50 State Tour. Washington. Day Two: Dutch Sheets.

Introduction: Chuck Pierce

Thank some one for being here. Thank you Pastor Dan and Terri for hosting this. We are entering into some unusual times with unusual anointing. I always try to bring some of these handkerchiefs with Pastor Dan and just leave them. We are going to pray that unusual miracles will come to this church. We thank God for Burdell Austin and the USSPN team. Wonderful team. If you want to receive information, sign up out at the information table and I will get all the names from Washington to Burdell. So many wonderful announcements come through what is happening in our state that way as well as we have a network in all 50 states. Actually Arkansas has been our hardest state to get focused on and to keep someone in place. It has got a big structure and we broke through in that just this last week and we have got that in place so all 50 states are moving forward. You are so key. The real blessing of these meetings is that it is not one person’s meeting, it is the body of Christ in a territory so last night it was just fun to participate.

Now I want to remind us of something the Lord said last night. I want us to know that we believe that for Washington this time starting yesterday {Dec. 14, 2003} through March 21, 2004m is real key. There needs to be a concerted effort and what I encouraged you to do last night was once a week get up early and spend time with the Lord. Do the watch from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. Things happen in that watch that happens nowhere else. There are four watches in the word of God. In the New Testament there are three and in the Old Testament there are three. There is something that happens in that 3-6:00 watch. You will have breakthroughs that you will not have at any other time. You will gain revelation from the Lord. It is called the Breaking of the New Day or the cock crowing watch. So get up and learn to crow at least once a week. Honestly! Up here you are going to have to just get a little freer. Down South we crow! Amen! Then I am going to encourage Burdell to find churches that once a week that will have a morning watch. A cock crowing watch in regions that you can go to and where during that time you can have vibrant worship and just prophetic declaration. Then two other months in 2004 that will be very important for Washington State (and I don’t have any idea why), I see it by the Spirit and know it will be. September 15 through November 15th, 2004 will be crucial next year. I don’t know why. I just know that you need to be aware that God is going to be doing some things up here and will be focused right here over certain things. Perhaps breakthrough will be coming at that time in a new way. I see the wind shifting in March if you will pray. It is really key that we stay focused in intercession and move forward.

It is my joy to have with us and to participate in traveling around the United States with Apostle Dutch Sheets. I don’t know of anybody that has a burden quite like Dutch does for our nation. It is a joy to be able to co-labor with him to see our nation take a turn and we are seeing our nation take a turn. Let’s thank God for that. We talk too negatively about our nation. It is still a great land and there is righteousness within this land. Just look around. Look at the person next to you. There are more than 10 people here so Washington can be saved! We need to have that attitude. Remember this year (2003) was the year to optimize resources. That makes you see the glass half full and not half empty. If you see the glass half full you will gain the perspective for your future. Pastor Dutch has materials available out there … one book that is for right now that Dutch wrote several years ago is called The River of God. Because last night we said the river is going to come and even if it tries to get dammed up God is going to bring enough rain that it goes over the dam in Washington. Matter of fact, watch how that materializes in the natural next year. …more book descriptions…One thing that I really like is Dutch’s DVD series that is very important for the future of our nation is called Exposing the Spirit of Jezebel. I want to encourage you that this is out there for you. Restoring Your Shield of Faith (by Chuck Pierce) would be a good compliment to get your shield up and going is also out there. To come together and worship like this something is shifted in the heavenlies.

Let’s thank God for Pastor Dutch Sheet’s gift in the body of Christ.

Dutch Sheets:

Thank you very much. Appreciate all of you being here. (power source acting up). It is great to be here and I am thrilled to see you. Very surprised that on a Monday morning, it is Monday isn’t it, that you all would be here….do you all work? How many took time off work to be here today? Wow! That is amazing, awesome! Chuck and I are on a journey that God has put us on several months ago. We did not ask for this assignment. But we both heard separately in prayer that we were to go to all 50 states to gather apostles, prophets, intercessors, and anybody else that wants to come. But really the key is “forerunners”, people with a forerunner heart that would make themselves available to the Lord to be the point of the spear. To be a hammer that would break through for others.

We feel like that if we get the right people together that each region or state can go to another level of breakthrough toward revival. That is our heart to see the nation transformed and another great awakening. I believe that is possible. I believe with Chuck that we can get there. Don’t you? I am encouraged because everywhere we go we find people just like you who are hearing from God, who are willing to do whatever He says, and passionate after Him and after revival. You know the deception the enemy tries to put on us is that until we get a majority we can’t really change things. You know that is not Biblical. We don’t have to have a majority. God always works through a few at first and they become a forerunning voice and intercede and give birth in the Spirit and others follow and we are in that season right now of breaking through for others. That is okay. Some of us are just called to be bulldozers and we carry the breaker anointing. We go first and that is not an arrogant thing. It is just that someone has to take the bulldozer and dig the hole and get every thing ready before you build the house. So that is what I see us as ….forerunners. We build the house.

