A Vision of The Church

Last year the Lord showed me the falling away of His church that was about to begin. He took me in a vision to a place where I could see the edge of a plateau. I could see this massive building that was spread out over a great distance. It was amazing to look at. As I looked at it the Lord spoke to me and called it His church. Then he moved me closer so that I was standing almost directly under it. I could see how the erosion around it had caused the land under its foundations to be winnowed away until I saw that it was sitting on a very narrow piece of land. Suddenly I saw half of it fall away.

Then He showed me a picture of the church as a whole, how the defilement that my brothers and sisters were walking in directly affected me. He showed me a picture of Him standing in front of me and His body filled with defilement. He explained that we are one body, and He showed me how their sin makes me sick, and vulnerable to the enemy. He showed me how it is impossible for Him to pour out His Glory upon His church because of her love for this world.

He said He could not consume the church in its current state with His glory, that He had to remove those who were defiling His body first.

At that time he also began showing me visions and giving me dreams about separating the sheep from the goats and the virgins with the oil from those who did not have enough oil for their lamps. During that time of division God continued to show me that He was separating his people into three distinct groups; the “bride”, the “church” and the “flocks” which consisted of the sheep, the goats, and the lost sheep.”

During that time I had a vision of the Lord and Lucifer walking through the sheep pen. The sheep were being inspected for the mark of the Lord upon their life. Then they were being put to a test. First the Lord would speak to the sheep, He comforted them and gave them instruction. Then He stepped back and Lucifer stepped up and began to speak to the sheep. I saw that some of the sheep would run away, slightly confused, but they did not like the sound of the voice talking to them. He continued to try and speak to them, but they would not listen and kept running to the other side of the pen to hide behind the folds of the Lord’s clothing. It was those whom the Lord picked up and put in His sheep fold. This continued time and again, each sheep was tested. Those who forgot the instruction of the Lord, and listened to Lucifer were scooped up and placed in His pen. I saw that each sheep had to choose who’s voice that they would believe.

Those who listened to the Lord's voice and did not follow any other, have been placed in the Lord's sheep pen, they will be spared from the shaking that will commence in the following season. Those who knew and agreed with the enemy's voice over the Lord's have been put into the enemy’s pen so that they can be shaken with the world.

The Lord then began to lay out the characteristics of each group.

The “Church” are those who are the leaders, the Priests, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees. They are those who are in the position of the watchmen, and have fallen asleep. They are those who have been about their own agenda instead of the Lord’s agenda. They are those who preach to the masses and tickle the ears. They are those who dwell in white washed tombs. They are those who were supposed to be leading and tending to the sheep, But the Lord has returned to find them partying with the drunkards, or beating the sheep. They have loved the things of this world or their own ways instead of God’s ways, and have refused correction in their inner man.

The bride are those who have been about the Lord’s business, who have lived by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Through the sifting they have clung to the Lord and given to Him everything he has asked of their life. They have not loved their lives, and have continued to die to self. They have refused to go along with the masses and be lulled to sleep, and as the time of confusion has come upon the church through the sifting they have had their nose to the plow, and their face sent like flint upon their redeemer, their beloved. I have also seen many times that throughout this time the Lord has kept her hidden with the move of the Lord growing inside of her for these end times.

The sheep are those who have washed their robes in the blood of the lamb and they will not follow any other besides the Lord.

The goats are those who claim to be sheep. They have not taken the time to have relationship with the Lord, and can not withstand the temptations of the enemy. When the enemy speaks to them they agree with his voice rather than God’s. They have been playing church, instead of being the temple of the Lord.

The lost sheep are those who are outside of the pen. They have been wandering about with broken legs, and scars so deep that they could not be healed. Those who have come in for healing to the sheepfold, but could find none. They are those who have been taught the word, but have been also beaten by the shepherds.

When they have come to the shepherds and they could not help them, they have been accused of not wanting God enough. In this upcoming time God will send His healing strength to them first. He will collect them and bring them in for healing and strengthening. He will set them free by His power, and then feed them with His word until they are strengthened.

