Barbara Wentroble and Chuck Pierce Portland.

From 1999

Barbara: And I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying surely this is an hour that I shall bring a change to this area, for I the Lord, am even now positioning my bow, saith the Lord. I am even pulling from my quiver arrows says the spirit of the Lord, and I shall cause those arrows to be shot forth from my bow in a fresh new way. For in days past in this area, when I have tried to release the arrows of my Spirit, my people of this area know that there have been contrary winds that have come into this place, into this area, and they have caused even those arrows to be shot in wrong directions… they have caused those arrows to fall to the ground before they have accomplished their purposes.

But I would say this is an hour, says the Spirit of the Lord, I’m going to cause a mighty wind of my Spirit to blow through this area, and the Lord says, No longer will my arrows fall to the ground, but God says, by the power of my Spirit, and through the fresh wind of my Spirit, I shall cause those arrows to be shot straight, says the Lord, and they shall hit the target that I have purposed for them.

The Lord says, I would cause them to fall even into the places of government in this area, says the Spirit of the lord. For the Lord says, I’m going to bring about such change that you will begin to see even the laws of the land begin to change, says the Spirit of the Lord, for I am releasing arrows from my bow, and the Lord says, No contrary wind will be able to withstand the fresh wind of my spirit, as I begin to blow in this places.

Chuck: And I would say unto you, the enemy has removed the sharpness of the arrows of this region, saith the Lord, but I am moving on the 4 state region around this. I say I am raising up in northern California, and I am beginning to do a sharpening work saith the Lord. I say I am calling my people in Idaho to rise up in this hour, and I am sharpening their arrow. I say that which is in Seattle that has resisted my movement, I say I am going to shake until they begin to rise up and come together. And I say even in the next 9 months they will be coming together in that Seattle area. I say that even in the next 4 months I will release the anointing that is necessary to cause Seattle to awaken and to cause the transference of wealth to begin.

I say to you I am shaking and I am sharpening, and I say to you the boldness that has been removed, it is now going to come forth in this region. I say it will roar like a lion. I say it will come out of the woods. I say that which has been hidden and lost is now rising up again saith the Lord. And I say to you, Be bold and be powerful and speak forth, for I say I have a message from this region that is going to shake this nation, and I say, no longer will it be hidden, but I will draw it together; I will put it into place, and I will shoot it forth, and that spirit of control that has tried to control my destiny in this region, I say that over the next 12 months. I’m going to shake it, it’s going to fall, and I say you will be liberated in a new way. You will be known for dancing in this region, and for my dancing hand, and I say my dancing hand will come from this region and begin to shoot forth and penetrate the nation, saith the Lord.

This is the region I have called to shake Mormonism, and I will say I will shoot it forth. There will be such light and liberation from this 4 state region that I say it will cause a shaking in Mormonism and I say there will be many converts saith the Lord.

Barbara: And the Lord says, I did not say the last would be first? And that though this has been an area that has been known to be last in evangelism and in church attendance, and church growth, I say I am about to change things in this area says the Lord, and no longer will you be recorded as last, but I’m going to cause to be first in this that I am doing, says the Spirit of the Lord. I’m changing the statistics, says the Lord, and I now do call you into a fresh new place of promotion. No longer shall you be the last. No longer shall you been known as those who remain behind, but I say I shall cause a mighty army to rise up in this place. And they shall walk forward, and they shall embrace the fresh new things that I am doing, and they shall even model the things that I want to do in other places and in other nations saith the Lord.

So I say I do not call you last. I call you first, says the Spirit of the Lord. Chuck: And I say a liberation is coming from this region to the Asian peoples of this land, saith the Lord. I say they will be drawn here and they will be sent out with my anointing. I say I am going to cause liberation of their giftings, and their giftings and my anointing that I have placed in them will then begin to flow from their mind into my Spirit. I will position those that are converted in this region in strategic places. I say the Esther anointing will fall on the Asian people in this region, and I say it will go forth. It will remain hidden for 4 years, and then it will arise. I say it will come forth and it will cause a transference of wealth in this land saith the Lord.

Barbara: And the Lord would say I am going to destroy the assignment of death that has been over this area says the Spirit of the Lord. For that death has tried to kill my ministers, tried to kill my churches, tried to kill the move of my Spirit. The infirmity that has been with that death, God says, I’m about to break that thing. God’s going to loose such healing in the area says the Spirit of the Lord… Healing and restoration. For the Lord says, no longer will this place be known as Grateful Dead, but I say it is going to be people who are gratefully alive in the things of the Lord.

Chuck: And the Lord says, I would even use this church as gathering for healing. I say healing teams will come in here, they will be re-anointed, and they will be sent out. I say that I am raising up 5 key churches throughout this 4 state area, and they will begin to receive my anointing and they will be known as centers. They will be known as that which sent forth the new. For I say the new has now come this day, and because the new has come, and because you have gathered, the new will now go out from here saith the Lord.

End of prophecy over the Northwest region. Barbara’s comment:

I encourage you intercessors now: You have your assignment. Get a copy of that prophetic word and begin to pray over that and begin to pray the will and the word of God into this area.

Dated October 30, 1999. If I remember correctly, this came at an Intercessors conference at City Bible Church in Portland. This was transcribed from the tapes (remember those?) of this conference. As of the posting date, I have been unable to find this word anywhere else on the Internet. --Editor.