We have had incredible fruit and release of blessing on this tour. We have been in what thirty-one states now and we will finish up the first part of 2004 and God just gives us a unique word for each place we go. We made a commitment to the Lord that we would not go anywhere and pull on what we assume or the latest message that we have been preaching. We just made a commitment to the Lord that we would hear what He is saying to each State and give that word and God has honored that. He told me very clearly that if you don’t do that I am not going to show up! God will always come with you and me, but in that way that He hovers over a corporate gathering to bless it and do something unique. He just said to me that if you don’t trust Me and get My word for each state, I am not going to do it. We have been very stretched in that frankly because when you do two or thee states per week and do your own church and other conferences you don’t have time to seek the Lord for days and weeks for each place you go to. I start thinking about each state on the plane. I jumped on the plane after my service yesterday, got here late last night, and started focusing on Washington and I wrote my message during the worship. So give me a break okay. It will be fresh, but it will be rough! If I get to saying something really weird, I will just make it so weird that you will not know if it is right or not. I will throw it out with a bunch of prophetic symbolism and you all will just go wow. Then you will look at someone and say, ”What did he say?” And you will say “I don’t know, but it was heavy”. And then Chuck will come up and prophesy and it will all make sense. I frequently have to come up after Chuck and explain what he has done because prophets are sort of different. I often use the word weird to describe, actually peculiar…

By the way Chuck may come up and he frequently does in the middle of my message and begin to prophesy and we have (power loss again) -caused by Chuck…..lights off in airport…..be nice to Chuck. As I was saying prophets are extraordinarily gifted and wonderful…!!! We were up in Alaska and he arrived before I did and he said “We have just had a great prayer meeting” and the Lord spoke prophetically that Alaska is my “Alpha and Omega State”. My first thought was what in the world does that mean. Then he says, as he often does, “You need to speak on that tonight.” I said, “ Lord, I don’t even know what that means. In fact, I don’t have the slightest idea what that means and it seemed strange and I don’t have understanding and I am supposed to speak in a couple of hours in a service. I don’t know what to do with it.” The Lord in His mercy said, “You had better get busy, huh!”

So just like today I was writing through the worship so no one will know what that means. But the Lord gave us a word for Alaska on being the Alpha and Omega State. One of the things he said to us was in talking to people before the service was that if you go west from mainland Alaska you come to an island that is still a part of Alaska but it is across the International Date Line. So as you are moving that way you move forward into tomorrow. If you are on the island and you move east toward the mainland, you move forward into yesterday. So Alaska is a state that geographically pictures both the beginning and the end of a day. It also actually pictures yesterday, today and tomorrow. Because if you are here over there in Alaska on the island, it is tomorrow, but coming from the island it is tomorrow, but where you are at it is today.

Write that down! And then the Lord said, “Tell them to move forward into tomorrow and not into yesterday”. And He began to show us how over and over a cycle had been repeated there when God is trying to move them into a new thing or new place how they get twisted and turned and come right back into the old. The whole meeting was releasing them into coming the eternal now of God and move into the current word of the Lord. Move forward and not backward. God has been faithful to do those things. I really don’t know much of what happened here last night. Chuck and I did not get time to talk about it. I have great faith in my heart that the Lord will keep us on a consistent track and what He wants to say will be said. I know he has a word for Washington and He will tell us what He wants us to know. I am so comfortable and confident any more that God knows what He is doing and is always faithful to do it if we give Him the opportunity. So let’s give Him opportunity. Amen.

Father, thank you for your word, thank you for the prophetic anointing, thank you for the power of declaration, thank you that you have put an anointing over your word, that you spoke it and said it is eternal, it is unchanging, it will never pass away. It produces. It is like a hammer that breaks; it is like a seed that brings forth. It directs our path. It gives us light. We approach your word with great expectation today asking you right now for a spirit of wisdom and revelation. We ask you for revelation to flow like a river so that we can reveal by the Spirit what you are saying to this region. Lord, that wisdom would be applied to what you are saying. That we would say it with understanding, that we would say it with clarity and that for those listening especially leaders who are listening that there will be a spirit of wisdom in this room that will translate revelation into understanding.

Cause us to move forward, Lord. Let there be a river of life, river of revelation and a river of wisdom. Let there be an application anointing that comes into this place. Lord, even if I say things I don’t understand or Chuck prophesies or says something that he doesn’t understand, or we don’t understand, let there be at the right time an understanding. Let there be an ability to interpret and dissect and digest what you are saying to us so we all stir up our anointings, we stir up our heart to receive. We say that we have ears to hear. We are not dull of hearing; we are not stiff necked people, but flexible. We are fresh, pliable, soft wineskins and we have the ability to listen to you and to see. We see by the spirit and desire to see by the spirit. We will not lean to our own understanding. We will not be trapped by an intellectual thing that comes over us that tries to connect with you through the mind. We will connect with You by the Spirit. We will allow our spirit to bubble up, spring up and minister your life in this place. We decree and declare that over the next one or two hours whatever this ends up being that there will be change in Washington. We say Lord that because you have brought together your people and they have come together in your name united as one heart before you now that you can do anything. There is a one accord in this room, there is a one hearted, one minded people in this room. We say now you can do anything. We are going to put our faith out there right now and say let there be a change over Washington State today….this very day because you are honored in this place and because we gathered in your name let there be something that changes in the heavenlies over the state of Washington.

