Bob Jones: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Thanks Gary Severson for sending this word from Bob Jones

Gary's Note: Bob Jones is certainly an elderly statesman in the prophetic seer realm in the Body of Christ. I've gleaned the following from a message he gave recently. Bob is a seer, not a teacher. Sometimes he just makes a statement and then is on his next point, and you're not sure if he's left his former point or not. Sometimes he spends a lot of time on one point and you're not exactly positive when he's on another point. So the following is how I heard it. Gary

Word from Bob Jones

The year 2009 was the year of the OX. We plowed repeatedly. It seemed that all we did was plow and there was no or little reaping. We became exhausted with all the plowing. We even became discouraged and sometimes wondered if we had missed God. But God was plowing out things in us and the Body at large so He could use them. There had to been a cultivated soil so that seed that was planted would grow.

That year is over. The year 2010 is the year of the EAGLE. This year vision is carried and it begins to grow. This is the time to get the Word of the Lord out of our mouths as much as possible so it can bear fruit. The eagle has a protection on it that allows it to fly into the sun. Our country (the eagle is our symbol) has a protection on her if we fly into the Son. This year healing will arrive. You will begin to see some incredible miracles, and you will begin to be recipients and do incredible miracles.

The year 2011 is the year of the LION. That speaks of authority. Christians will walk in the authority of God like they have not been walking. We have the same authority that Jesus had on earth. We can do the same acts that He did. In John 14:12 the Lord says we will do even greater acts that He did.

The year 2012 is the year of MAN. The new man in God will begin to be seen. This speaks of unity in the Body, the Jews and Gentiles coming together, the world seeing a different type of Christian. This new Christian walks in love and power!

Though there will be revival pockets before 2013, it will become full scale in 2013. We're talking world wide revival. ( Remember Tim McClellan's prophecy over Jason Hubbard and Jon Hammil?)

Judgments are coming to the Body. Some of them are not for us, but we must trust in God or they will overcome us. The devastation of many others judgments can be reduced by us

1. Severe anxiety--We're not entitled to have this judgment; it belongs to the world. We are supposed to have the Answer to show to others who are very anxious.

2. Fear--This comes from having a big devil and a small God. People will die from anxiety and fear (e.g. heart attacks, suicide, etc.) Our faith needs to be anchored on Jesus, not what the news commentators tell us. In fact, many newscasters are witches putting curses on their viewers and listeners.

3. Depression and self pity--You cannot have your way, but God will have His way. Get over yourself and grow up. Stop living in poverty of spirit.

4. Financial collapse

5. Nicolaitan spirit--This spirit is condemned by the Lord in Rev. 2:6 (church at Ephesus) and in Rev. 2:15 (church at Pergamum). This spirit has victory over or rules over the people. It's the pastor (and sometimes other leaders in the church) being on a different, higher level than the people. The Lord says in Revelation that He hates this spirit, to repent of it, and that He will come against it with the sword of His mouth. The reign of the pastor over the entire church is coming to an end. There will be a community of believers with their various giftings operating. Everyone will be important.

Bob added that it was not necessarily so that the woman would come along side the man and together they would be successful. Wherever he has gone to speak in the United States, it has been the women who have shown hunger for God--about 85% to 15%. It could very well be that the men will come along side the women and be successful.

6. Plagues coming to crops. Bob saw fleas hit the fruit in Florida and wipe out the crop. There will be new viruses and new infections. The medical community will have no answers. These plagues will promote fear everywhere, but we do not have to buy into it. Don't pray to God for help. He's already given us the authority over plagues, but we must rise up and use our authority. Bob gave an example of a virus that hit North and South Carolina a few years back. It killed many people and there was no medicine to stop it. The church pleaded with God to help them.

Then the Lord told Bob in an angry voice that He wasn't going to pull the virus back; He had already given the church authority to do that. So Bob and Rick Joyner came against the virus in the name of Jesus and cast out the curse over the two states. After that, not one person died of the virus.

Watch Iceland. The Lord told Bob years ago that Iceland would be the barometer of what was happening and about to happen both in the U.S. and in the world. The volcano action there is a sign that God is shutting down the world economy. Three years ago Iceland went bankrupt. That's in our future, too. However, how long these things last is determined by us, the Christians.

Let God's shaking only shake out that which is not of Him in you. That way the Christ in you can grow up.