As the Lord has shown me visions of the lost sheep, I have seen that in this following time when the Glory of the Lord comes upon His bride that He will send them to the broken, and the lost first. They will be collected from the Highways and the bi-ways.

I believe this time of sifting and dividing has come to an end, and I believe that the time of the Lord’s movement is at hand. I believe the door’s of opportunity have come to a close. I also believe that a new era is about to begin.

In May, He began to give me dreams about the cancer needing to be removed from His bride immediately. Then He gave me a dream in which I saw the Lord standing over his bride. He had an electric saw. He cut through the center of her, and half of her fell away. Then He stood over her for a little while working on her. When he stepped away I saw that she was suddenly whole again. He had replaced the old cancerous half with a new half that was full of life and vitality.

Two weeks ago I was in my kitchen preparing dinner, and grieving for these things that I had been seeing. Suddenly I saw a vision of the land. It was filled with black horses and black riders, I could not see their faces, but I could feel the excitement of the horses. I could see their heavy excited breathing. The riders were ready, with swords. They were ready to go through the land and begin dismantling everything and everyone who is not of the Lord. I saw that they were not just a spoken word getting ready to be brought to pass, but they were here; ready to do the bidding of the Lord. They are just waiting for the time of release from the Lord.

I woke one morning and He was talking to me about the death, and destruction that is getting ready to come first to His church and then it will move on to the world.

He said it is not about who is good, and who is evil. But it is truly about those who love Him solely versus those who use Him for their purposes. He is about to dismantle everything in the church that is not of Him. The only thing that will be left standing when He is done, are the works that have been created by Him.

I saw that it was not only going to be a dismantling of organizations, but of everything that was not of Him, and was being called Him. I saw leaders that were standing in His way, who were going to be moved, some through death, some through exposing and others through a turning of the hearts.

I began to hear the Lord call it, a transferring of wealth. He said that with the hearts of the faithful of His people, would come the wealth. I saw whole congregations be handed over to faithful leaders and the unfaithful being removed.

I believe that is what He is getting ready to do is to cut away the defilement; the cancer that has been killing His body. I have seen that there will be a time of mourning followed by great release in the Spirit. After the destruction will come the uniting of the bride with intimacy with Jesus, He will take His bride into the bride chamber and become one with her.

At that time the Shekinah glory of the Lord being made manifest in His temple again, which is us, His bride. Then She will enter into the most incredible time in the history of the church; When the Lord unites with His bride, I see that the display of His Glory, and Might will take the place of the "systems" that are in place now.

I have seen visions of His bride praying for those whom have not been able to break free, because there was no display of the Lord's power. I have seen His bride pray, and the fire of the Lord fall and consume the enemy that has consumed His children. I have seen them instantly set free, with only the need to be taught how to "go and sin, no more".

I have seen that out of that time of intimacy and unity then a "spiritual draft" will begin.

At that time the youth will begin being “called out” and summoned up, as the army who is to be sent into the world for the end time harvest. I have seen that we will need to be able to teach them a condensed version of what we had learned. That instead of 2 years of preparation, that they would arise out of nowhere and would need to know how to walk in the Word, and Spirit of the Lord. that He would anoint them, that we would need to teach them how to stay stable in the Lord.

After that then a time of spiritual warring and victory. I have seen the bride moving forward as an army of one together, and I have seen ancient principalities fleeing before the angels of the Lord and the prayers of the saints, and then I saw the end time harvest commence.

I believe that the “cutting away” or the dismantling will begin with the Fast of the 17th of Tamuz. It is a Jewish fast that commemorates the date that the Israelites were taken into captivity, the dismantling of the temple and the destruction of the wall. Every great day of destruction to the Israelites has come on this day. The date of the beginning of this fast is June 29th, 2010.

In January of this year the Lord began to declare that this work would be done by June.

He continued to give me visions of this, and told me to look up events on the Jewish Calendar that commenced in June. The only one that I could find was the Fast of the 17th of Tamuz. It is a three-week fast that ends with the fast of the Fast of Tishba Av. Each day of this last fast they pray, “inspire us not to mourn our own losses, but be there for others in their pain and sorrow, and may we never know loss again.”

Alena Miles