The Vision of "Hupakouo"

Open HeavenThe door opened and I stepped closer to see what lay beyond the door. A vast depth lay before me. There was nothing as far as the eye could see. Nothing above and nothing below.

Suddenly, a stepping stone appeared and I stepped out on it. Then another and another appeared and each one went higher and higher. I cautiously followed the stones upward.

Then another door opened and I stepped into a new realm. It was a realm of glory and light. It was like stepping into the Teton Valley in Jackson Wyoming on a beautiful summer day. Everything was majestic and full of light. I was breathless at the glory, the beauty, the light, the vastness, and the life.

As I turned to look behind me, a huge angel stood smiling. He was really huge! I turned back toward what lay before me - the future. I asked, "Which way should I go?" The angel replied, "Forward, one step at a time."

I took a step and I saw two angels in front of me about 20 yards off to each side. I took another step and more angels appeared and I realized they were forming a path with each step I took. I could hear laughter in the distance. It sounded like a party or a family gathering full of joy.

"More! More! More!" I heard a voice declare. "More! More! More! Abundance of flow! Abundance of flow!" Then the angel behind me said, "Now is the time to step into the fullness of your future."

The big angel pointed his sword forward and the spirit realm split open from above and glory was released over the path. A voice declared, "The open heaven is over steps of obedience. It is not a place - the heavens open over each person who takes steps of obedience."

The Lord reminded me of all the times He had spoken to me in dreams and visions concerning this realm of obedience that would prevail in these last days. Then He said, "Now you will see this realm of obedience begin to unfold." (End of the Vision)


Obedience: The Greek word "hupakouo" which means to listen, to hear, to heed.
It speaks of one who when hearing a knock at the door comes immediately to listen, inquires who is at the door, and is prepared to open the door.

It also speaks of one who pays close attention to a command. It means to listen attentively, to hear clearly, to listen with the intention of taking action therefore it translates obey or obedience.

There can be no obedience apart from "hearing clearly." There are two types of hearing clearly.

Impersonal Hearing

Impersonal - A simple choice to submit and obey a written or spoken command such as the ten commandments. This was the form of obedience that the children of Israel chose when God wanted to come down into their midst. "Exodus 20:19 Then they said to Moses, 'You speak with us, and we will hear; but let not God speak with us, lest we die.'

So Moses went before God and received the written ten commandments yet it was God's heart to come down in their midst and speak to them personally.

This type of obedience is usually fear based. A fear of the consequences causes a person to obey.

Personal Hearing

Personal - This type of hearing clearly is the result of allowing God to knock on the door of your heart and you give Him your full attention and listen to what He desires to say. It is not a list of commandments or orders. It is a personal relationship that causes a person to become in tune with God's heart so that trust and understanding are a part of the obedience. Trust, respect, love, and relationship are the base for this type of obedience. This is the type of obedience Jesus displayed. He knew the Father's heart therefore He trusted Father God enough to obey even when it hurt. This type of obedience causes a person to not only obey the written commandments but also enables them to hear and know the voice of God when He speaks to them. A deep love between the person and God causes the person to obey.

Impersonal obedience is based in the principle of law. You understand the teachings of your pastor or your church and you understand what the Bible says you should do but you do not understand God's heart in the matter. You simply know that you must obey the rules or you will be guilty of breaking the rules.

In personal obedience you know what is written and you know the heart behind what is written . You also recognize His voice when He speaks to you or through others. You know Him. You follow Him and when you miss it He is there to help you grow and learn from your mistakes which helps to develop the relationship even more.

So when it comes to hearing clearly, personal obedience is the best because you have more than knowledge. You have a personal interaction with God. This is what He has always wanted. You have the Word and the Spirit.

I contend that true obedience cannot be walked out apart from a personal relationship with God that allows you to know His heart, then as you learn His ways of speaking, you can hear clearly which means true obedience.

Invitation to Obedience

In these days there will be an invasion of the earth. It will be an invasion of obedience by the small. It will be average people who know their God. They will hear clearly and take action. This will open the heavens over them and allow the kingdom of God to be demonstrated on the earth.

Are you being equipped to hear clearly? Do you know the different ways that God speaks? Are you being encouraged to recognize that God will speak to you? Are you being given courage to hear God's voice for yourself? Are you being told that it is normal to hear God personally? Did you know it is in your spiritual DNA to recognize the voice of God? Are you sitting on the church pew to be equipped or are you sitting there so you can have an impersonal approach to obedience? Are you afraid to hear God's voice?

No condemnation to you, just an invitation to evaluate your preparation to "HEAR" and obey. Start asking God to teach you to hear Him clearly. Start expecting to hear God speak to you. Be like the doorman who stands ready to hear the knock at the door and inquire, "God is that you?" and then take action to open the door and step out in obedience.

I love you and I believe in you. I expect you to grow to maturity so that we can come to the fullness of Jesus Christ displayed on this earth. I know who you are. You are a race of new creation beings that have been born again of the incorruptible Word of God. Your spirit is alive unto God, and you are well able to hear and obey Him. You are called to put off the old outward man and to put on the new creation identity that has been given to you in Christ. Arise! Shake off the religion, the ritual, the legalism, the pew, and cry out for prophetic teachers who will equip you to hear and obey. Gather together in expectation of His Presence in your midst. Reach for maturity!

Janice travels widely, but she is also one of the key prophetic voices in the Olympia, WA region. We're very thankful for her, for her ministry, and for the hoards of people that she trains (very well!) in the prophetic.

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