Declarations from a Worship Gathering

This weekend (March 27-29, 2008), Revival Town hosted Alisha Roney and Jason Upton in a 3-day worship event in Port Orchard. It was an amazing weekend of worship!

There were some declarations that came out of the event, that will make for good declarations and intercession:

  • The church of the Northwest region welcomes children and youth! We welcome the move of God that they bring; we welcome their gifts and their culture.
  • We, the Church, are not subject to the religious control of insecure leaders. This is a sensitive issue: we are not independent of the Body of Christ, but neither are we mindless sheep following blindly.
  • We are loved powerfully and personally by a wonderful heavenly Father. We can trust His love and His leadership.
  • There is a move of God rising up in the Northwest. There is a sound that God is raising up from the Northwest church, and we are that sound.

There are others; if you were there, please email with more.

David McLain, for