Resurrection On Scene of Car Crash

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

By Adam Brandon Short


This past week, everything changed for a Redding mother of a three-year old child. Angela Toth, a 2nd Year student at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, and her husband were there to witness what proved to be an incredible story of God’s intervention.

While stopped at an intersection Sunday night November 8th, Angela and her husband witnessed a car crash that occurred when a young mother ran a red light. In the car was the mother’s 3 year old baby.

Angela and her husband rushed out of their car to the scene, and being an EMT, she offered help to the mother. The baby died on impact, and Angela quickly dialed 911. While on the phone, she had a light bulb moment to pray, and she began praying in tongues. The rescue operator seemed a bit confused.

With the ambulance on its way, Angela and her husband began to pray for the 3 year old baby. Within minutes, the baby came back to life! And by the time the ambulance arrived, the baby was alive and taken to the hospital.

From the Healing Herald.