Stand up and let us pray. I feel the anointing of the Lord on that. How many of you think we can see breakthrough in this state today? I mean today. Now let us begin to cry out for breakthrough. Father, we say you will breakthrough over the state of Washington today. We decree that there will be something that shifts in the heavens over the state of Washington. Our faith is in you and not ourselves. We believe that by Your Spirit you can do this. We believe that you are positioning angels even now and rearranging and placing them in strategic array and battle alignment over the state of Washington and that the heavenly hosts will be released to do battle for you even today. They will honor your word. They will be commissioned by your Word. Lord, we decree now breakthrough will take place over the State of Washington today, right now! Yeah, breakthrough today! Amen. You may be seated.

That is good. Let me just say one more thing about a promise the Lord gave me a while back and then we will move into this word that I have. What are the time constraints here? None? I am not going to abuse that. Do we want to speak and pray right up to the noon hour? I need to know. Okay. What time is our plane? We have to leave by 12:15.

If we are finished by noon we will be fine?

I received a word from the Lord about three or four years ago. It was all part of God’s leading me into what I do. The heart, the calling that he put on me for the nation and as I spoke here and there I noticed that there was truly a faith that would come on me that was not normal, not the natural faith that I walk in. It was the gift of faith. I would begin to decree over states or over the nation and D.C. and at times just move with such confidence that was truly supernatural. You know when you get back home and you can’t believe God for a subdivision, but you have no problem doing it over a nation. And I received a prophetic word that “you have wondered about this and then described it and then said it was the gift of faith that God has put on you” and then he (the prophet) said, “You are going to be in meetings when that gift of faith is on you operating and it will begin to cover the whole gathering and I will begin to loose that gift on the whole room or hall and the gift of faith will come on the corporate gathering.” This was kind of a new thought to me, but it happens now and I believe it is supposed to happen here today. I believe we are going to get to a point where as we speak and decree, declare there is going to be such a faith in this room that God is going to do miraculous things. Expect that and agree with me that it will happen. Agree in your heart that the gift of faith will be upon you today to intercede and decree and to prophesy to the State of Washington. Just go there in your heart.

Chuck called me early this a.m. He said, “I have a word. I don’t know anything about it but I just keep hearing this word”. When I heard him say it I knew he was right. I knew that I was to minister this word to you, but I did not know the form or what was to be said about it. I have studied the word before, but I did not feel the normal presentation or teaching that I give around this word is what God wanted to say to you. So I began to listen and I have some thoughts here. The word is “overshadow”.

I know of five places and there are probably more in the Scriptures where you will find this word and so I have meditated upon them throughout the morning and I have jotted them down a few thoughts and I know I believe what the Lord wants to say, but I am sure He will add to this about your state concerning the word “overshadow”.

The first mention of it is in Genesis 1. It is not always translated this way, but it is the same word. There are two words that I will deal with today: one is the Hebrew word (sounds like “rakof”) and the other is the Greek word (sounds like “episkiazo”). I will look at references where these take place and let’s see what we think God is saying to Washington through them.

In Genesis 1 when it says that the earth was without form and void and the spirit of God was moving over the surface or the face of the deep, this word “rakof” is used which is translated many ways. It is translated “to move over, or moving, or hovering over”. It is also a word that could be translated “overshadow” because you are hovering over something. Of course it was when the spirit of God was released at creation to bring forth something. So in asking the Lord what do you want to say about this particular reference to the State of Washington, let me just back up for a minute. We talk about the word moving, or that the Holy Spirit moves in our midst, and I don’t really think we understand the concept. This is where the concept comes from right here in Genesis 1.

When we say God is moving, it is not that He is floating around necessarily. Or you know changing location. It is the fact that he is hovering over to release life. Of course, just before I move into what I feel he is saying for Washington, just to define it a little bit more, it is a reproductive term. In Hebrew this is a word that actually gives a picture of a husband over his wife in a sense “brooding” because they are about to enter into the act of marriage and become one and something is birthed. It really is a word that speaks of God releasing His seed of life in bringing forth something. When He is moving in our midst, He is bringing forth. When He is overshadowing or moving over us, it is to birth something. So every thing we say today will be in that context that God wants to birth something in Washington. You should write that down and begin to think about that because if God is saying “overshadow” then He is about to bring forth something. And He is going to hover until it happens and release seeds. He is going to release a deposit of life and bring forth. And as I was meditating on this passage I began to see a picture which I will get to in a minute, but I began to meditate on the verse where it says the earth was without form and void. You can translate that verse many ways but you will always come back to two or three things that the word means and that is “barrenness, sterility, empty, void of life” and so they say without form and that could be true, but it wasn’t that there wasn’t a shape. There was no order or there was no life in the cosmos yet, just chaos. There was no cohesive thing that was causing this formed body here called earth to be bringing forth any kind of life and so there was no order, but just desolation and disarray.

As I was meditating on this I began to see a picture. It is a very unique picture and it was just a very short vision the Lord gave me and I saw a puzzle. But the puzzle was not put together; it was just pieces of a puzzle that were just sort of haphazardly laying on the table like you would when you were going to put it together, but it was not in any kind of shape yet. I heard the Lord say “I am coming to bring order to the church in Washington”. Now I don’t even pretend to know all that that means and I know very little about how the church functions and where you are in your progression in the state of Washington, but I know what I heard. I heard Him say, “I am coming to bring order and I am going to be taking the pieces of the puzzle and putting them into my arrangement so that there is a new release of life in the state of Washington. Then I saw something very interesting. I saw a whirlwind come and the puzzle pieces were picked up off of the table and they began to fly around in a circle and just like in a whirlwind. It was not a hand that took them one at a time; it was a whirlwind.

Now that scares me just a little bit, but I have to be faithful to what I see. I am not going to try to interpret some of it, but just tell you what God has spoken to me and then He will give understanding as He gives it and maybe some of it will be here today. I was thinking that I would see these pieces one at a time being picked up and put in place, but I did not see that at all. I saw the whirlwind, but out of the whirlwind they began to fly out of there one at a time and (did you ever see a tornado with all of these pieces …..those things of debris flying around)one at a time they would fly out and by the time it finished there was this puzzle. I did not see what the puzzle looked like; did not see what the picture was. It was just there. God said, “I am going to bring a whirlwind (and I don’t know what that means). I know it is of God. I don’t know if it is Pentecost wind or judgment wind or both. But I want to tell you that if you are a believer, you are part of the church, I want you to know that the whirlwind is not coming to destroy you whatever it looks like. What I saw was that it was of God and it picked these pieces up because there was disarray and there was not order and there was not….. Can I say this and you not be offended at me? I am going to anyway, but I am just trying to get you to help me.

What I could see that there was a spirit of confusion over the state of Washington. It was like you as an individual could hear from God, you know individual ministries that could hear from God, it wasn’t that every body was in total disorientation and out of God’s will and order, but in general in the heavenlies there was just something there that was able to send confusion. And the church just could not get aligned and people could not get properly aligned. And visions would get off track at times but more than that there was this chaos. I don’t know anything about this state, but it seems like the enemy has an ease of defiling revelation. Maybe occult deception is an easy thing for the enemy in this region. I don’t know a thing about Washington, but I know when I am moving prophetically. I heard the Lord say, “I am coming with a wind of my spirit and it is Me. I am going to bring a whirlwind.” And I saw Him pick up the pieces of the puzzle and then begin to deposit them and when He finished it was all in order. It was all right.

I am going to give you two more verses and then we are going to pray. I have five points and we are going to pray every one of them. I am going to give it to you and then we are going to stop and pray it. You are not here for information or for a good teaching. We are here to hear what God is saying and then to engage and release the word of the Lord.

You have got great teachers here. You don’t need us to come and teach. You need the prophetic, apostolic intercessory anointing of God to be released so that when the word of the Lord is released we can then decree it and then see something established in the spirit.

Isaiah 14 talks about a wilderness place and uses the same word, one of the two words used in Genesis 1 where the earth was without order, without life, a desolate place. And Isaiah 14 says that Satan made the earth a wilderness. He came and he brought chaos. He brought devastation. We are dealing with a demonic structure that has somehow succeeded over this region in creating an atmospheric condition I am going to say, meaning in the spirit realm, the heavenlies, that atmospheric condition that is conducive to disarray and disorder and something that has an ability to defile the things that are pure and they either get defiled and lose their strength or they get watered down or wearied somehow. There is something that happens that causes then a fruitlessness. The Lord says to me, “ Even some things that look good are not good.” I hear Him saying that some things that look like they are in order are NOT in God’s divine order at all and God is going to come and what is going to happen is that some churches and ministries and organizations are going to go through a dramatic shift because when this happens they are going to understand some things that really we thought were in order but we have to ADJUST some things because they are not in order. Very carefully now, I am not hearing the word sin. I am not hearing the word rebellion. I am not hearing the word that would insinuate that there is a stiff-neck, hard-heartedness about those ministries. What I am hearing is that they have had something happen that has caused an “out of focus” and they can’t see it clearly and it is disjointed. When this happens God says they are going to adjust. They think there is perfect order there right now, but there is not perfect order, (a clear vision that is really of Me). There is some defilement in it not in a sin context but in the sense that it is MAN and not God.

