Prophetic Word over Northwest

It was the Spring of 1999. The Lord called me to come up to Washington. I had never been here before and came on a Holy Spirit adventure.

While on a boat out in the sound I saw a picture in the heavenlies: the Lord showed me the whole North West as a Gateway into the US. As I was watching there appeared a giant amphitheater. There were many angels, huge gigantic angels over this region. It was clear also there were demonic principalities there as well. There had been a big battle, but there was a lull in the fighting.

While on the boat the wind picked up and started blowing extremely hard. The crew came outside and asked everyone to go in, but they completely ignored me. So through the prompting of the Holy Spirit I stayed in the front of the boat with a friend of mine. The wind blew harder and harder. We had to wrap our legs through the railings to not get blown over. I felt the rage of the enemy in the wind. After about 10 minutes I heard the Lord say, “Now!” At that moment I shouted, “Be Still!” The wind immediately died.

Then God said to blow the shofar. I began to blow. The first was the sound for attention. Then the blow for individual repentance, then for community repentance and mourning followed by the great blast over and over again declaring the coming of the King. God then said for me to declare that the Gates to be open that the presence of God was welcomed and needed to usher in Revival to not just the NW but also for the whole USA. You could see the angels getting brighter and stronger while the demonic raged. The battle, which had been in a lull, resumed to open warfare once again. I then could see two huge golden gates begin to crack open.

On that same trip, I was sent to Olympia. I had some radical encounters with God here that have altered my life forever. Also while here I went to the capital and stood out front and prophesied the Gates of Revival and Heaven to be open in the North West for the Glory of God to come in so as to set our nation on fire. In addition we did some open warfare against the occult and declared the plans of the enemy to be made public and a call of the righteous to rise up.

December 2009. I had a very interesting dream. I dreamed that I went to Olympia as a field trip with one of our Fire and Fragrance schools. We were standing in front of the capital, but there was a new wall built around the perimeter. There were new Iron Gates also put up. Standing at the gate were security guards in black carrying Uzi type machine guns. I did not recognize it as the capital at first because also on the rotunda a corporate bank logo had been embossed. We tried several times to go into the property, but every time we were threatened. Finally, we began to just worship and pray outside of the gates. I was so sad because it seems the capital has been bought and access was walled off to those on the outside.

God said to me to lie down in front of the gate, the fountain was behind me. I laid on my face completely flat. Then the Lord said to repeat three times, yelling, “Revival, Revival, Revival”. As I did this I could see into the bedrock of the earth and could see ancient streams of revival beginning to climb through the cracks. I realized that there is a river of revival deep in the earth of the area and a new Fountain was going to burst forth from the ground. (I believe there will be a sign of this in the natural somewhere of bursting water from the ground.) Then I felt that the field trip was over and we all got on a bus to go to the airport back to Hawaii.

I feel that those who have access and influence inside your capital need to proclaim once again from the inside, righteousness and revival. I sense it will be difficult for new people to get inside, but those who already have access can pass the new gates. There is a war going on for the Seat of power in Olympia, don't think walls and gates of men will stop the deep rivers and wells of Revival in that land, they go back further than the buildings, God's plans will come to pass for the Pacific North West.

Mathew Toller, Israel.

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