You're Invited to a Party!

You’ve been invited to a party. This is a party of the Church, but it is not a church event. You’re invited to a celebration of the Church among the community, in the highways and byways of the community, the places where my children who don’t yet know my love are gathering. Wherever and whenever these lost children are gathered, that’s the place for my Church to bring my Party.

There will be some who don’t understand, who see the joy that you carry, and they interpret it in the light of the things that they’ve turned to, the crutches that they’ve used to create whatever joy or happiness they have felt. They will be drawn to My party, too.

When you go, go together. Go with leaders. Go with evangelists. Go with prophets. Go in community. Bring the community that is your family into the gathering places in the community where you live.

I have already been preparing my lost children for your arrival. They know what a party is, and they welcome more partygoers. And they already know that they need purity, and that they need to go to a higher level to find it, but the way to it is not known to them. So I am calling you to model purity: I am calling you to innocence, to humility, to vulnerability, to transparency among them. Do not come in among them with the trappings of a religious culture. Do not come in with a little clique, being near them but not among them. Rather open yourselves to them.

I am already drawing people to you, people from your past and from distant relationships. They have come at My invitation, to be drawn in. Family members, old friendships, lost relatives: expect to be surprised as I bring them to you in this place, in this context. Some of those I am bringing to the party have walked with me for many years, and have fallen. Some have never walked with me. Welcome them all.

Already, you will have noticed my anointing increasing among you, and my presence will continue to increase. Know this: I am calling you to stand. I am calling you to the party, but I am calling you to stand in my anointing, that you may be able to withstand the evil of the day, and that when you have done everything, you will still be standing, that your light will still be shining in the darkness, that you will still have your eyes fixed on me.

If you will join my party, if you will bring your celebration to the highways and the byways, I myself will bring to you a radical anointing for evangelism, for signs and wonders. But hear this warning: some will not welcome that anointing, having been offended or become fearful, and should they decline to receive that anointing, they will also decline to welcome my presence.

So hear my call. Come to my party. Come in purity, in humility; come with open arms, and welcome the ones I send to you, and I will be among them.

In December, 2009, Denise Hayes had a dream rich with symbolism, which she submitted to a prophetic team for interpretation. This is not the dream, but the interpretation of the dream.