I am going to tell you that I did not have that before I got up here. I am going to tell you that you need to be very flexible in the coming months in this State. When you get in this whirlwind, you are either going to bend and shift or you are going to break. So every organization, ministry and person needs to be very flexible so that when this comes you are not devastated and confused and that you just flex with God and you are going to be dropped right into position. This demonic structure tries to create the wilderness, the devastation, the lack of order and he has succeeded. Psalm 29:8 is a passage that is going to be meaningful for you in the coming days. The whole Psalm 29 is about the word of the Lord, the voice of the Lord.

Psalm 29: Give unto the Lord, O you might ones, give unto the Lord glory and strength. Give unto the Lord the glory due to His name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness. The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of glory thunders; the Lord is over many waters. The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is full of majesty. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars, yes the Lord splinters the cedars of Lebanon and Sirion like a young wild ox. The voice of the Lord divides the flames of fire. The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness; the Lord shakes the Wilderness of Kadesh. The voice of the Lord makes the deer give birth, and strips the forests bare; and in His temple everyone says, “Glory!” The Lord sat enthroned at the flood, and the Lord sits as King forever. The Lord will give strength to His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace.

It starts with ascribing unto the Lord what is His. Worship the Lord; that is important. Then the voice of the Lord is on the waters, the God of glory thunders, He is over many waters, the voice of the Lord is powerful, majestic, breaks the cedars, breaks in pieces the Cedars of Lebanon, makes Lebanon skip like a calf, the voice of the Lord hues up flames of fire. Verse 8: The voice of the Lord shakes the wilderness. The word “shake” there is an unfortunate translation because it is the word “cool” is Hebrew which is the word for “travail or to bring forth young”. It is very closely linked at times to the word I mentioned from Genesis 1 (rakof) when the Lord comes and hovers planting his seed of life, he brings forth something. This is the word for bringing forth, birthing. So it is the same word that is used in the next phrase or next verse that says the Lord makes the deer to calve. In other words the voice of the Lord makes the deer or the animals bring forth. So it is the very same word. Here is the interpretation: It is the ability of God to come into a desolate, barren, lifeless situation and by His very voice begin to speak and bring forth order out of disorder, bring forth life out of death, bring forth the ability to birth and bring forth where there has been sterility and barrenness. I am going to get to that in just a minute a little more.

So here is what I heard the Lord saying: The voice of the Lord is very important to you in this season. You must hear clearly. You must give extended seasons of your time to listening. You must have had times that you would have prayed for two hours where you sit quietly and open your word and say “speak to me by your Spirit, God” because He is going to do something out of the disarray and whirlwind of heaven and he is going to deposit revelation in you which is going to enable you to be adjusted through divine order and then you are going to begin to decree the word of the Lord over your situation and life is going to begin to spring up. Now did you get that? That is very, very important to you. So if you are not one that has been what I would call a decreer, if most of your praying is petitioning, you need to shift your thinking at least for a season, you need to find out what God is saying and you begin to decree it because the word of the Lord going forth through you is going to be a prophetic sword that changes things in the heavenlies over Washington State. Now this is very important right now. Very important.

In fact, I don’t normally see things like I am seeing things right now. There is a “seer” thing on me that is very unusual for me. It is on me so much right now it is distracting me. I see these puzzle pieces right now. I see this same conglomeration of things flying around. You know what I see? I see them as words. They are not puzzle pieces that I see right now, they are words. I see confusion and just curses, words and all this garbage in the atmosphere. God says I am going to bring my word and my voice is going to come forth and it is going to bring order. How is that going to happen? Through you! You are the voice of the Lord now on the earth. You are the people of God. You say, “Well, I don’t know what to say.” Well, then open your Bible then and declare Scriptures. There is nothing more powerful than that. If God has given you promises for your life, your church or this region, and if he hasn’t just look up some of them and get people to help you and find ….if you don’t move so well prophetically, just out of your spirit, you don’t do well trying to decree these things, get scriptures!

Take the sword of the Lord and begin to decree because I see things in the atmosphere over Washington that have to be changed by the declared word of God. In fact, I would say to you that this is a whirlwind of judgment and blessing. It is a whirlwind that is meant to deal with the disorder and some of the things over this region that are not good, but in God’s profound way when he dealt with Satan and brought judgment He was also bringing life. When He brought judgment against the gods of Egypt and that whole structure, He was also redeeming. There is coming a two- fold whirlwind of God into this region that is going to bring judgment against His enemies and against this thing is over this State but it is also going to be bringing the order and the life of God and the word of God is His Seed. The Seed of God is going to be planted and He is going to overshadow, hover over it, just like He did at creation and there is going to be life coming forth.

