Lakeland, Florida Healing Outpouring and the Pacific Northwest

Introduction from Timothy Johnson:

We have rarely received such a powerful, important and timely prophetic Word for the Pacific NW like the one we just received from Prophet Bob Jones. This word was given at the first Statewide Apostolic & Prophetic gathering in Wenatchee, WA on April 19, 2008, and is already creating waves across the western states. We sincerely ask you to read this document carefully, listen to the word by Bob Jones (posted here) about the Lakeland, Florida Healing Outpouring and how it relates to the Pacific NW, and then also listen to the prophetic word given right after Bob’s by Keith Abrahams (who ordained Todd Bentley exactly 7 years along with Bobby Connor). We ask you to please forward this e-mail to as many friends, churches, and mailing lists as you know, and ask them to please do the same thing. This word needs to get out as far among the entire Body of Christ in the Pacific NW (and beyond…) as possible. Thanks for your help!!!

Very Important Word Concerning The Lakeland, Florida Healing Outpouring & The Pacific NW - From Bob Jones & Keith Abrahams

At the first Washington State Apostolic and Prophetic Gathering conference in Wenatchee, WA (April 18th-19th, 2008) there was a very important and timely word released in a conversation with Bob Jones. This word was for the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and it also is related to the current outpouring in Lakeland, FL. The “live” telephone conversation was played over the PA system for all to hear. It was an awesome, encouraging and empowering Word for all.

The Lord had spoken to Timothy Johnson about the need to call Bob Jones on Friday night, and then the burden returned to him again the next day. Timothy finally called Bob Jones during the afternoon lunch, but only got a voicemail. The experience that happened to Bob on that Saturday was exactly coincident with the time in which Timothy Johnson was in prayer, asking God to please stir Bob’s heart to call back. While Bob was asleep in his hotel room in North Carolina, he said he heard a voice calling from a long distance away saying, “Bob, we need help, because we are locked out of the Treasure room. Would you open the door for us, into this Treasure room?” The details of the event are well worth reading.

In this prophetic word, Bob Jones refers to a word that he released on New Years Eve (at MorningStar) in which he saw a young bald headed eagle, covered with tattoos coming down out of Canada into Washington State. Bob thought the word that came was a wind would begin to blow out of Canada, settle in Washington, then quickly spread to other states and go out to the whole nation. What Bob said in the conversation documented above was that the current outpouring in Lakeland, Florida was a manifestation of what had already come down out of Canada. Bob related to us that the eagle he saw with the tattoos he now understands was Todd Bentley, coming back out of Canada and operating in a powerful anointing for miracles and healings. The New Years Eve word (see here) mentioned that after blowing out of Canada, this wind would settle in Washington, and then quickly go out to surrounding states. Bob said that this wind was already in Washington, but there would be a need to contend for it.

Right after Bob linked the Lakeland Healing Outpouring to the prophetic word from New Years Eve, Keith Abrahams from Canada (who ordained Todd Bentley exactly 7 years ago along with Bobby Connor), came forth to bring a POWERFUL word that totally tied into what Bob Jones had just released minutes before.

Both the word given by Bob Jones and Keith Abrahams relate to previous prophecies regarding a coming wave of the Spirit of God that will come out of Canada, through the Pacific Northwest and greatly impact the US, Canada, and the world.

In particular, a word released by Bobby Connor in 1997 made reference (here) to a coming wave of the Spirit that would come out of Hamilton, Ontario through Vancouver, BC, into Washington, throughout the Northwest and into the world.

Todd Bentley has just released a recent word from Lakeland, Florida about The Third Wave coming – this word was given in Lakeland, Florida on Monday April 21st. Todd Bentley had called Bob Jones shortly after the conference in Wenatchee, documented above, and Bob gave Todd the “green light” to fully release the details of the prophetic word.

In the conference in Wenatchee, Bob Jones made reference to the fact that there would be a need to contend for what God is ready to release. To quote Bob, “Boy, whatever you do, don’t stop contending until you get it”.

The purpose of this posting is to give the Body of Christ valuable information, which has come to us, and release it for action. There is no doubt that there are other important pieces of information relating to this subject, and no representation of completeness is made.

Respectfully Submitted from:

LatterGlory International

Timothy Johnson

Jim Blanchard

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