A Northwest Perspective on Florida's Healing Revival

It's interesting the amount of interest in the Northwest about the healing revival going on in Florida. It is by far the most searched subject on this website, and on blog that I manage! Personally, I believe that the phenomenon that they are experiencing is only a foretaste of what the church in the Northwest - should we press into the promise to the point of capturing it - will walk in and export around the nation.

So it's with great interest that I've been watching how revival is progressing in Washington. Since "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy," testimonies of limited revival now work also as prophecy of greater revival to come. I'm aware of several places around the Northwest where revival fires are breaking out: Vancouver, Moses Lake, Olympia, Marysville, Bellingham, Blaine. It's very exciting!

So in the interest of testifying of the revival is breaking out in the Northwest, in the spirit of prophecy, I offer a testimony from the revival in Marysville, Washington:

Day 33 - Of Healing Revival!
The Glory Presence Increases...
Healings, Miracles, Signs & Wonders continue...
We are going on with it nightly!

Check these healings out!

6/15/08 - Merrily approached the alter at service only to receive an impartation to take back to her home church - while on her way up, she received a healing in both of her knees - she can now bend her knees without hurting!
6/15/08 -
As a small group prayed during service, one of the youth called out a word of knowledge in reference to a spine being healed - Rebecca spoke up as being the person needing that healing in her back - she felt something moving around in her back as well as heard some cracking - the others praying also felt something moving around in Rebecca's back - she is now healed!
6/15/08 -
Jake had trouble with his right knee - during service he said unto God, "I quit" - upon his surrender, his knee was completely healed.
6/14/08 -
Ginny came to the revival service with strained muscles and spasms in her back and hips - her condition was several months old - Timmothy Sherman called out a word of knowledge in reference to a 4th vertabra & a right hip healing - simply by responding to the voice of God, Ginny was healed on her way to the front of the church, even before prayer was administered - Ginny no longer needs her old pain medication.
- Lady claims to have been healed from kidney stones in her home during the revival!
6/10/08 - Family needing gas money received prayer. Family then received their paycheck which was supposed to be $330, but instead was written for $630. Boss decided to include 40 hours vacation time, as well as Memorial Day pay.
6/10/08 - Lady felt extreme warmth in her ankles and feet. She had surgery on one of these feet where the doctors fused her ankle with two rods (unable to be moved). She was in a wheel chair for nearly a year, but now she can run, dance, stand on her tip toes and rotate her ankle.
6/8/08 - Asthma, stomach, spinal back pain - pain left - able to move freely without pain.
6/7/08 - Mid-back pain, unable to bend over - pain went from 10 to 0 at time of prayer.
6/7/08 - Hearing loss (moderate) - hearing is nearly perfect - same in both ears!
6/7/08 - Ideo Pulmonary Fibrosis and bacterial infections in lungs - he is breathing so much better this evening - hopes to be able to run and exercise without oxygen tank.
6/7/08 - Varicose veins - word of knowledge and pain left - can kneel without pain and touch her leg without any pain!
6/6/08 - Back pain - pain left.
6/5/08 - Same person as previous date (legs were weak) - shoulders not able to raise - left arm and shoulder pain left, while right shoulder pain is still there, but waiting for complete healing.
6/5/08 - Legs weak and could not run - after prayer he ran around the church (hadn't been able to run in 10 years).
6/5/08 - Ripped bamiscus/pain in right knee - pain is not there now - can now stand without pain!
6/5/08 - Pulmonary hypertension/compression fractures - chest is pain free - can now breathe better.
6/5/08 - Can now breathe.
6/5/08 - Cyst on back of knee - healed in worship - cyst gone (was size of large grape).
6/5/08 - Arthritic pains - pain gone - can now twist wrist without pain and walk without pain.
6/5/08 - 5 herniated discs in back, arthritis - pain subsided, spine straightened, new lung on the way - can now stand, sit, bend and move without pain.
6/4/08 - Severe back pain - after prayer, no pain - can now move without pain.
6/3/08 - Nail went through foot - causing pain - no pain now.
6/3/08 - Osteoporosis - healed - no pain.
6/1/08 - Lady healed of fibromyalgia. Claims she could not sit on the floor for more than a few seconds, but now she can. She also goes through the day without the original persistent pain.
6/1/08 - Healing for scar tissue was released unto the church. Lady testified that her old scar tissue from hernia surgery was beginning to dissolve two days later. She says the knot behind her belly button is gone! She can now eat food without extreme abdominal pains.
