There is a Convergence Coming – Cal Pierce

God is preparing us to move beyond where we have ever been. We are moving into a revolution of revelation. The things of the kingdom of God are beginning to converge on believers who make a determination to walk completely in the Holy Spirit. This is the beginning of the great last awakening. The word that we read will become the Word that we live.
Some time ago I asked the Holy Spirit why God only gave us the use of 10% of our brain. He had a simple answer that blew me away. He said, “The 10% is your tithe. When you sow it into the kingdom, it releases the 90%, which is the mind of Christ, that will come back to you.”
I knew that there was something to this but I didn’t have the full revelation of it until I saw an advertisement for a movie called Lucy. The movie is about a girl who had drugs put in her body for transportation to the US. The drugs leaked out and began to cause her brain capacity to move beyond 10%, toward 100%. As this happened she became more supernatural in her ability to function on earth.
I believe this is a prophetic picture of what is coming to believers as they receive the revelation of how to live beyond the 10% brain capacity to the fullness that is available with the mind of Christ.
In Romans 12, verse 2, it says, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.”
The renewed mind is the mind of Christ. Your mind is the 10%, His mind is the 90%.
Jesus said we would do greater works than He did. (John 14:12) We wondered how would this happen? If we think about it, the 10% that we have is for operation or to live in the world by sight. The 90% is the mind of Christ that activates revelation for transformation. The Holy Spirit is our teacher who leads us into all that the Father has said. The 10% moves us by sight, the 90% moves us by hearing what the Spirit is saying. The 10%, or natural man, cannot understand spiritual things because they are spiritually discerned. By moving beyond the 10% we begin to access the things of the kingdom of God that are available to us. As we do this we will experience things which “eye has not seen nor our ear has heard. All that God has prepared for those who love Him.” (I Cor 2:9)
Notice that the renewed mind is to prove what this will of God is. Jesus did what He saw the Father doing. We will do greater works with the mind of Christ as we prove on earth the will of God. The kingdom that is within us is activated as we allow the Holy Spirit to move us beyond our 10% into His 90% capacity. Our 10% mind walks by sight in the natural realm so that we will see where to apply the 90% that comes from the kingdom of God. It is here that we will have a demonstration of power take place that will change a world.


God's Time of Preparation and Purpose

Editor’s note: This word from Kathi Pelton comes from the greater Pacific Northwest. It has application personally, regionally and in the broader community.
I have had a stirring in my spirit the past few months regarding the new season that the Body of Christ has entered. I keep hearing the words: "The old and the new are merging as one."As I was waiting on the Lord the morning of August 17th, I heard Him speak these words:

A Personal Word for God's People
"My people have entered into a time of great purpose and preparation. I am preparing My yielded ones to be a landing strip that receives all that I desire to bring forth in this strategic time in history. I am clearing the debris in order to make room for the things of Heaven to come to Earth. I am clearing both lives and land that were created to be green pastures in the days to come.

"Disappointments and hope deferred have taken root, causing thorn bushes to overtake many who are called for such a time as this. I am removing the root of bitter disappointment in those who will respond to My invitation to restoration. I have sent My angels to usher you to the green pastures of My Spirit where you will be healed, nourished and restored."

A Corporate Word for Lands and Nations

The Lord says, "I am revealing and restoring ancient gates at this time. These ancient gates have been long forgotten and forsaken, but I am once again revealing them to those who have eyes to see what My Spirit is doing. I am sending My chosen ones to repair the ancient gates.

"Like in the days of Nehemiah, when the city walls were in disrepair, I am sending many to the lands where ancient gates are located. These are places where The King of Glory will appear in order to accomplish My end-time purposes. These Heavenly gates have existed from the very beginning of time and the time of their opening is near.

"I have places throughout the Earth where I am opening up portals of Heavenly supply for the preparation of the Great Harvest that is coming soon. There are lands of promise and places of strategic purpose that I will lead both individuals and ministries to dwell in. I am preparing places that will be storehouses for My people at this time.

