Tomorrow and Chicks

The Lord breathed His breath of life on me in these two dreams I received this last spring:

I dreamed that I was very pregnant, gravid with child, so to speak. The birth was expected tomorrow. I was looking at live pictures of the baby in the womb and it was large and all ready to come. I was surprised to be having a baby because I hadn’t planned on it, and I had to start thinking about what it takes to raise a child. I was full of anticipation.

In the second dream I was in a room with cardboard boxes on counters. I looked in them and saw hens in each of them. I walked down the rows and pet some of them. Later I looked in the boxes again and saw that instead of the hens, there were baby chicks.

For some time my husband and I had been going through some challenges and trials that seemed to be squeezing us tighter than we cold bear. We went through a transition which included moving to a different house, with all the difficulties involved in that. There are also some new ministry areas the Lord has been leading us into, as well as the business we own. Instead of simplicity and rest, we seemed to have been enmeshed in complexity and stress for a long period of time.

The Lord has been speaking to the Body of Christ about transition, new beginnings, entering His rest, coming outside the box, and birthing the miracles, healings, and signs and wonders that accompany the bringing of His Kingdom into our everyday lives. I believe there are parallels between what is happening globally, and what we see in our personal lives as we aspire to hear and obey what God is saying in this season.

I believe He was comforting me in these dreams, showing me that this particular process in my life has come to a fullness of time. The “tomorrow” is almost here; the transition into the next season after the long wait. The squeezing is a painful process, but it is a birthing to the freedom on the other side. This applies to the Church in general when we think of the burdens some of us have been carrying for a long time. They have weighed us down, but we’re about to be loosed from them.

We’ve just entered the new Hebrew year 5768, which signifies not only the end of one year and the beginning of the next, but also the end of a whole seven-year season and a new beginning (8 is symbolic of new beginnings) of the next season in God’s plan for the ages. This time is a birthing of a new season upon us personally and corporately; an appointed time of new beginnings, new challenges, new power and authority, and new Glory! Praise to the Almighty!

From Leann Halbert-Love
via Breath of Life