It’s the Time of the Changing of the Guard

This is another word that is not specific to the Pacific Northwest. However, I have heard the same word from several local prophets, but Jim Goll says it so well. -Editor

gollsHaving traveled the globe and having seen many different cultures and forms of government, one of the scenes ingrained in my mind is one that took place in London, England--seeing the guards standing alert at Buckingham Palace. They are on guard at the gate, watching and protecting those who come in and go out. They do not leave their station until the watch shifts and the next appointed guardian is in place.

Many prophetic voices tell us that 2008 is the "Year of the Gate." But I want to add to this a bit. It is a critical year for both the Church and secular spheres. If 2008 is a year when the government shifts, who will stand guard at the gates of our cities, churches and nations?

It is a critical hour where guardians are replaced. I see a volatile contending for the soul of nations this coming year. Not just the United States--but in places like Russia, Israel, across South East Asia, Australia, Guatemala, and many other nations. In the next 18 months, it might look a lot like that childhood game called "Upset the Fruit Basket!" But what I see even more clearly is a changing of the guard at the door of the Church.

A few prominent church leaders will graduate to their heavenly reward and this will be a sign of the changing of the guard. Other leaders will fall and fade from the scene of prominence due to controversy, sexual sin and pride, resulting in a lack of accountability. But the good news is that new voices, new faces, and the next and new generation leaders will emerge this year. It is the time of the "Changing of the Guard!" With this frame in place for the big picture of where we are headed in 2008 and beyond, let me give you a few specific pieces.

Two Righteous Seeds Fell into the Earth

In the fall of 2007, two of our champions of the faith graduated to their heavenly reward. Each lived a long life for our Lord and finished well. One was Rex Humbard from Ohio, and the other was James Kennedy from Florida. They each were pioneers in specific areas of the faith. As a righteous seed falls into the ground, a harvest or multiplication of the gift and calling they carried often becomes multiplied.

Ten years ago, two other righteous seeds fell into the ground. They were Lester Sumrall and John Wimber. They carried the anointing of "deliverance and missions" and "signs and wonders." Since that time, there are hundreds of new ministries that have been raised up, walking in these graces. A true multiplication has occurred. So it will be with the anointings that rested upon Rex Humbard and James Kennedy.

Rex Humbard pioneered Christians in media. His services at the Cathedral of Tomorrow were broadcast on TV long before we ever had "Christian stations." Rex Humbard would pray for the sick and broke the membrane of media for the larger Body of Christ. James Kennedy was a man who championed many causes such as the Pro-Life message. But the one that stands out to me the most of all was "personal evangelism." He effectively taught thousands how to go door to door to share their faith in Jesus and prepared people for eternity.

There will now be an explosion of Christians in various forms of media. In fact, 2008 is the year to go through the gate for a media mania in and through the Body of Christ. There will also be a fresh emphasis and gifting in personal and presence evangelism. Outreach events will be tied to our conference venues and we have hit the streets in 2008! Yes, a harvest is upon us!

A Moral Plumb Line is Being Dropped

A plumb line of righteousness is being dropped in the midst of church and secular leadership. Sexual sin in leadership will be exposed at high levels. This will create a wave of disillusionment and out of necessity, accountability structures and deliverance ministry will be given a greater place. This will ultimately result in some powerful testimonies for the glory of God from those who choose to humble themselves.

Divorce and rumors of divorce will appear to be rampant in various circles. In some spheres, marriage will be viewed as a piece of paper that can just be torn apart. Therefore, the Holy Spirit will emphasize teaching on forgiveness, covenant relationships and restoration.

A next generation purity movement will emerge on the scene. True Nazirites of God will blaze a trail and will begin to rediscover the ancient boundaries of holiness in a lawless age. In dreams, I have seen a new wardrobe of righteousness where young people are dressed in white to counter the gothic dress of black. Let a Pure Life Revolution begin!

There will be an attempt to hide the American (and other nations as well) abortion issue from the forefront of the political scene (front page of the news), but the Holy Spirit will not allow this to happen. Circumstances will cause this issue to emerge to the front page. The issues of LIFE will be a major political "hot potato" in days ahead.

Change in the Global Prayer Movement

There will be a true changing of the guard in the prayer movement. New prayer watches, prayer chains, and special times of fasting will be initiated by ministries and churches that have not been known for this emphasis. New leadership will come forth as the baton is passed from one generation to the next. This is great news that--the global prayer movement is growing and becoming stronger.

While in recent years, "bridal intercession" has been a needed emphasis, the "warrior anointing" will be emphasized as the Holy Spirit pours out an authentic spirit of "faith that fights" to break the strangle holds of darkness. Counsel from the heavenly war room is accessible and this will result in new effective strategies of spiritual warfare. There will be a spotlight on Israel, and what was once a side issue in the Global Prayer Movement, will now become a main issue seemingly over night. All eyes will rest on Jerusalem.

An Explosion of Faith and Healing

A shift will occur in the area of faith. The prophetic movement and sectors of the faith camp will have a divine interchange. This convergence will create a culture for a new wave of miracles. As in the medical field when a scientific breakthrough is discovered and new cures are found, breakthroughs in healing ministries will occur. What was once considered hard cases to heal will begin to be normal and regular occurrences. Greater insight and increased authority over the deaf and dumb spirit and the demonic spirit of infirmity will result in many healings from deafness and long-term generational illnesses.

I see an increase in angelic activity everywhere I go. I especially see "harvest angels" being released to aid us in our end time work. Watch for angels of His presence and messenger angels declaring Good News! Angels, angels everywhere! These angels will be used to shift the atmosphere from that of skepticism to one of expectancy!

Divine Creativity on the Rise!

Creativity in the Church world will result in various approaches to E-Church (website churches) stumbling forth--it will be rejoiced over by some and held at arms length by others. Innovative discipleship tools, online training schools, worship and interactive prayer rooms will capture a young generation for Jesus Christ's sake.

Where once the Christian artisans had to go outside the church world to express their talent and gift, a fresh renaissance movement has begun to never be stuffed back into the box again. Conferences, seminars, and equipping tools will be released from the Church to the glory of God! This will ultimately create holistic expressions of the life of the Holy Spirit into mainstream media.

It is time for new disruptive technologies to be released. This is the beginning of years for Christian innovators and inventors to come from the back room of trial and error and be released into the pubic with great insight, skill and influence in secular society.

The creation and transfer of wealth through Godly entrepreneurs laboring under an anointing of creativity coupled together with diligence and wisdom--will pay off. This creation and transfer of wealth will be both a test and a blessing. But those who set their gaze with practical goals to touch the poor of the earth and walk in accountability relationships--will prosper. Yes, Joseph's storehouse is now open.

Going Through the Gates!

This is a year of wrapping up old things and stepping across the threshold into the new. It is the time for the changing of the guard at the gate. It is a time of Kingdom alignment. It is time to celebrate that in Christ Jesus, everyday is new! Go through the gates in 2008. Forget the things that lie behind, and move forward in fresh faith. Remember, we each see in part, know in part, and prophesy in part. From my vantage point, this is a little bit of what I see for the months and years that lie ahead.

James W Goll, Encounters Network