"The ancient and the new are merging as one in this hour; the beginning and the end are intersecting. In the midst of violent times I am establishing peace and bringing forth peace makers and peace keepers. In the midst of drought I will pour out My latter rain."

The Lord says, "Even now I am recruiting those who are willing to leave all and follow where I will lead them. They will be sent to the ancient gates, the predestined cities where peace, purpose and praise will open the gates and restore the land. These sent ones will not fear the evil one; they will overcome him through their faith, their trust and their obedience to My voice. Faith's assurance will be their strength."

The Coming Harvest: A Word for the Body

A great harvest is coming to Earth and God is preparing both people and places. As the Lord has spoken, there will be storehouses established in this new season. I believe that these storehouses will be both small and large

Some will be in homes and on personal properties, while others will be in cities and on large property owned by Christian ministries and businessmen and women. There are workers, even now, being called to be a part of what the Lord is building in preparation at this time. I hear the Spirit speaking these words of encouragement:

"I, the Lord, will provide for all the work of preparation. I will bring wealth to the storehouses and to those who are called to be gatekeepers and those who are called to repair the walls. I will raise up those who have wealth to support those who are preparing the way and clearing the land for My great harvest. Do not miss the time of My invitation. Do not miss this time of great purpose and preparation. You are My chosen ones."

Submitted in love,

Kathi Pelton
Oceans In The Desert

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Take Hold of Me

For this my people whom I have sought to do and to will and to do my good pleasure and have prepared a place of restoration upon these two generations. I’m about to make full proof of my word on your behalf that my glory might be seen in this nation.

This season do I declare unto you that I the Lord will bring forth full seed and harvest. I’m about to place my sickle in the field and reap forth abundance according to my word. My blessing and my provision do I pour out upon you as such a time as this that you might be partakers of the first fruits of my glory in this land at this time.

For I’ve called you unto me that you might be free from the snares of this world, that you might begin to commune with me and walk with me in the high places that I might speak unto you my joys, my mercies, my purposes, and my provisions.

Take hold of me just now for I am about to do this glorious and wondrous thing in your midst for I have taken away from you the reproach and I’ve taken away from you the stain of your transgressions and I’m causing you to stand righteous before me.

Take hold of me for I am about to lead you into a land that I have promised from the generations before this.

Take hold of me for I am about to bring you up into the high place that you might see my full provision.

Take hold of me and learn to know my voice, learn my touch for I will guide you in the days ahead. Though there be calamity in this land it shall not take hold of you if you will take hold of me. I’m causing you to be a declaration unto me, I’m causing you to be a proclamation unto me. I am causing you to stand as my army in the land that you will bring forth upon this nation full liberty and a habitation unto me.
 Take hold of me for the days to come, I will speak to you of wisdom and mercy.

Take hold of me for I’m about to take the scales of deception off your eyes that you might see my glory.

Take hold of me for I’m about to bring you into my household that you might have deep communion with me and me alone.

Take hold of me for I’m about to walk throughout the whole earth and show forth my glorious day of deliverance. I have called you to be an armor bearer unto me, I have placed upon you my provision and my protection, I have placed upon you my unction and my strength.

Take hold of me and learn of me and walk with me as I have called you. I’m about to cause a great trembling over the face of the earth, it is my hand doing this thing.

Take hold of me for I am your refuge.

Take hold of me for in my presence you will find your comfort and joy. In this time of tribulation that will come upon this land I will hide you in my habitation and you will tabernacle with me in the days ahead and we will have communion like you have never known before.

Take hold of me just now for I will take care of my own and I will cause my people to arise. I will cause my people to stand in this day of evil doing and they will surely stand without compromise and they will become my declaration. They will become my declaration of glory, my proclamation of majesty, and my instrument of praise.

Take hold of me just now for I’m about to reveal my glorious doings in this land.

Take hold of me this night and begin to dwell in my presence that I might preserve you, that I might restore you, that I might fulfill my word within your heart, that you might speak of my glory to all nations.

