Three Dreams of Catastrophe from the Water

Introduction: I don’t usually publish dreams without interpretation, but these seemed unusually significant. The three dreamers are known to a prophet friend of mine who teaches a class on interpretation: they do not know each other, nor were these dreams shared among them. I’ve edited out a few personal names that are not meaningful to our purposes. –Editor.

Dream #1

My soon-to-be ex-wife told me that she didn't feel well and I told her to just go home and lay down, she could rearrange her hours and work later. Then I went with my sister down to the edge of the river which looked like an ocean and there was an all town alert that there was going to be a big wave coming in (tsunami or storm) We were behind a window w/curtains and we waited until the last couple of minutes to get ready so we walked outside and the whole waterfront was full of people w/innertubes, life rafts, life vests, and whole bunch of supplies. So we made our way up the bridge and when we got to the top we were really far above all the people and we could see thousands of people below us and then I realized that we didn't have any vests or rafts or anything and we only had a couple of minutes to go get them. So we started running down the bridge to shore then we realized we weren't on a bridge at all but a giant ship, and my step-daughter was walking on the ship w/all her stuff and I told her we would be right back. Then I remember thinking we were on a ship we don't need a life vests or rafts. Then I woke up and felt uneasy. tossing and turning the rest of the night.

Dream #2

[My friend] and I were on a large boat on a body of water that appeared to be a large bay. There was a coastal community along the shore, and there were boats ties to buoys and moving about in the bay. We could see a large storm off in the distance moving toward the bay and community we were near. I knew we were safe and protected in the boat we were on. As the storm neared I could see it was engulfing everything in its path. People were coming by in smaller boats and we were trying to get them to come onto our boat. A few did but most wanted to head for shore where thy thought it would be safe. As the storm moved through I could not see anything outside of the boat, but our boat did not move, it just stood still and steady through the storm. When the storm had past there was utter destruction all around. I don't remember seeing any boats still afloat in the bay. When we moved toward the land there were large boats that had been tossed up on the shore and upside down among the destroyed homes in the town. We went up onto shore to look for survivors. When I looked in one of the boats I couldn't see but I knew the people had died. The names of some of the people we were looking for were people from our church. There were survivors that appeared dazed walking amongst the destroyed homes and boats.

Dream #3

Last night I dreamed a dream where I knew some major catastrophe was occurring. Water was rushing everywhere. I knew people were drowning and yet I was at peace. I fear drowning the most, so this is not common for me to be at peace.

I was on a hilltop at a beautiful ranch type estate. Busy, running around preparing for a VERY important wedding. Everything had to be right, every flower, place setting, etc.. When I would look behind me I could see in the near distance waves, Tsunami style, crashing in and swallowing people up. Yet I felt like it was so out of my hands. I was very sad but felt it was done. Then I would deliberately turn around and focus straight ahead and go about wedding prep.

Suddenly there is a problem. People start getting excited and telling me MY groom is here, it is time. I realize it is my wedding. I get excited and then immediately panic. 'Where's my dress??' I run around and people can't help me find this dress. They keep saying HE says the dress isn't important, its not about the dress.

I run downstairs in a building and see the windows fill outside with water and realize it has reached us, it is here. Suddenly I know that the wedding, the marriage is what’s important. I rush up and outside and just as I am ready to go as I am, someone pulls me aside handing me the most beautiful wedding dress. It is strangely reminiscent of the gown I wanted as a child. It is huge and beautiful with puffs everywhere. Long beautiful sleeves that come to a point on my hands, sparkling, off the shoulder with a long train. I can still see myself in it.. though my face is not like my face it is hard to make out it is glowing...It sparkles in the sun. I put it on and feel like a million dollars, like a princess. Suddenly I am walking down an aisle and all of these people I love are there the love is beaming from their faces. They are all saying how happy they are for me, how radiant I look. As I look for my groom I know it isn't [my natural husband] and that is ok.

All around I know there is devastation right behind me, on my heels, yet it is the most beautiful and calm moment.

This either speaks to impending danger or revival.

collected by Paula Otano