Lakeland Revival Apostolic Commissioning

By Shaaron Coleman, June 23, 2008

The meeting began with one-and-a-half hours of anointed worship by Michael Larson. The theme song of the night is SHOW US YOUR GLORY, LORD!

Todd went to Concord, NC on June 19 for one night only to see what would happen if they took the revival out of Lakeland. So many people came they shut down the freeway for 12 miles and about 15,000 were turned away at the door. Todd will be in Lakeland for the summer but will be doing some more of these one-night only meetings in various states. God said that the anointing as it goes out of Lakeland will be greater than the anointing in Lakeland. We’ve heard about the “Jesus Woodstocks.” I believe it’s here!

God told Todd two things tonight:
1. For about 15 years, God has been building networks of ministries…these have dug the canals to prepare for the Glory! God will use the networks to bring in the harvest.

2. Children 12 and under are the emerging generation of revivalists! Some of the most powerful things that have happened in this revival are the young children sharing visions of heaven…five year olds are laying hands on the sick and they are being healed!

This is not about Todd Bentley or ANY of US. It’s about JESUS! We have stepped into GOD’S KAIROS TIME! We’re just the fruit of another man’s labor! Whole cities will come into revival. Todd saw in January 1999 over 100 healing revivals that would be burning simultaneously. God has showed him only 12 of those cities at this time. God says the other cities are still to be determined by who is the most hungry.

Don’t sit back and be entertained. Don’t be a spectator. Don’t miss the boat.

Todd’s team is working on getting verifications and video testimonies of many of the healings and miracles that have happened.

Psalm 2 proclaimed

The unity of the believers coming together has the weight to release the glory to take the nations. Only when streams and movements merge is there real apostolic weight to take over whole cities and nations! The healings and miracles in this revival have been amazing, but the one thing that is most important to me is the HIGH PRAISE…THE GLORY of GOD. The Glory of God is the only thing that can take cities and nations! RELEASE THE ANOINTING TO TAKE CITIES! It’s going to sweep through America. Release mantles to take whole nations! A Spirit of Revival is being injected tonight! BELIEVE FOR IT IN YOUR CITY TONIGHT!


Who will be a steward? Who will lay everything else down and make room for a fresh anointing? God is digging so many wells, re-digging wells. I know one way you can have God visit you. You might have to steward the little coal God gives you until it explodes into a huge fire! It’s happening at Morningstar. John and Carol Arnott want it again in Toronto. Associate Bobby Sullivan is leading 5 revivals all over Ireland.

NBC news is coming in two days. As of tonight we are verifying our 27th Resurrection from the dead!

Tonight’s commissioning is very important. Bob Jones called and said, “Tonight the Poison stops.” Sometimes I feel like, God forgive me! I’m blowing up the world! (In a good way!)

KEN GRETER INTRODUCES DR. C. PETER WAGNER, who invites to the stage:
Todd Bentley, Abbotsford, BC
Che Ahn, Pasadena
Bill Johnson, Redding
John Arnott, Toronto
Stephen Strader, Florida
Carl Strader, Florida
Jeff Beecham, Sydney Australia
Rick Joyner, South Carolina
Doris Wagner, Colorado
Sharon Stone, England
? Garcia, Spain
Clarice ?, Louisiana
Richard Maiden, Arizona
Mike Maiden, Arizona
Joshua Fowler, Florida
Barry Bouchet, Canada

Dr. Wagner invited the Holy Spirit’s power and direction. This is a ceremony to commission the apostolic alignment of Todd Bentley. He read Ephesians 4 regarding the five-fold ministry for purpose of equipping of the saints. Equipping means alignment…such as setting a bone! Spoke of biblical apostolic relationships such as that of Paul and Timothy.

Dr. Wagner asked Bill Johnson, Che Ahn and John Arnott if they recognized God in what is happening through Todd’s ministry. Yes! He then asked Todd if he recognized the apostolic authority of the three men? Yes! With that we will move to the commissioning. I decree to Todd Bentley, your power, authority, influence, revelation will increase! I also decree that a new life force will flow through this ministry. Increase of discernment!

CHE AHN – Asked forgiveness for lateness…airplane held up. Bob Jones prophesied Is. 22:22 that you would go to a whole new level on June 22, and here we are just one day later. It is significant that we have three generations of apostles here. I recognize that God has chosen and appointed you to bear much fruit. He has called you as an evangelist and a revivalist…we as your brothers and your friends are here to stand with you and Shonnah and your ministry. Chuck Pierce is in Africa – he sent this special oil to anoint you! (Huge power blast…Todd hits the floor…the whole place is electric!)

JOHN ARNOTT – We love you and what is happening here. You are leading an amazing charge. Multitudes are getting behind you! We bless this charge in the name of Jesus, and we stand with you.

BILL JOHNSON – When David wanted Uriah killed he sent him into battle and withdrew, we will not do that. Tonight we are shaping the course of history! I pray that Moses that no longer be considered the high water mark because he talked to God face to face, but that the world we see the Glory that is on you!

You have loosed a kingly anointing to bring forth wealth and governmental power.

On behalf of New Zealand, Australia and America I speak favor for you in all those nations, may you be blessed. May the report be great and mighty!

