   Rachel had had a word as she prayed earlier in the day that God was leading us back to the same point but at a different level of influence and authority; that although we may feel we are going round and round in circles we are shifting and changing our geography. As we walked up the Space needle suddenly this word had a perfect illustration, as each time we walked around the entrance of the Space Needle we came back to the same point and same view of the city but at a higher elevation and the perspective changed.  God spoke to us that even though it seems we have come around to the same place as we have prayed before, we need to have a new perspective because we are at a higher level.

A third team went to the City Hall and prayed at the Mayor’s office, even as the city council was meeting.

We concluded the day with a divine appointment at St Luke’s Episcopal Church in Ballard.   This is where the charismatic movement really began with Dennis Bennett in the 1960’s.  We met with their current priest, Canon Brit Olson, who had just 2 months earlier taken this parish in a “Big Yes” response to God who asked her to move there.  She shared how she has been prayer walking the community, how desperate the need is to help restore this sanctuary and how they feed over 1,000 meals every month to the homeless.  Brit took us to the old historic chapel and as we sang in the Spirit, we soaked in God’s presence there.  We were able to bless Brit with some cash and know that this was a divine appointment from God.

On Thursday, April 30, Rachel, Helen and Glenda flew to Spokane to prayer strike on the east side of the state.  Rachel shared the prophetic and biblical significance of the east gate.  Pastors Barry and Kay Hill met us with several other pastors from the area.  We walked the university district, where there are now 6 universities all sharing this area.  Even the flags were declaring to “think big” and so we declared all over that campus that God would make Himself known to the students.  We had a particularly powerful prayer time in a gazebo that had blades on top of it that whirled in the wind.  As we prayed for the wind of God, the wind in the natural began to blow.

We then went to pray at the birthplace of Spokane, also the site of the 1974 World’s Fair.    As we prayed, the clock tower began to strike the hour of 11 AM with loud chimes. The bells rang for 12 minutes, as least three different bells in the city each after one another and the time was not on the hour – it was 11:16 when the last bell started chiming! Rachel shared how it may seem we are at the same location as we have prayed before, but God has elevated us to a new position for better perspective.   We then walked to the City Hall, where we were given opportunity to pray in the council chambers for the government and governing officials of the city.    Helen shared a word she had prepared regarding the 6 cities of refuge in Israel and how the original meaning of each city’s name had significance for Spokane as a city of refuge. 

Thursday evening we concluded the day with a powerful service at Victory Faith Fellowship with Pastors Craig and Moni Lotze.  The worship was powerful and there was electricity in the air as Rachel shared a message of giving a “Big Yes” to God and “Bold No” to those things that are not giving Him glory.  Many people came forward for prayer and it was a glorious time in the presence of God.  We know that sovereign Kingdom connections were made in this strategic time.

Friday, May 1, we flew back to Seattle and stopped at the Birthplace of Seattle monument on Alki Beach.  There were 5 women on our team and, significantly, 5 women listed on this monument; one of them was called Sarah BELL. Again the new sound of bells was ringing!

Then a team of 9 women met on the Interstate 90 bridge.  This is the only highway that stretches from the west coast to the east coast, so it is a significant roadway.  We prayed for God’s glory to go from Washington, to Washington DC to Jerusalem!    The team concluded at the Jewish synagogue on Mercer Island, calling God’s people back to salvation and to the knowledge of their heritage.  We broke any assignments to attack the Jewish people and blessed Israel and those of Jewish heritage. 

The glorious conclusion of the day was our first Northwest Regional Prayer Meeting held at Sonrise Christian Center in Everett.  There was a full house and you could sense the excitement as intercessors came together from all over the region to pray.   It was like a reunion as many greeted each other after long absences.  Rachel again preached a powerful message, calling the intercessors back to a life of prayer (you can listen to the message here).  The altars were completely filled with men and women crying out to God, recommitting themselves to pray.


Heard from some inside sources (key believer who works at the border) that a few days after we prayed they discovered and shut down an Isis training cell in Canada just eight miles from the border.

So that is an overview of the time of prayer we had for the Northwest part of this amazing nation called America. During this time the UK elections were held and everyone expected these elections to have no clear outcome and lead to a time of compromised government for Britain. But God did a miracle and against all the odds we have a clear leader and secure government. All the media called it a miracle TURNAROUND – I believe that as we enter 2016 we need to see a turnaround for the American people too.
Let it be, God – establish your Kingdom!

Mid Course Corrections Going On

If you’re an observer of the church, you’ll notice something interesting: God is leading the emerging generation of believers differently than the path the generation that’s finishing their race ran on.

