Watch the Watermelon!

Prophesied August 8, 2008 - Lancaster, California:
The Spirit of the Lord says, “Hear the prophet and hear the prophets that speak from this territory, from the desert which carries water beneath it. They say the antelope valley had a gathering of prophets - that the enemy was able to come in and disburse them.” God said, “Heaven is watching, for you have caught its attention. You have caught Heaven’s attention. Why? Can I bring water from the desert? Yes!”

There Shall Be a Sign in the Sky

The Spirit of God says, “This is a day of new beginnings. Men have said, ‘Numerically, it could not be possible.’” God said, “Forget about what men say - I’m giving you a brand new start. I’m causing the earth to tremble. You say, ‘We don’t want to hear about the trembling of the earth.’” God said, “It is only a sign that there is a shaking in hell and that Heaven is about to celebrate the Saints of the Most High God for the prosperity of the Lord that is about to come upon you.”

The Spirit of the Lord is working the miraculous. There is a supernatural intervention that is coming, for God says, “Look to the sky. There will be a sign in the sky again over California, over Oregon, over Washington; it shall continue north into Canada,” for the Spirit of God says, “this sign shall cause people to tremble and to be afraid. Do not worry, for the wind will come,” says the Lord.

There is an experience that is similar to what took place on the day of Pentecost that is about to take place. What took place? The Heavens opened up - for they were united together - the day had fully come. The Spirit of God says, “The day has fully come. What day? The day,” says the Lord, “that you’ve been waiting for, the day of the Lord. Men shall say, ‘Shall we be caught away and be taken into the Heavens?’ You are going to experience a different kind of rapture - it is a rapture that will take you into a new dimension of God’s authority and God’s power,” says the Spirit of God.

Let there be no fear of this calamity, for the Spirit of God says, “Men, I’ve told you there will be political upheaval and I will not take sides with any party in this nation, but I will rule with a rod of iron in this next election. This will be a rod of iron and a rod of correction that shall come from My people and shall come from those that have been anointed and shall be known as the elect of the Lord. My elect are about to arise to the occasion and there is a baptism of fire that is coming to the people. Get ready and rejoice,” says the Lord.

The Spirit of God says, “Hear these words - before you take your seat, because you know it is not time to walk, it is time to run. Acceleration has taken place. Your enemy has stood up against you like never before, but the rod of correction - it shall be upon this nation. No, not judgment, I said the rod of correction. What is this? Would a father chastise his son without loving him?”

Watch the Watermelon

“I’m about to show you the greatest love that I have for this nation and how I will take from the desert and bring oil, oil, oil and water,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “There will be a combination - out of the water shall come the oil. They shall say, ‘Why would these things happen?’ Because I own the earth. Watch the watermelon, for My prophet ate the watermelon today, and there shall be a strange thing that will take place on the earth and they will say, ‘Scientifically, it cannot be correct.’”

I’m seeing something very strange right now. God said, “They’ll say, ‘It shall contain no water because of such and such a place and such and such a thing.’” I don’t even know what I’m talking about, but geologically - God said, “I will prove them wrong. Why? Because I created the earth. I know what to do and I know how to change it and I know what it can yield - from the water will come the oil,” says the Spirit of God. America, rejoice - this is your day.

The Spirit of God says, “Why do you wonder what has been spoken? Shall the prophets re-prophesy what has been prophesied before? No! The Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy? You have to, for I have sent My Word into the atmosphere, therefore prophets rise up, open your mouth and prophesy,” says the Lord.
So there! We will prophesy, for He has spoken. Who can but prophesy? A Lion has roared who shall not be afraid. God has spoken, prophesy!

God wanted David to be acquainted with what was on the earth - to use it against the enemy. If you could just catch what I’m saying to you right now. God said, “America, you don’t need what they are providing for you. Out of your own soil you will destroy the giant of the Middle East. Your energy will come from sticks and stones - your energy will come from the water of the earth.”

God spoke tonight about the watermelon. Most of you are saying, “What in the world are you talking about?” I’m talking about God sharing secrets. If you’ve got enough intestinal fortitude, you’d say, “I believe if Moses could speak to the rock and it could bring forth water and you could strike the rock, then God can bring out energy from anywhere He likes, even a watermelon.”

Prophecy is something that He allows us to do in order to break the power of prognosis. The spirit of prognostication is the most powerful influencing force on the earth at this very moment. Bad news, a relentless flow of bad news, is causing the hearts of men to fail them and so we require an open Heaven. There is an open Heaven that is coming to us - the day has fully come.

Suddenly is About to Happen

The word of the Lord is, “Your day has fully come. Therefore, ‘suddenly’ is about to happen and the Heavens have opened up and something is going to rest upon your head.”

And there appeared to them tongues of fire and one sat upon each - one sat upon each of them. There is an expression that is sitting and resting upon each one of you right now. That day 120 people gathered in the upper room and were in one accord, one place, one mind and suddenly, suddenly, the house was filled with the sound as of a mighty rushing wind. There appeared to them tongues of fire and one sat upon each of them. I have read that so many times, but when I read that I realized that God has a unique expression for every individual in the house.

In other words, they were going to have an expression of God that no one else had. You have an individual expression that has rested upon you for the purpose of speaking and prophesying. The prophetic is you going to the future and bringing it back. You bring back the presence of that event. You are a witness to an event that you are involved with, and when you return, you bring back the presence of that event called destiny.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions