“I am giving you a key, do not lose it!"

I recently began receiving prophetic revelation from God through dreams, visions and words while awake and sleeping. This is the first word that concerns this general region, so I wanted to pass it along. The actual words I received are in Blue, as recorded in my journal. This dream was on the night 9/3/08. I live in the Olympia area in Lacey.

“I will pour out my Spirit says the Lord. I will visit Olympia in 15 months. I, the Lord will raise up Olympia in 15 months.”

I woke up and wrote down the words. My digital clock read 3:21

As I drifted off, the voice returned. There was only sound, no images. Kim Clement was leading worship with a large congregation, he was playing the song “Sacrifice is Beautiful.” He would chant and the congregation echoed his chant. Yeshua! Yeshua! Messiah! Messiah!

The following words were spoken by the same voice as the first words: “Do not leave, stay where you are. In 15 months it will come to pass.”

I wrote the words and tried to sleep again, but a few minutes later, I heard these words, from the same voice, again no images: “I am giving you a key, do not lose it!"

dave hayes