Bob Jones: Wind From Canada and the Northwest

The following report and transcript is taken from a recorded telephone conversation which was recorded off of a cellular phone over the PA system.

At 3:45pm where Bob was in North Carolina, he was in a sound sleep. This would have been 12:45pm at the Wenatchee conference. While he was asleep, Bob heard a voice calling him as though from a long way away. The voice Bob heard said:

“Bob, we need help, because we are locked out of the treasure room. Would you open the door for us, into this treasure room?”

Timothy Johnson had called Bob’s wife Bonnie on her cell phone about fifteen minutes before that time, and left a message. Timothy was in prayer between 12:30pm and about 12:50pm, praying to get a call back. Bonnie returned the call at about 1:15pm Wenatchee time, where Timothy had returned to the conference hall. Bonnie said she would relay the message that Timothy wanted Bob to call, and when she went into the room some short time later, where Bob was sleeping, he called out “Yes” in his sleep. He woke himself up with that shout. As he awoke, he told her of the experience he had just had, telling her that the voice was from far away. She then told him that Timothy had called. Bonnie called Timothy back and put Bob on the phone. Timothy and Bob spoke briefly, and Bob told Timothy that he would call him back at 5:15pm (he was in North Carolina so this would be 2:15pm Pacific time). Timothy made arrangement to broadcast Bob’s call over the PA system when he called back.

In the telephone conversation Bob made mention that he had been looking something up, relating to a previous word that had been given. He was asking the question “What is the treasure room you all want opened up there? The treasure room that you will have opened up there?” and the answer Bob got was “Wind of Change angelic help.” This is in reference to experiences Bob has had regarding an angel named “The Wind of Change”. Bob said that this was a treasure far beyond any natural treasure. Bob said “All y’all are going to have to do is contend for this angel help.” Bob asked Timothy in the telephone conversation if he had found reference in the Shepherd’s Rod prophecy to a word Bob gave about a wind blowing in the Northwest first. Timothy said he had not found it, and Bob mentioned that it might have been in a word given on New Years Eve, but it was toward the end of the word.

Bob went on to say the word he was remembering said “a wind would blow out of Canada in the Northwest, and it would come and settle in Washington [state]. And it would begin a wave at Washington, and it would come on down and go through the whole United States”. Bob said “I understand now what that wind is. It’s a bald headed kid (my wife says he’s a bald headed eagle, and he truly is) and he’s got his body marked up with tattoos, and he has come out of Canada already. And what he is doing this stuff with, down in Florida, is an angel called The Wind of Change”. Bob said that there were other angels there also, like Emma (all kinds of healings) and Grace (miracles). These are the winds of Change that are travelling with him”.

Bob said that in the prophecy this wind would come out of Canada, and it would settle in the state of Washington. He said it has now come out of Canada, and it is ready to come into the state of Washington. Bob repeated that we will have to contend for this. He exhorted us to not quit contending until we get it, whatever we do. He said he did not know what at level we would need to contend.

Bob said: “Whatever this young export that we’ve exported from Canada is doing, you people up there are called to do the same thing. And then maybe we can export it up to Canada.”

Bob said that when he received the previous word, he did not realize that it referred to “Todd Bentley coming back out. And coming back out with angelic power like we have never seen before”.

“So the winds have blown out of Canada, and it’s up there with y’all now. I give you the key, and the key is Matthew 16:19, Hearing, and agreeing with God and proclaiming it. Hear, obey, and don’t THEN pray, but proclaim it broadly (what you get by revelation). You heard it through the Holy Spirit, coming out of heaven from your Poppa. Your Poppa is also the main key, and He’s unlocking the door for you. And the door is binding and loosing. And you now have the key to open and close that door. Close off the enemy, and open up the third heaven portals, which will never close! So, that’s what it’s really saying.”

Bob continued, saying to Timothy “You called something about bringing an apostolic unity? [Timothy said yes] I would word it a little different; I would call it an apostolic alliance, bringing people together in an alliance. And if you do, it won’t just end at just Washington, an alliance is even with nations. And that doesn’t, you know, need you’ll totally agree on everything, but you’ll agree in what God is doing. And you’ll find out that you always then come into agreement on the other things as the Holy Spirit brings clarity. So, this alliance has already started with a lot of major leaders in the United States and Canada already. They are making alliance recently. They are coming together, beginning to form an apostolic [alliance], which is just simply, the Lord has been raising up and dealing with major leaders.

Since July 3 1984. He has been preparing these men. These apostolic men and women are getting ready to blow a clear trumpet and it will show the prophets where they are, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers. It will bring a divine order according to our Daddy’s kingdom; apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors teachers. And the wind has chosen the apostolic order already. And the first ones to cross over and put that trumpet to their lips, they’re getting ready to blow. They will make a way for others, apostolic, to follow them. And they’ll give the real God guideline to the apostolic. Then next they’ll hand the trumpet to the prophets. And that’s why you’ve got so many of those up there.

And this is why they’ve been waiting so long; they’ve been waiting for God’s proper order to come in. And this is why miracles signs and wonders have never been consistent, because it had no government behind it. With the government of God behind it, God can give you the abiding glory, then a continual abiding unction for the healings, the signs and the wonders. And the delivering of great people from darkness into salvation. The kingdom of God is getting ready to come in order. They are the keys of God and the keys of God, what they are going to have moved to are what He has put in as His government. And we are in the final stages of His government coming together. And when we do, they will release an order and accountability to the prophets. The prophets up to now really have not had any accountability of what they say. When the apostle is there, he will hold them accountable. And the prophet will hold the apostle accountable, because they are the two workers. They work together. They are a loaded gun. Like the thumb and the finger sticking out in front, that’s really one of the most powerful loaded guns you’ll ever see on this earth. And this is what is coming together up there in Canada.

The wind has left Abbottsford, and it’s blowing in the state of Washington. And it will quickly go into other states around. Idaho will get blasted by it, also Oregon, and California. So, I have given you the keys. Open the treasure room. Open up the winds of heaven, and let them blow. Amen.”

From LatterGlory International

Timothy Johnson