I am going to say one more thing that I hear right now from the Spirit of God. Many of you ministries, organizations, churches, I am going to tell you right now that you need to change the way you do board meetings and your planning meetings for a season and you need to have one or two hour sessions where you sit around the table and you do nothing but begin to decree the word of God. You don’t talk strategy, you don’t share ideas, you don’t do information, you take a radical step to decree the word of the Lord over your ministry, your organization and as you do that I see the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place, that you are about to shift things in the heavenlies. There is coming a rearrangement and a realigning. Your people are going to be coming into a new order of your spirit. There is going to be a laying out and a putting down by your Spirit that which is right and things that are out of order are coming into order. Things that are a little confusing are going to be understood. There is coming strategy from heaven. There is going to be a holy and divine adjustment that comes to people, ministries, churches, organizations, businesses and so Lord I ask that your word would begin to spring up and you would begin to birth through your word.

I release even now the whirlwind of heaven over the State of Washington. I call for the four winds, the north, the south, the east and the west to begin to blow over the State of Washington until they become a whirlwind from heaven. I call forth the wind of God to break, to pull down the curses, the demonic assignments, the witchcraft, witchcraft, the witchcraft, the defilement of the word of God, the pollution of the word of God. I say that every unclean, defiled word that is in the atmosphere over Washington is going to be cleaned by the whirlwind of heaven. Yeah! There is coming a spirit of order and life. The very word of God is going to bring forth in the wilderness place.

Chuck Pierce: A whirlwind occurs where two conflicting forces come together. So that says there will be a confrontation and I really see it from a religious standpoint. There will be a religious confrontation that occurs in Washington State this year that breaks the old order and brings in the new. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Now who is from the Southwest area? The spirit of God says I am going to stir up some things down there. There will be a great stirring that comes. Then I also see in the north there will be an unusual wind in the north Washington. The whirlwind if it goes over the sea picks up water and just dumps it. You get plenty of rain here, but the Lord says watch for the unusual rains that are coming for they represent the unusual forces I am bringing in. The Lord says I am going to uncover. Biblically, a whirlwind uncovered the evil force in their midst. The Lord says, “I will uncover the evil force that is tied to SYRIA in the midst of this State.

Wow! Is this thing working?

Dutch Sheets: We thank you, Lord, that you are going to do every bit of that. Lord, you are going to expose every one of these things that you just said and you are going to bring the wind, the rain and you are going to expose these false, elite alliances. We thank you for it in Jesus’ name.

You may be seated. I am going to move to the next one. Don’t you just love these interrupted messages? Yes. I think I am going to skip to number five because Chuck touched on it when he prophesied. I didn’t fully understand this and I am not sure I still do, but I am going to trust the Lord to give us understanding even as we speak here. Number two, which is really number five, is a reference in Acts 5.

Here we find the Greek word for overshadow which is “ekspiazko” (sp?). This is a very interesting chapter. Very interesting. In the past I have always dealt with one facet or understanding or information about this chapter and where this word is used. Let me give you the context but let me give you the verse too and we are going to look at the whole context of this word. This word is used when people are trying to get in Peter’s shadow. When they got in his shadow, they were healed. It really was not Peter’s shadow that healed anybody. You know that don’t you? It was the hovering of God. There was such an anointing of the spirit in those meetings on the streets or wherever they were that the spirit of God was just hovering out from them. It is really no different from a meeting we might be in today and the spirit of God begins to move, to hover, and people begin to get saved, healed or delivered, or saved. Nobody touches them, they just came into the “hovering”. Or some man or woman of God is up ministering, laying hands on people perhaps, and then the anointing becomes so strong that it begins to hover and they get within a few feet of the person and they don’t touch them but they just come under that “hovering”. That is what this is and here it was certainly associated with the miraculous. I am going to say that and may come back to it. I think you should claim it, but I don’t think it is the main thing God wants to say to you today. But absolutely it does have to do with the supernatural. If God is speaking this word over you, you need to begin to believe for signs and wonders and supernatural deliverance to take place. Now there is no question in my mind that is a word for you. Whether I stay on it for as long as the other aspects or not, I know that is a word for this state. There is an awakening that God wants to bring and I am going to tell you right now that what has been happening here, whether it be John G. Lake and the Healing Rooms and all that out of from this state, that is not at all the level yet that God is going to take it. I am going to tell you right now that there is a coming a release of the supernatural to this region that is going to be……listen to me……it is going to bring the attention of the world because it is going to be so profound. That is already happening in a first fruits, small-way, not small by man’s standards because there has been some significant things but by eternal and God’s standards it is not even big yet. There is coming a wave of the supernatural. It can’t happen until what we talked about in number one takes place. Now did you get that? That as God brings this order and begins to realign things then the supernatural element of his spirit is going to go to another level.

