Drumming in Tenino, WA

Introduction: recently, a group of prophetic drummers held a drumming event in a hayfield in Tenino, WA, at the direction of the Holy Spirit. This is a prophetic report from that event. –ED.

My little talk with my father: Me: "Lord, what do you want to happen at this gathering"? "What would please you"? The Lord: "I just want the quiet sound of their hearts. I want their pain. I want their sorrow. I want their joy. Their disappointment. I want their blessing. I want their prosperity. Whatever sound is hidden in their hearts right now, that is the sound that I want. That is the sound that I am looking for. Waiting for. I don't want their talent. I don't want their skill. I want the quiet sound of their heart. Got sorrow? Give it in worship. Pain? Give it in worship. Brokenness? Give it in worship. Broke? Give it in worship. Rich? Give it in worship. Everything hunky-dory? Give it in worship. Tell The Lord that you gladly give Him the quiet sound that is hidden in your heart right now. The sound that only He and you know about. It is precious to Him. You will taste His sweetness in the sacrifice. Amazing. A God worthy of all holds your pain in worship as precious.

Also: Very important for all who will be attending this gathering. Put on the humble cloak of Christ beforehand. Ask The Holy Spirit to clothe you in the meekness and humility of Jesus. Clothe us Holy Spirit. Thanks Holy Spirit!

So, if we can do these things, this is what I see for this gathering: Backdraft. Backdraft explosion. The Lord showed me the spiritual door in Tenino. It was closed but God has been breathing and brooding behind it for quite sometime now. His pressure has been building up there. He has been waiting for our pure worship. The Lord showed me that when the sound of the drum and the sound of pure worship hits Tenino's spiritual door, it will open. Our sound will open the door and meet with God's consuming breath causing a backdraft explosion. God is holy and wants to consume holy. That is why we need to be cloaked in meekness and give the quiet sound of our hearts. He will consume the worship offering with His holy breath and His fiery backdraft will blow the whole thing wide open! So, when you get there: Face His face. Beat with His heart. Aim your sound for His breath. Offer Him your drum. Give Him your heart. Give Him your love. Think Jesus and aim for the door.

Last, tell The Lord thank you for doing all the work and for giving us the honor of opening the door. Thank you Lord that you are a good Father. Thank you that you love to hand over keys to your kids. Thank you that you take great delight and pleasure in watching us open doors. We love, worship and adore you. There is none like you Lord.

My second little talk with my Father: Me: "Lord, why Tenino?" The Lord: "Pioneer missionaries". I am honoring them". Then The Lord showed me a pioneer woman standing in an open field and facing West. She was wearing a bonnet from the 1800s. So then I did some research on early missionaries in Tenino. All I could find was a profile on a pioneer preacher and circuit rider named Thomas Taylor (1793-1886) who resided in Tenino during the later part of his life. So I went back to the Lord. Me: "Lord, I could not find anything about a female pioneer missionary". The Lord: "The woman I showed you is my church. That same spirit of evangelism is still available to her today. The bonnet she is wearing is that mantle of evangelism". Me: "Oh. Sorry for my pride Lord. Thanks for correcting me. Give me grace to stay sitting at your feet next time. Your voice is so much better than the Internet." Then The Lord showed me the woman again.

So The Lord showed me the pioneer woman again (His Church). This time I could see closer. Her face was radiant and she was smiling. I stared at her for awhile and then saw her turn the palms of her hands upward to look at them. She became saddened because her palms were covered with calluses. I asked The Lord about this. "This is discouragement where she has not been fruitful in her labor. I am breaking that off of her". Then I saw the woman lift up her head. She turned around and laid her body down on the earth of the open field and stretched out her arms across the ground. As she did, a golden wheat harvest sprung up all around her. Some wheat even blew over her, completely covering her for awhile so that she looked as if she was part of the earth and part of the wheat. As it blew over her, she could smell the wheat and breathed it in like fragrance.

Then wheat sheaves wrapped around her arms and turned into wings. The wings and The wind of The Spirit lifted her up over the harvest field. She flew over the harvest field and could see and enjoy all that The Lord had done. She then saw pools of water alongside the wheat. Pools of mercy and grace. She could see how the pools went deep down into the earth and could see underground springs. Deep wells of salvation and Deep calling unto Deep. Then her attention was draw to the edge of the field where a celebration was going on. Happy-faced people dancing, signing, eating and drinking. People completely overjoyed. Thank you Lord. Lord, you are so lovely. So beautiful. All you do is covered with beauty. Lord, we cease from our own labor, lay down and rest with you, commune with you. Breathe into us. Be our Boaz. We are your Ruth. Cover us Lord. Fill us Lord. Lord, let that spirit of evangelism and pioneer spirit fall in Tenino . On your people Lord.

We knew where the portal was and sat facing it. The portal opened and the outer sucked in and then it froze and stayed that way until early morning when there was a storm that was seen as far north as Seattle with lightning and thunder (the longest roll of thunder I've ever heard) and [our hostess] Lanessa told me Monday that there was a sustained wind from the east (where the portal is) that bent the trees. I went away thinking that we were going to have to go back but it sounds as though the assignment was completed.

Kathleen Flannery
August 12th, 2008