6/1/08 - Grandmother reports that her grandson was healed of upper respiratory and sinus disorder. She claims that he awoke the next morning breathing better, but now is completely healed and breathes and plays freely.
5/30/08 - John was healed of a broken foot. He felt a burning sensation in his foot and can now jump and run without pain. He also received Jesus as Savior.
5/29/08 - Had Prinz Metal Angina or variant angina. The pain was so much that she did not want to come, but her husband wanted her to come. During worship, God said, "Will you praise me in thanksgiving now?" She said, "YES!" She began to worship and praise God! Now she can breathe deep with no pain.
5/29/08 - Could only hear 40% in left ear. She felt warmth and felt the canal open up and could hear instantly. Now she hears very well and there is no more "swimming" and everything is clear.
5/28/08 - He was suffering form self-condemnation because he went to church instead of raising his step-father from death - his death came very suddenly on 5/21/08 - Eric was in the Glory for about a week after his death. He woke up and his hair and hands were oily and the oil was perfumed. He went back to sleep praising God and knowing God's loves him. Now he can accept and love himself, because he's listening to God.
5/27/08 - This child (about age 10) said she was healed when her friend Alexis (also age 10) touched her head. She had an eye that was burning and hurt badly. The pain slowly went away. Now she can move her left eye without pain.
5/27/08 - Michaela had Patella Femoral Syndrome (a growing disorder). Doctors said she would have it forever. Her knee burned hot and then she felt torn muscles mend as they tingled. Now she can run, jump and bend without pain - she can't feel it tearing now.
5/27/08 - Andy had a deteriorating disc in his back which gave him sharp pains. He went up for healing on 5/23/08 and had a heat come over him and hasn't had any back pains since. He can now stand for long period of time.
5/27/08 - Sarah had an eczema-type condition on her left hand. Timothy Sherman said to receive your healing and was naming diseases and her arm got hot and she knew her hand was healed.
5/25/08 - Claims that Jesus healed her of intense pain in her lower back. She was so tense when she came into the service tonight that she said, "I feel like a pretzel". She said that the power of God came upon her tailbone with a numbing sensation and that all the pain left her body immediately!
5/25/08 - Claims that Jesus healed her shoulder of great pain, as well as pain all over her entire body - says the doctors did not know why - had problem for several years - also had deep fears, unbelief and discouragement - she came that night with great struggle, as she had no strength with in her own body - came up during worship and began to beckon God to heal her body - the power of God came upon her and she began to dance before the Lord - danced all night with tears of joy and laughter - came the next night and claimed to still be healed and that she was able to workout (exercise) and do 10 pushups!
5/25/08 - Claims that Jesus healed her right knee - was injured in an automobile accident and was difficult to walk on - she felt the power of God settle into her knee during the a.m. service - she felt a continued healing during the p.m. service - felt her muscles reattaching to her knee - the power of God went up and down her back - she now has more flexibility and can do physical things she could not do prior to the healing.
5/24/08 - Claims that Jesus opened up her heart and gave her the ability to feel His love for her in a deeper way. She could not feel His presence before, but now she can!
5/24/08 - Claims that Jesus healed her from cataracts - she felt the power of God come upon her like a heat, electricity and great joy/laughter - this took away a great heaviness she was carrying concerning her child.
5/24/08 - Claims that Jesus healed her sinuses and healed her from diabetes - her sinuses cleared up and she could breathe again - she also said that the numbness in her hands and feet went away.
5/24/08 - Claims that Jesus healed his skin of eczema - he says, "That it just started to disappear and that his skin does not itch anymore".
5/22/08 - Came into church looking for a healing from a work injury in his shoulder - had great pain that hindered him from doing his job - a few of us prayed for him Thursday along with others that evening and he awoke the next morning for work completely healed.
5/21/08 - Was healed of Diversticulosis (which is hole-like pockets in her large intestine/colon) - she felt the love of God and the power of God all over her body - says that she can now eat berries and seeds without having a flare up in her colon - Debbie also felt a shock like feeling hit her right knee - knee was injured and very stiff - she can now move her knee with no pain.
5/21/08 - Was set freed from suppressed grief due to 6 deaths in one year.
5/21/08 - Was healed of a great fear inside her heart due to abandonment as a child.

By David McLain, recorded at Judah Praise Center in Marysville, and reported by Jim & Shaaron Coleman in Bellingham.