A New Sound for the Youth of this Nation

Prophesied August 9, 2008 - Lancaster, California:

The Spirit of the Lord says, “There’s a higher place for each one of you. I’ve been waiting for you to come. I’ve been calling for you to come. The powers of hell are afraid of the higher place. Sickness and doubt don’t belong in the higher place. Division, discord, they don’t belong in the higher place.”

The Spirit of God says, “I’m bringing a new sound to the youth of this nation. I’m bringing a new sound to the young women of this nation. I’m bringing a new sound to the children. I’m bringing a new sound, the sound of David, the sound of Esther, the sound of Daniel, the sound of Ruth, Deborah, the sound of Jeremiah. I’m bringing a new sound upon this nation, I will break the mold. I will interrupt the programs.

“I will collapse the system. My prophets will prophesy. They are playing games. The spoil has been left to the wrong hands. They are playing games. Saul, why do you play a game? Eli, you’re playing a game. The priests aren’t holy. Prophets arise. There is a new sound coming to the youth of this nation. I will collapse the system. I will destroy the habitual transgressors of liberty. I will destroy the habitual transgressors of liberty who bring bondage and law. I will arise. There is a sword in My hand. You are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses.”

We have obtained a holy faith, and this generation - they’re waiting for the sound - the sound of David, the sound of Daniel. They are waiting for you and me. We have obtained a holy faith. We have obtained a holy faith for America. We have obtained a witness. Now we stand, for they are waiting for the sound of David and Daniel, Ruth and Esther, and we have obtained a holy faith. We will give to them the sound of life.

The Spirit of the Lord is prophesying to us now that a generation is about to arise in this country: young men, young ladies, children, white, yellow, black. They, they, they will arise, break down the system. They are not tainted by the wickedness of an unholy priesthood. They will arise. They will praise Him. They will fight with the sword of the Lord, they will overcome for America.

Cities in America Will Be Purified

The Spirit of God says, “Even at this very moment as you pray, I’m going to bring upon this nation, as I promised before, a brand new mantle. Elijah has gone - 50 strong men went to look for him and could not find him. They cannot bring back the glory of yesterday. They cannot recapture the glory of the past revivals,” for God says, “I do not want to bring back. There stands in the midst of you and right in this nation the Spirit of Elijah, which speaks of a double portion. Do you want the 1940s or the 50s, 60s or 70s, or the 80s or the 90s? NO!”

The Spirit of God says, “Raise up your voice, for today I am casting a mantle upon this nation - a prophetic mantle that is going and has already started to move in schools; has already started to move in the media. I’m going to take your silver screen and fill it with the Golden Fire of the Spirit of the Living God.”

God said, “Hear Me tonight as the prophetic word comes forth. I am raising up a banner and this nation - I am casting a mantle, a brand new mantle upon you. You will not deal with individuals any more. You will stand at the source of supply of cities and turn the bitter water and cause it to be purified by putting salt into the waters of the cities of the United States of America.

“What do I speak of?” says the Lord. “Listen to Me, the waters of the cities of this nation are impure.” God says, “I’m sending My prophets to the source of the supply of the waters of the cities of this nation. There is no greater purifier than salt. My Word shall become the salt that I shall place in a new bowl. For I told Elisha to get a new bowl and place salt in it and pour it into the source of the water supply of the cities and the cities will be purified.

“I’m about to raise up, all over the nation, cities in America that will be purified and will bring forth and spring forth where great moves of My Spirit will take place. Miracles will be on every street corner and people will say, ‘Where did it come from?’ They will say, ‘Where do these miracles come from? Was it this crusade or that crusade?’ It shall come because of the prophetic restoration and the purifying of the source, going right to the source, right to the beginning.”

I Will Bring Back Prayer

I will bring back prayer. I’m not saying there isn’t prayer. There’s more prayer in the schools of America now than there was when it was legal, but I’m going to bring about a few legal things and legalize. They will say, ‘We don’t mind the Ten Commandments if we can also, side by side, have the commandments of the Koran.’ It shall be a mockery, and as I proved to My great Israel when the Ark of the Covenant was placed next to Dagon, and the next morning Dagon had fallen flat on his face. This is what’s going to happen,” says the Lord.

“America and the system and the government shall try to compromise and they will place My Holy Ark, My Word, and they will place it side by side with other things and beliefs. So it is when you have freedom of religion.” God says, “The Ark of the Covenant is not a religion. The holiness and the Holy of Holies, My Christ, is not another religion. Therefore, it cannot fall, for My Christ and My Word will stand up next to whatever they put up. As Dagon fell, so shall it fall next to My commandments and next to My Word. This is My Word for this nation.

“They shall say, ‘Finally the Christians agree – finally they have agreed to a compromise.’” The Spirit of God says, “Not only My presence, the Ark of the Covenant brings cancers, boils and sores onto the people, but there was a plague and they began to realize the holiness of God cannot be placed next to something that is desecrated - that is brought down, to the Holy One of Israel. There will be an invasion of Islamic souls that will come in because they will see the proof and the evidence of the miraculous intervention of the Living God in this next great move.”

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

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