Even now, if you ask about priorities for the people of God, believers in the “over 40” age group will talk about theology, and the need to have all the theology right. This group talks about the Bible as the authority, though they often live as though the Sunday sermon is the real authority. (Note: “over 40” is just an approximation: some 30-year-olds belong in this group, and some 60-year-olds belong in the other.)

But if you ask believers in the “under 40” age group the same question, they won’t mention theology. This group is more focused on “How can I change the world?” and they expect to refine their theology along the way. This group also regards the Bible highly; the Bible, interpreted by the Holy Spirit, not by the pastor’s sermon, is the real authority.

The curious thing is that the second group, rather than the first is actually more Biblical: this is the model used over and over in the Book of Acts: “He said preach the good news to the whole world! Let’s go preach somewhere that nobody else has preached yet.” In fact, it has been said that Apostle Paul’s method of being led by God was something of “bumbling around in the Spirit until something happened!”

Regardless of which group you find yourself in (I think of them as the “Get The Theology Right” group and the “Change the World” group), this is not suggesting to you that theology is not important. It is of critical importance. But theology is not more important – or more urgent – than obeying the Word.

As I’ve been reflecting on this, I realize that, being in the older age bracket, I’ve been assuming that the theological questions have been the right questions to ask. I’m changing that opinion.

Curiously, when given instructions by God to go do something (such as “Go into all the world and preach the good news of the gospel”), it is the servants who insist on getting the instructions exactly right. The response of sons of the Kingdom is more along the lines of “Hey, good idea. Grab the debit card and let’s go!”

Since many of us in the older group, who have valued theology so much, are finally understanding so much more about our status as sons, not as servants, and since we’re teaching the younger believers that they’re sons, not servants, I suppose we should not be surprised that they’re making the choices that sons make, rather than making the choices that servants make, as my generation has done (much to our embarrassment).

As I’m learning more about my identity as a son, not a servant (why did nobody tell me this decades ago???), I’m coming to value the perspective of the second group more. I admire their willingness to take risks, I admire their eagerness to follow God’s leadership, and I admire how much they’re getting done!
I’m going to think more carefully about how to continue my ministry before the Lord.

From NorthwestProphetic:

Front-line Leaders and Forerunners Are Shifting!

Editor's note: This word is neither from the Northwest (Lana is from Australia), nor specifically to the Northwest. But I felt Father breathing on this word, and my sense is that a number of Northwesterners are going through what she's describing. If you are one of them, then grab hold of this word and use it in your prayer, in your battle, on your own behalf, and on behalf of other forerunners in your region! ~nwp


There is a great assault and attack against many front-line leaders and forerunners right now. The enemy is working hard to ‘shut down’ these ones and hinder them from moving forward and stepping into what the Lord is about to do in and through them.

I had a vision where I first heard the Lord say, “Front-line leaders and forerunners, batten down the hatches.”

I then saw many front-line leaders and forerunners all together and bent down on their knees with their shields held up in front of them, sitting behind their shield of faith, and there was a barrage of arrows being thrown at them. Every time they have thought the “assault” had ended they stood up and the arrows would begin again. Many front-line leaders and forerunners have felt like they are in a moment of complete ‘assault’ from many directions. I saw many front-line leaders and forerunners weary from the battle.

In this vision, I was in front of these front-line leaders and forerunners and I could see the enemy and his demons which were shooting arrow after arrow at them attempting to wound them. In the ‘weariness’ many of these front-line leaders and forerunners were facing at times they put their shield down out of discouragement and weariness from holding it up, and were “hit” and “wounded” by these arrows that had come against them. So they were then holding their shield of faith up again but finding it harder than before because of the “wounds” they had received.

I then saw Jesus walk up behind many of these front-line leaders and forerunners, and I saw Him place His hand on their backs one by one and He was praying for them, interceding for them. As I watched, I saw Him moving His hand all across their backs in different spots. I walked over to have a look and saw other wounds these front-line leaders and forerunners had received were on their back. But the enemy was in front of them, so I was perplexed by these wounds on their back.

Suddenly, this “knowing” came over many. Not only were many of these front-line leaders and forerunners being hit from the front and the enemy coming on strong with his assault, there has been an assault against many of these ones from the ‘back.’ Being “stabbed in the back” by people they trusted, even other believers, judgments, curses and jealous words that had been spoken against them.

I could see Jesus was healing these wounds and praying for their strength in the midst of their battle. As He prayed His Words of truth and love were bringing such deep healing. A deep strengthening was happening in these front-line ones.

