The Next Leg of your Journey

Some of you are being invited to the next leg of your journey, and it began today. But some of you have to put down your title and what you relied on to get you through the last leg of your journey. You have to put stuff down before you can pick it up again.

That next leg of the journey is available, but you need to say, "I lay everything down." I lay my title down; I lay my income down; I lay my skills, my qualifications, my degree down, whatever it was that got you through the last leg of the journey because he's inviting you to the next leg of the journey.

Even though it may look very similar, even though you may pick up many of the things that got you through the journey, somehow, he requires thatmomement when we say, "OK, Lord. Here's everything." We must be "Laid down lovers."

Paul Manwaring, of Bethel Church: 47:45 of