It is interesting to me if you back out of that one verse and look at this whole context, the chapter starts with Ananias and Sapphira. God is saying there is an overshadowing coming, then he is also saying there is something that is coming that is going to be dealing with sin and carnality in the church. I am not even going to prophesy to you that people are going to fall down dead in your services, but I am not going there at all, but I am saying there is coming something from the spirit of God that is going to begin to put his finger on sin that is blocking what He is trying to do and He is going to begin to expose it and this is one of the ways it is going to begin to start happening. There is always a period of mercy and grace that God brings. When that is not yielded to, then God begins to come with another level of firmness to you. And I am going to say this to you, there are going to be people, that God….not you or me….is going to publicly expose what is happening and bring disgrace to individuals who have tried to withstand the spirit of God. I am going to just say now for anybody who is going to hear this, that might be walking in some of this, this is a merciful warning from the Lord. If you are moving in carnality, control, if you are moving in a spirit of strife and division, God has given you time to repent. You need to get on with the repentance or there is coming a very severe hand of God in your life. He is not going to tolerate it in this season. I don’t like to give those kind of words , but I answer to God and I know what I just said is from the spirit of God.

Listen, once that defilement was dealt with, then you get this anointing that becomes so strong that when they get within a certain range of it, the overshadowing hits and supernatural things start happening. Watch this and I don’t have time to break this down, but more people kept being added to the church. This is interesting to me. The last time you find the word added in the book of Acts, because in the first part of Chapter, “as the church grows” you find the word “adds” in the Greek. It is a good translation. They were added to the church. You will find that word again in chapter five, but when you get to chapter six, the word becomes multiplication in the Greek. You will find it translated like “increased greatly” or some translations use the word multiply or multiplied. When God gets through the transition of chapter five, and he brings the cleansing, then the power multiplies until the miraculous, delivering, overshadowing of God begins to take place. Then the church shifted from simple addition of souls to multiplication of souls.

Here is what I feel the Lord is saying to Washington State: There has been addition; there will be addition. You are in the final phases of addition. If you hear the word of the Lord, Washington, and you do what God is saying to you now, you are about to transition at some point in the near future into an exponential growth that moves into multiplication of harvest. That would be good wouldn’t it?

Now here is something interesting to me and I wasn’t even sure I was going to mention this or not until Chuck said what he did about religious spirit? I don’t even know what you said, but something about “religious people” or “religious spirits”. Two conflicting winds that would stir up this religious thing. Well, that happens in this chapter. They throw these guys in jail for healing and delivering people and then the angel of the Lord comes and brings a supernatural deliverance. They bring them before the counsel and are about to take action and Gamaliel speaks up and says “You know what? Let’s just back off for a minute. If this is God, we can’t stop it. And it might be the Lord, so let’s just see what happens with this.”

Now this is what I heard the Lord say and I believe that some of the fallout of what you prophesied is going to be this: “There is coming something into the established religious community in this state that when this whirlwind takes place there is coming to some of them you would not have thought because they have positioned themselves in a way that would not be open to the spirit of God, that would not be open to an outpouring of the spirit of God, but a voice of reason is going to come to some of them and there will be some in the established religious community that you would have thought would have resisted the spirit of God and God is going to some how through this thing that is dislodged in the heavenlies and the order begins to come that clears up the confusion and the deception, there is going to come a revelation to some in established churches that we would not think would be open to the spirit of God and some of those leaders are going to back up and become open to what He is saying. Some will harden their hearts all the more, but some are going to turn, be saved, filled with the spirit of God, get on fire and be transformed. I tell you it is coming. It is going to come through the whirlwind. Watch and see if I am telling you is not truth. There is going to be a shaking in denominations and streams over this because voices are going to rise up that God is dealing with and they are going to say “Wait a minute, I don’t talk against this stuff anymore. I don’t want to fight this anymore. In fact, I am open to this now.” You are going to see a real dividing line in the spirit that is coming.

Let’s just pray and release the prophetic word now. Father, we thank you for your hovering presence that cleanses defilement out of the church, that causes those that have opposed you to be dealt with and moved out of the way. Thank you for mercy, grace. You are always the God of grace. Mercy always triumphs over judgment. When you come with a firm hand of judgment, it is always because we have resisted grace. Lord, we do thank you that you are coming to deal with defilement in the church and that the Annias’ and Sapphiras’ will be dealt with, that which would pollute and defile is coming to be dealt with.

Signs and wonders. We loose signs and wonders. I ask you by the power of your Spirit to assault all of our religious structures that we have built that keep you locked out and from being able to move in the way you want to move. I ask you to bring those two winds that form a whirlwind and begin to tear down every thing in our lives that has caused us to be structured or religious in a way that keeps you from moving Holy Spirit. We ask you now to do that. I pray for leaders in organizations and churches and established denominations that have at one time have sought your Holy Spirit and the moving of your Spirit, signs, wonders and miracles, the filling of the Spirit, but I pray now that the Spirit of revelation would begin to come and that there would be a voice of reason that begins to come to some of them and they will begin to hear a different sound and see something in a different way and they will begin to adjust their thinking and when you are finished with them they will be filled with your Holy Spirit and they will become one as a propagator of spiritual things and there will be great transformation that takes place in many of these organizations by your Holy Spirit and that you begin to realign the puzzle pieces and put it in order. So we pray order, order, revelation, revelation, revelation, order, order, order.