Years from now people will look at this time and remember it as the time God showed up! I will bring forth that which is new, that which is pure. This is the heart that I will not despise…the one that cries “I can’t live without your presence! No program will be a substitute.” History will measure it by HEART, says the Lord.

As a Spaniard, we welcome this revival to the whole Spanish-speaking world!

Behold the vanguard that is cutting through the ice of religious traditions! Behind you is a great ship fit for battle! Arise, kill and eat young man! No longer will men call unclean what I have called clean!

Rick Joyner – God has sent you as an antidote for the lukewarm spirit. You have unstopped the well here…there are more wells to unstop...oil wells that will catch on fire!

The Lord has made you a detonator. Great Britain will be set ablaze. There is a Portal Anointing over whatever city you enter! Boom, Boom, Boom, you will detonate!

I see the word HONOR is written over you tonight. You have blessed us and we honor you, and affirm that the rest of HONOR that is upon you will follow you into all the nations.

Stacey Campbell: Moses said, Show me your Glory! This was the pinnacle of Moses life. This came after the deliverance from Egypt, the giving of the law, after eating with God and the 70 elders. In this pinnacle prayer he had to hide Moses in the cleft of the rock and only show him his hinder parts. The Lord God is merciful, compassionate, gracious and abounding in truth…forgiving transgression. When we were singing that song tonight, TODD, I heard, “Because you have asked what very few men on the earth have asked, to see my GLORY, I will move beyond revival.” AND JESUS, FILLED WITH JUSTICE AND TRUTH SAID, LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE! Todd, I have chosen you BECAUSE OF YOUR BACKGROUND to release my nature! I will use you to father a movement that operates in such power…that a whole generation will move in such signs and wonders and power that people will give glory to God! When you were 12, God started to speak to me about a generation of nation changers that will release the Glory of God in all its fullness. YOU are the First Fruits of those nation changers!

GEORGIAN BANOV – We give you the keys to Eastern Europe. Abba says you are a well pleasing son. Dad is releasing his pleasure on you…like the pleasure he took on his son who bore our sins. (Then Jim called so I missed the second thing! I chewed him out though, in love! Smile.)

CHE AHN – Shonnah called up to stand with Todd. John 17 is being fulfilled tonight and on the earth in these days. We seal this commissioning with this ring. I am reminded of Paul saying, “A door has opened up for me in Ephesus…amidst great opposition.” Everyone, please lift up Todd and Shonnah and Fresh Fire Ministries. We are standing with you in this revival!

I thank God tonight for all the leaders and friends and apostles who have come to stand with us. What God is doing on the earth today is about TEAM. It’s about UNITY. Also want to give honor to my senior leadership team and our board of directors. (Called up on stage.) I received a prophetic word in April that through this revival God would establish GOVERNMENT, and that what happens here wouldn’t stop. Now I realize that this is the fulfillment of Is. 22:22 – revival of the GOVERNMENT OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD! Let’s stand and cry out for the Glory of the Lord! Something was just released in apostolic authority. I want to give all the Glory back to Jesus. Let’s open the altars and worship HIM.

God, I pray that you would UNCAP EVERY WELL OF REVIVAL. God is looking for those will steward this revival. I bless every PASTOR, every LEADER, every HARVESTER, and I release the anointing.

TODD ASKED the leaders to pray for the people gathered in Lakeland and by TV:

JOHN ARNOTT: I can see that passion on your faces! This is not HYPE, this is the KINGDOM of GOD! If there’s anything to be excited about it’s revival. Fear not, little flock, it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

BILL JOHNSON: I’m going to release a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation on you. God, I pray for tens of thousands of Revivalists who have Wisdom and Revelation about how you move, that we might not grieve or quench, but that we might be tools in your hands!

CHE AHN: Where there is UNITY, God commands a blessing (PSALM 133) of LIFE FOREVERMORE! I see thousands of Todd Bentleys! God is raising up an army of saints…of revivalists! You are the temple of the Holy Spirit! We claim that Psalm 133 anointing. Right now I break the power division over many people…of divorce…the spirit of infirmity…the spirit of poverty…generational curses.

Todd called for his associates (Matt Sorger, Kira Mitcell, Trevor Baker, etc.) to receive this blessing.

CAROL ARNOTT: Gave a Mother’s blessing. You are a nurturing God. I bless them to be sons and daughters of the Most High God. I ask that you lift off everything of abandonment, of abuse, as they put their hands in yours. I pray for blessing upon blessing!

TODD: The new wine is found in the cluster. I want to honor the ministers who came here tonight by inviting them to receive impartation of what God is pouring out here. This anointing is CROSS POLLINATING right now! There are so many denominations, movements and networks represented here! Michael, sing SHOW US YOUR GLORY once again!

TODD: I have been invited by all the leaders of the Argentine Revival to come and release what is happening in Lakeland there. God, release your Glory among all the Spanish-speaking people of the world. MIAMI! VENEZUALA! Every Latin American Country…receive this anointing!

Stacy Campbell said she is going soon to minister to the equivalent of the Brazilian White House…lots of important Government leaders will be there.

from Shaaron Coleman, June 23, 2008

Note: This commissioning and the relationships forged here appear to address some of the public and/or mainstream concerns about this revival.