Take hold of me this night and I will cause you to walk in places you have not known.

From Brenda Maddox, delivered at Word of His Grace Church in Bothel, WA
Published on Apr 14, 2013          

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Four Major Strategic Turning Points

James W. Goll

These are the Beginning of Those Days!

Acts 4:29-31, And now, Lord, take note of their threats, and grant that Your bond-servants may speak Your word with all confidence, while You extend Your hand to heal, and signs and wonders take place through the name of Your holy servant Jesus. And when they had prayed, the place where they had gathered together was shaken, and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak the word of God with boldness.

We have stepped into the days that the Holy Spirit and His angels spoke to me about 27 years ago when I still lived in Kansas City and was a part of the birthing of the modern day global prophetic movement. This is indeed a critical hour in this nation and the nations of the earth. We must discern the signs of the times properly.

• Days when the Middle East would be a boiling caldron and watchmen would be needed to pray a hedge of protection around the nation of Israel.

• Days when signs and wonders would break out across the Body of Christ.

• Days when the Lord would say, "Put in the sickle for the harvest is ripe!"

• Days when a new Jesus People movement would begin to flourish.

• Days when the Church would globally gather to be the House of Prayer for all Nations in authentic 24/7 expressions.

I am so grateful to be alive for such a time as this. I have survived to be a father, a leader, a voice crying in the wilderness, and one of the veterans to help prepare the way in these Days of Harvest.

The following are Four Strategic Turning Points I am observing that are both promises as well as warnings:

1. The Middle East – A Boiling Cauldron

Recently I was given a "warning dream" stating that we were entering into the time of the "division of the nations". Nation after nation will take a stand against Israel and her land covenant with God and abandon her. (I do not like making this statement!) Many nations will take a dangerous position at this time concerning their posture towards Israel and the Land. I have been declaring for over a decade that in 2013 a war would break out in Syria and the Gaza Strip and would spill over into Fall 2014.

Tensions would then escalate and the Middle East would be a "boiling cauldron" where it seemed as though things were totally out of control. But I continued to look as darkness began to make advantages. I was looking for the promise in the midst of "time of trouble". Then understanding came to me, "There will be one nation that will arise in that dark hour – the nation called the 'Body of Christ' who will be Israel's best friend." 

2. The Sounds of Heavenly Hope 

Recently on one of my very dark days of recovery from disc surgery, while recovering in my bedroom, I had an amazing audible encounter. I heard music I have never heard before. It was brilliant, clear sounds of orchestrated chimes and bell choirs ringing in my room. I thought I was hearing the amazing sounds of Heaven in a dream. But I realized I was awake and the sounds were echoing in my room.

I wondered what in the world is this? Never heard anything like this before! I searched my room to check the source: the alarm clock and my iPhone. But the sound of the bells and chimes continued to ring forth.

Then I realized, "Oh my gosh, this is not natural. This is the sounds of Heavenly Hope ringing audibly in my room."

Then all of a sudden, after about 5 minutes as the music began to fade away, I knew I had just received a message on my iPhone that I needed to check. Sure enough, right at that moment I received a notification from a friend of unusual encouragement assuring me that God had everything under control and that provision would be on the way.

Yes, the bells of Heavenly Hope are ringing in the earth realm. Tune your ear to hear the sounds of Heaven in the earth realm! Hope is on the way! 

3. The West Coast Rumble 

The word of the Lord has come to me twice in the month of August speaking to me about the West Coast Rumble: a spiritual shaking coming to California and the entire west coast.

HE calls it The Rumble. He is going to RUMBLE along Highway 101 and Highway 110, up and down the coast, all the way from San Diego to Vancouver, British Columbia and seaports all along the way. He will do a new dance step called the RUMBA – and the West coast will no longer be called the "Left" coast as He will RUMBLE with presence-saturated miracles performed with great ease. Get ready! The RUMBLE is coming!

