A Great Visitation – Time to Wake Up!

Cindy deVille
A Great Visitation – Time to Wake Up!February 10, 2010

The Spirit of God was heavy upon our 11 year old daughter, Destiny, as she came to us and said.“Mom and Dad, God just spoke to me, and told me to come and tell you something.” This really caught our attention, as this is not something she normally does, so we asked in anticipation what God had said. She was trembling slightly, and we all felt the presence of God as she shared a vision she had of a great harvest, and that God instructed her to tell us the following:

“Prepare your fields for rain, for I am coming!”

Wow! This was a very meaningful word to us, as it came from our precious daughter (Joel 2:28), and also reminded us of the prophecy called “A Great Visitation” we received two years ago, January 20th, 2008.

Today, we believe God would have us share “A Great Visitation” once again. It is hard to believe it has been two years since God gave this to us, and yet our hearts are stirred today as never before with a sense of urgency, for the Church to prepare and make herself ready for this Great Visitation, and His Glory to be seen (Isa. 40:5), even this year!

When we look at the many prophecies in God’s Holy Word, we rarely find specific dates or times given regarding their fulfillment. The prophets of old would speak into the future under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, then confidently released the outcome into the hands of an amazing God, who always performs His Word at just the right time, just as He did on the day of Pentecost.

God instructed us at the beginning of the year to Wake Up His Church, to Shake Her Up! It is time for the Church to Awake from her complacency and slumber! It is time for her to prepare herself, just as this word says.

Prepare Everywhere – He's Coming to Visit!
We need to keep in mind, this Great Visitation, His Glory is not coming to entertain us or just to make us feel good, but to transform and change us, His Church! This will be a time of great change in His Church! A time to set His house in order! A time of great cleansing, purifying, unifying and making ready the Bride of Christ to rise up and Be Glorious in the earth! Preparing us for His great end-time work – to bring in the harvest of souls, and for His return!
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Pray, Listen, and Pass it On
Below is the prophecy “A Great Visitation” God gave us during a time of deep intercession for His Church. We pray it brings encouragement and also a sense of urgency of what is coming as this new decade unfolds. It also includes an audio reading from a previous message introduction. Please prayerfully read, listen to it, and pass it on to others as the Holy Spirit may lead you.

Prophecy: A Great Visitation
January 20, 2008 – Cindy deVille (Read by Pastor Jeff Baldwin, Heartland Church, TX)
Listen to the reading of "A Great Visitation" (3:12)

"There is coming a Great Visitation to the earth.
A Great Visitation by My Spirit.
A Visitation such as the earth has not seen or heard.
I will move in unprecedented ways!
I will visit MY HOUSE
I will visit the WHITE HOUSE
I will visit your HOUSE, oh man of God!

So prepare, oh man of God prepare! Prepare everywhere, prepare.
For I will come with great power, and I will cleanse and I will purify this hour.

I will separate the precious from the vile,
I will remove all things from My house that defile!
I will, I will, I will says the Spirit of God,
I will fulfill ALL My will in the earth and in My Church, all My plans shall succeed.
I will have a GLORIOUS CHURCH, and she will rise up and do great wonders in the earth!

Man has made his plans but it is MY PURPOSES AND PLANS THAT SHALL PREVAIL for I cannot fail!

Tell Me, who can stop or stay My hand when I decide to move throughout this land?
There is No power, No force, No government, No man that can stand against My Spirit or My plans!

So I am calling you Oh Man of God!
RISE UP, Rise up and take your place. RISE UP and seek My face.
It is a Day of Visitation so prepare, RISE UP and come to the Holy Place!
It’s time to cast aside every weight and sin that would hold you back and pen you in.
Remove every impure and unclean thing before your eyes,
the enemy has sent them for your destruction and demise.

Arise Oh Man of God, it is your day of visitation.
I am calling you to be Holy as I the Lord your God am Holy.
You must turn from and hate your sin,
Only then, I can begin to commune with you again!

RISE UP out of your confusion and disgrace!
RISE UP oh Man of God and SEEK MY FACE!
RISE UP out of your SLUMBER!
For the enemy of your souls, he knows, he knows, he knows his days are numbered.
He has planted snares everywhere. With a violence and a vengeance he has unleashed
strong spirits of seduction, delusion, and deception upon My Church and My people.
Spirits to draw you away and to devour you as his prey.

It is the Day of Visitation so Rise up, oh man of God and draw your sword.
Wake up its time for war! It’s time to fight for your life!
We are nearing the final round and now starts the count down.
You must get up off the floor, you must get up and draw your sword!

I Am here, and there is a great cloud of witnesses cheering you on.
Don’t give in, Don’t give up, we are so close to the end – so RISE UP, RISE UP, RISE UP!”

We encourage you personally, and all the Body of Christ to be ready and waiting, anticipating this great thing that God is about to do! We close with a reminder of the word our daughter shared:
“Prepare your fields for rain, for I am coming!” Amen.

"I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy..." Joel 2:28

'The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former,' says the LORD of hosts..." Haggai 2:9

"The glory of the LORD shall be revealed, And all flesh shall see it together; For the mouth of the LORD has spoken.".Isaiah 40:5

Cindy deVille. Shekinah Today. February 2010.