Northwest Women Arising

The Lord says, I am erasing all the lines of artificiality that have been drawn around you that have tried to keep you in. I say to you, you are the chief architect of those lines. I am erasing them and I am wiping them away so that you’re not going to be concerned about crossing over a line or going someplace you are not suppose to go.

The Lord says, If I’ve given it to you, if I’ve put it within you then whose line are you measuring by? No one besides Me draws the lines. I drew the line and said even through my servant Job, “The waves will come this far and not further.” I am the one who makes the lines and boundaries. If I didn’t put it there, who did and why are you honoring it? I will cause something to rise up on the inside of you and you will refuse to honor the limitations that have been put upon you by others because they’re not legal, they’re not lawful, they are not right before me and I do not honor them! If I do not honor them I’m not calling you to honor them but rather to break through them. So get your eraser out and erase all those artificial lines, those boundaries, those limitations, and those places that say: I have to stay in this place and I can’t move out of this place.

The Lord says, That is not what I say! The Lord says if you balk me or hold back on this it is going to cost you time, misery, and heartache. I am warning you because I know once you are sure and know it’s okay, you will be bold and rise up! I want you to know clearly this day; I have not put those lines in place. I want you to cross them. The enemy has drawn a line in the sand and said, Don’t cross this line. I say, ignore him and walk right over it. Don’t look his way or honor that threat, but move on and press into Me. I will tolerate no resistance in this matter. I want you to rise up and break out!!

from Great Grace Ministries