I saw Mott Auditorium in Pasadena, CA again in a dream on a recent morning. He said to me, "The birthing room is now in place – to watch over the movement as it begins. Travail will fall on Mott and many assemblies where they turn to seek My face. If they seek My face and not My hand they will get both this time around." For more on this subject, read a previous posting in which I heard John Wimber declare, "Come Again Holy Spirit!"

4. The Door of the Harvest is Open

I have been given the opportunity to see a different realm of angels than I have ever seen. In the seer realm I began to see Angels with sickles in their hand coming down the ladder of Heaven into the earth realm. I inquired of the Holy Spirit and He instructed me that Angels of the Harvest have been released. The Scripture was illuminated to me from Joel 3:13, "Put in the sickle for the harvest is ripe!"

I was given an encounter where a door was opened and a wind blew through. It startled me. I turned towards the door and I asked, "What is this?" The Holy Spirit replied, "The door of the Harvest is now open." (I am not declaring this is the door to the Great Harvest, but rather another time or season in the Lord of the Harvest of souls coming in.)

Believe the Lord for divine appointments and pray to the Lord of the Harvest to thrust forth laborers into the field of Harvest. It is harvest time!

Therefore let us continue to pray from Matthew 9:38, "Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest."

We see in part and know in part... In this strategic season this is just a little bit of what the Father has been showing me as I have had over 100 days of being in my room alone in my home in Franklin, Tennessee recovering. But always remember, we who know Christ, "We are never alone! He will never leave us or forsake us!"

God bless each one of you!
Dr. James W. Goll
Founder of Encounters Network • Prayer Storm • God Encounters Training e-School

I Heard John Wimber Declare: “Come Again Holy Spirit!”

by  James W. Goll:

One of the most consistent ways the Lord speaks to me is through the avenue of dreams. Many of my writing and speaking assignments are given to me in such a manner. Prayer assignments over the years have almost always come in the forms of visitations and visions. This is especially true if it is a strategic assignment.

While ministering in Brazil in July 2012, I was seeking the Lord for His mind and thoughts concerning future movements of the Holy Spirit. I went to sleep in my hotel room in Belo Horizonte and woke up out of a “stunner of a dream”. The manifested presence of God was riveting on my body as an after effect of this dream encounter. It shook me.

I have yet to tell the full dream experience publicly, but I have been directed to present portions of it to you now. Perhaps I will be released at a later date and the proper setting to actually proclaim the message. For now, I am going to steer away from my craft of interpreting and just bring you the raw message.

I Saw Southern California as a Womb for the Body of Christ!

Like an eagle in flight, I was hovering over the globe in search of a place to land. Suddenly the entire West Coast of the United States came before me. I was zoomed in upon the state of California and with the eye of an eagle I saw glimpses of redemptive purposes and plans. I then turned in flight over portions of Southern California and I saw something that seemed unusual. Southern California was a womb for the Body of Christ. She had been used to conceive the Word and the Spirit over the last one hundred years of the Church and to bring forth different movements of God.

My “knower” was on high alert as I flew over Los Angeles and Orange County ? that this womb had already received another word implanted at least a year earlier and that another long-term, almost overdue, birth was imminent. I then soared over Pasadena and the next thing I knew, the eagle suddenly flew into the historic Mott Auditorium on the hallowed grounds of William Carey University.

I Saw John Wimber Standing on the Platform!

Suddenly on the wings of an eagle, I was taken into Mott Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The place was packed with worshiping Believers with standing room only. The atmosphere was electric with the presence of God. Rabid worship was happening with occasional authoritative declarations by various leaders. I noticed a few desperate pastors I knew crying out with anguish for God to visit them once again. Then things suddenly shifted.

All of a sudden, the late John Wimber, former leader of the Vineyard Movement and voice for the Third Wave, was firmly standing on the newly purple-carpeted platform. The cultural atmosphere was now pregnant with a realm of the glory and the thick majesty of God. Then I heard and felt the voice of John Wimber echo an invitation that rattled the entire place. He simply declared, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!”

