The Tuning Fork

This came my way from Sandy Coultas, one of the prophetic voices at RevivalTown Ministries.

Dear Friends,

I just received this email from a young man in NY who is a friend of ours. He is a prophetic intercessor and dynamic man of God. He is directing this word to the houses of prayer specifically, but I thought that it has an even broader application for us in the Puget Sound as we prepare for the 3 day worship event coming up with Alisha and Jason Upton. I feel it also has direct application to the SOUND events we are planning at the colleges this spring. There is such an incredible message coming from the Lord the last couple of years. It has to do with sound and very amazing scientific research and understanding that is being coupled with revelation and prophetic insight to bring tangible regional atmospheric breakthroughs. That's what I'm believing for this spring as Olympia and the greater Puget Sound area lift our hearts to Him in abandoned worship, spirit directed intercession, and strategic prophetic assignments and evangelism. The last few months have been difficult for many, but I believe it is time to shake off the residue of winter and press forward anew for what He is about to do!

He is Faithful!
Sandy Coultas

Those who sow in tears will reap with joyful shouting - Psalm 126

tuning forks...I kid you not!

ok, ok so sometimes i am not quick to obey, although i should be but God's grace enables me to bring this word to you now

in December of this past year, the Lord gave me a word about tuning forks but i did not blog it like I was supposed to...imagine my surprise when in February I’m watching the "starting the year off right" conference on GODtv and this woman Sandy Newman releases a word about sound, vibration, and yes, you guessed it - tuning forks!!!

so here's the word the Lord gave me in December:

the Lord wants to release the spirit and the anointing of tuning receive and resonate with the vibrations of sound declaring His truth, His healing, His love, His freedom, His grace

houses of prayer are tuning forks...tuning forks both send and receive the vibrations and sound...can only receive the sounds and vibrations of a specific frequency (depending on its size) that is the same as that frequency

so for example, if you take a tuning fork of a specific note (based on frequency) and you place it near one that is already ringing, if the notes are the same frequency the smaller tuning fork will begin to vibrate as well, in "sympathy" with the larger one

It's all about receptivity and proximity

The Lord releases His sound from heaven and if we are "tuned" to the same frequency and close enough to pick up the vibrations from His sound, we will resonate with that sound and vibrate as well! The Lord is saying that the houses of prayer are those tuning forks!

look at the definition of a tuning fork: (parentheses added to share revelation) A tuning fork is an acoustic resonator in the form of a two-pronged fork (two pronged as in worship and intercession!!!) with the tines formed from a U-shaped bar (open to receive) of elastic metal, usually steel (elastic meaning flexible and able to move when the Lord is moving, vibrating in unison with the vibrations of the sound of heaven; metal, usually steel speaks of firmness and strength, lasting and enduring)

let's look at the word resonate since tuning forks resonate with vibrations of specific pitch:

1 in electronics it means to reinforce (support, strengthen) oscillations because the natural (built that way, one might say "wired" that way or in one's "DNA"!) frequency of the device is the same (unity, from intimacy and communion with the Lord) as the frequency of the source.

2 to amplify vocal sound by the sympathetic (here it means "same" but interesting that the word choice is sympathetic, as in what moves the Lord's heart moves our hearts) vibration of air in certain cavities and bony structures (open spaces; Holy Spirit must be given free reign, the structure must be open to allow Him to move and flow).

other meanings that don’t necessarily have scientific application but very much have spiritual application in this word that houses of prayer are tuning forks: - to evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief

to correspond closely or harmoniously

to be received or understood

The Lord is saying that houses of prayer correspond closely or harmoniously with His heart and His Spirit...the two pronged structure of worship and intercession enable houses of prayer to receive and resonate with the sound He is releasing from heaven...what happens when the tuning fork "picks up" and begins to resonate with the sound vibrations from heaven? it resonates at a constant pitch, disturbing the surrounding air molecules, causing them to shift and shake (vibrate), carrying the sound signal from one place to another!!!

interestingly enough there are many uses for tuning forks:

help tune musical instruments (make sure they are in the right frequency to receive the sound)

assess hearing (do you have ears to hear the sound of heaven?)

used as an alternative healing therapy...biosonic states that you can use tuning forks and sound to experience deep levels of healing by bringing your body back to its fundamental pulse and by connecting you to your authentic life rhythm. (how about coming back to the fundamental pulse of the heart of worship, a heart that beats with and for the Lord? connecting to authentic life about connecting to the Author of life??)

in electromechanical watches to help keep time accurately (do you know the time in which you are living?)

calibrate radar guns to ensure accurate measurement (can you recognize the signs of the times?)

Lord, release Your anointing on Your body...let Your house truly be a house of prayer for all nations as You say in Your Word...let us be molded and shaped in such a way that we are receptive to You and in tune with what You are saying and doing in this hour...release the anointing of the tuning forks in Jesus name, amen!

From Jason Vogt