“And the God of Israel will be your rear guard.” (Isaiah 52:12, MEV).

The Lord then spoke, “A refreshing heavenly oasis (a fertile spot in a desert, where water is found.) is opening up before you. An invitation into deeper intimacy in the midst of this battle. Many of you have felt you are in the desert; the battle has been so intense that weariness has left you in a place of feeling dry and exhausted. Before you I am opening up a fertile spot, a place of life and heavenly waters of refreshing in Me.”

Places of incredible encounters with Him are opening up for front-line leaders and forerunners right now.

Suddenly, I saw pools of water forming around these front-line leaders and forerunners in the midst of the battle. Nothing had changed from the “arrows” coming against them, but there was a new level of intimacy being opened up for them as they remain steadfast in faith. Encounters with His heart like they have never had before while in the chaos of the battle. A deep refreshing was coming to these ones. An increase of visions, prophetic dreams and encounters that was seeing them begin to stand up in the midst of this battle and walk forward in boldness.

As these ones began to walk forward in boldness I saw Jesus walking with them. I could see Him behind them, beside them and before them all at the same time. They were holding their shield of faith in their hands and a determination in their heart and eyes to see the enemy and his demons overcome by the authority that was theirs.

As they moved forward, the enemy began to retreat, farther and farther back. I then noticed that as they were moving forward in boldness and a deep refreshment that had taken place in these encounters, I saw the body of Christ as a whole and in the middle I saw a clock. It looked like a normal clock face with numbers and clock hands, but then also on the clock face were various quadrants which represented seasons the body of Christ was moving into.

I saw the hour hand was seconds away from midnight, but still in the “contending season” quadrant. As these ones moved forward they began to speak out declarations and heavenly revelations the Lord had given them in these encounters and suddenly the clock began to shake. It was like an earthquake was happening in the middle of the clock and suddenly I saw the clock hand move to midnight and then again suddenly forward into “harvest revival increase time.”

The “knowing” then came over me that many of these forefront leaders and forerunners have been under such assault because the Lord is releasing through them the revelations and kingdom keys to shift the body of Christ into “harvest revival increase time,” but at an accelerated pace. Moving the people of God into a time of great revival within the body of Christ and releasing revival to the world.

What they were “fighting for” behind their shields was not only for their personal breakthrough but also fighting on behalf of the body of Christ to see one of the greatest shifts the church has ever seen before. Paving the way, breaking ground for the body of Christ to move into the greatest time of harvest, revival and increase they have ever experienced.

Suddenly as this clock hand moved past midnight into the “harvest revival increase time” I saw physical ailments, unexplained sickness and diseases, heavy financial burdens and word curses suddenly disappear off these front-line leaders and forerunners. Much of what these ones had endured through this season was sent from the enemy to stop them from moving forward and shifting the body of Christ into her new season. There was sudden restoration.

I saw Jesus approach these leaders and forerunners who had stood firm and moved forward, and hand them a huge kingdom key.  As He placed it in their hands they spoke, “Thank you Lord, I receive and believe.” I saw this key labeled “double recompense.” As their declaration and thankfulness met with His provision, suddenly “double doors” were unlocked around them and that released “double recompense” upon them for all that had been taken and broken in the ‘assault.’

Forefront leaders, and forerunners, there has been great assault against many of you, and the enemy has been screaming, “give up.” Do not give up, for you are not only fighting for your personal breakthrough but the shifting of the body of Christ into the greatest season we have seen thus far. You are but steps away from breakthrough. The Lord is with you. He is bringing healing to you.

Some of the greatest encounters with Him are upon you in the midst of the battle. He is opening up a heavenly oasis of refreshing before you in the midst of the battle. You will receive GREAT wisdom and revelation in these encounters and great strengthening that will not only set you on your feet again, but give you the keys to shift the body of Christ into this new season.

The Lord is walking with you, behind you and before you. It may seem that things have been lost and broken in this season, and it may feel like you have been under a constant barrage of arrows, but you are moving forward in greater strength, courage, fearlessness and revelation. Not only will you see tremendous breakthrough in your life, and receive double recompense but a huge corporate breakthrough and shifting across the body of Christ.

“I honor you for fighting. Jesus honors you for fighting and standing. I am proud of you front-line leaders and forerunners. Jesus is proud of you front-line leaders and forerunners. Thank you for standing! Jesus thanks you for standing. Your faith, obedience and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Great is your reward.”

Jesus stands before you welcoming you into your “harvest revival increase time” with the body of Christ following after you.

Prophecy by Lana Vawser