People started crashing to the floor en masse under the impact of the power and authority that resonated in those simple words. Once again another sound wave was released, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT.” It was not gentle Jesus showing up or the comforting dove of God manifesting. It was not just another renewal or revival meeting, though it seemed to include all of those qualities. It was the violent invasion of Heaven entering a time and space world. It was a Church quake.

I felt the reverberation coming off the sound waves of the voice of the invitation. It shook the very building, the grounds and all those present. The fear of the Lord fell and an earthquake of a 5.7 magnitude resulted. The quake resulted in an anointing resting on Psalm 57: “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me. For my soul takes refuge in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge until destruction passes by. I will cry to God Most High, to God who accomplishes all things for me. He will send from Heaven and save me.”

People screamed in terror as the entire grounds and buildings were rattled by the sound of God’s voice being heard and felt once again. Signs and wonders broke out but it appeared as an aftereffect, not the primary goal. Then a third time I heard the pronouncement from John Wimber, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!” People crashed onto the floor in droves.

As I pen this, I just now realized some things I had forgotten. They just flashed suddenly within me as I compose this. I also saw the late Jill Austin, one of the fieriest prophetesses of the last decade, gazing in upon the happening and smiling. I heard her laugh echo over the occurrence as to say, “I told you He was coming!” I saw a great cloud of witnesses including Aimee Semple McPherson and others gathering around to peer in upon this strange outbreak. The convergence of old anointings still seemingly resident upon California was now colliding.

Suddenly I was Awakened!

My senses were heightened. It was July and I was ministering in Brazil - a land pregnant with revival - but suddenly it appeared to be another season and it was fall, right at the time of the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah. Then pages of a book flipped quickly from one chapter of time to another and suddenly it was 40 days and nights later. I smelled smoke in Mott Auditorium as the place had been filled with the burning fiery sacrifices of violent praise and worship. I smelled burnt flesh. I smelled aromas of life and death simultaneously at work.

Short messages from different anointed vessels were a part of this new sound wave but again it was not the main thing. Miracles happened. They suddenly occurred. But again, this was not the aim. It was not why the people even assembled. Yes, there were even short passionate pleas and desperate cries for help! But even that was not the central focus. This move of God centered on the radical worship of the One ? Christ Jesus the Lord and the abandoned welcoming of the Third Person of the Godhead ? the Holy Spirit! The jealousy of God permeated the experience.

It was not a conference. It was not even polished. It was not even 24/7 as we presently know it. It was raw and overpowering. It was not rehearsed. It was an invasion of the Holy Spirit Himself.

A window of opportunity had opened and this uncontrollable surging sound wave jumped spontaneously around the globe. A man appeared on a pogo stick gleefully jumping from city to city and nation to nation. The man on the stick was William Seymour of the historic Azusa Street Revival. He leapt across the nations and everywhere his pogo stick landed, light came for a brief moment! The nations were in an uproar - and fire and light were falling around the globe.

Then I Heard One Last Word

“A Line Has Been Drawn in the Sand.”

Terror gripped me. I shook. I honestly did not know what was coming next. I still do not know having pondered deeply on this experience. Was it Days of Glory or impending societal chaos? Was it times of economic collapse or reformation where a new order was created out of tumultuous uncertainty? I honestly was left not knowing what the outcome or the result was or would be.

But this I knew: Hope for the fragmented Body of Christ and the nations was being released. An invitation was being sent from Heaven to earth and a line was being drawn in the sand.

The word went in me. The word penetrated me. The word has disturbed me. But this I know, Heaven has a word that must be heard in the earth realm, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!” And the invitation must have an urgent and appropriate response.

With expectation!
Dr. James W. Goll

Editor’s Comment: This speaks of the west coast, which includes the Northwest. But more than that, John Wimber had great influence in the Northwest region. This word is for more than just the Northwest, but it is for the northwest as well.