This is a very destructive wind to religion. Thank you, Father. We need to realize something that we as we bring and say these things. I see this by the Holy Spirit even now that there is coming a season, and we are moving it into now, there is coming a season where for a while do not be surprised when it looks a little bit less orderly and more chaotic than it even does now because God is coming to bring such a whirlwind and rearranging that for a season it is going to feel very disjointed. Now just hear that word because that is to keep you from panic. That is to keep you from unbelief and to moving back into your own understanding on this and trying to take control.

I see leaders now in the body in meetings and in their times with the Lord shaking their head and in a pondering way and saying “Lord, I don’t know what is going on. I don’t understand what you are doing. I can’t figure this out.” The Lord says to you, “Do not be alarmed when that happens to you. Anchor yourself to your faith in Me and understand that I am doing something which is going to dislodge, which is going to stir things up and rearrange and there will be a lack of comfort for a season. The Lord says, “But do not be deceived by this and do not fall prey to that which would want you to step in and take over and take control and do what you know in your own understanding. I say to you, in that season, wait on Me. Wait on Me and see if I don’t rearrange things in a way that really answers the cry of your heart and causes to come forth what you have tried to bring forth and have not been able to do and I say to you watch Me by the power of My Spirit cause it to land in supernatural arrangement.”

Lord, God! We need to do one more thing. We need to break off of us every thing that would cause us to tend toward a religious thing that would cause us to want to take control. It is a fear and an unbelief that we need to break out and declare that we are going to have a fresh, soft wineskin that is very pliable and God can take it anywhere He wants to take it. Father, we break off of ourselves all that would be religious, fearful, unbelieving, stuck, hardened wineskins that are not flexible, even the fear of man that would cause us to think we would have to perform, that would cause us to think that we would have to do something now or things are going to get out of control. We just say in the name of Jesus that we will not tolerate any of that on us at all. We break forth into new. We are flexible and pliable. We are fearless and bold. We are ruthless against religious control. We are moving forward and not going backward. We are not stuck. Just pray in the Spirit. Lord, loosen us up right now by the power of your Spirit. Break us free from any hardening of arthritis spiritually, anything that keeps us from moving, any calcium deposits in the Spirit that have locked our joints. Loosen us up! Loosen us up! Freedom! (4x)

I hear the Lord saying that worship was going to be very significant and important in this season. “You must give to me extended seasons of worship. You must take meetings where all you do is worship Me. You must have special meetings that are designed just to worship Me. In your own devotion and prayer life, you must transition into a season where there are prolonged periods of worship and praise because this is going to do something in you that you do not understand or are aware of. This is going to lubricate you and make you pliable and soft, the Lord says, because as You exalt Me and as you exalt what I am saying and as you speak My praise and My worship over your life, there is going to be a soaking of My presence. It will happen when you don’t even understand the how or why or don’t even know it is happening and you are going to be changed in a very subtle, and yet very profound way during these seasons of great worship. The Lord says, “’This is important to you at this moment.’”

Praise is going to break things in the Spirit. Praise is going free things. Praise is going to enthrone Me in situations. You will see Me move where you did not even ask Me to move, the Lord says. I will come into situations that are wrong, and you didn’t even know they were wrong. I will move into strife. You didn’t even know there was strife and I will deal with it, the Lord says, because you have enthroned Me. You will see Me move into situations where finances have been locked up, and you have not what you need to do what I have told you to do, but you will see that as you enthrone Me and as you exalt Me that without you even knowing how I did it, you will see a breakthrough because I will begin to take charge of finances and I will release monies. I will dislodge finances and I will break in upon you with provision. I will give you increased favor the Lord says because you have found favor with the King in these seasons.

There will come an increase of revelation during these times. You will move into seasons as you worship Me, the Lord says, where I will begin to settle on the room or on the meeting with a profound spirit of revelation and you will see things that you have never seen before. You will understand Me in ways you have never understood Me before. You will understand your history in ways you did not understand it before. You will look back at those moments over the past few years and will say, “Now I see what He was doing.” and then I will open to you the future and you will begin to see what I am going to do. I will connect the old and the new in ways that you did not even know were connected, the Lord says, because the spirit of revelation will break forth upon and the spirit of prophecy will break out to you and the word of knowledge will come to you and discerning of spirits will come to you and you will move in revelation that you have dreamed about but never really understood or walked in because you have walked into a place of worship.

And the Lord says to some of you, you could not THINK your way out of the mess! BUT you can WORSHIP your way out of the mess! Ho! Yeah! Glory! Man that word right there is going to change some of you forever! I mean it is going to change you forever!

Chuck Pierce: Then you will have your spring and fall worship gatherings that will keep the atmosphere clear here and propel things forward. Thank God for worship gatherings in Washington! Let’s say this: Washington will be worshiping this year.


Please be seated. Dutch speaking: I know we could keep going but I feel I am to do some more of this message. Man, I don’t know if you feel what I feel but if you do, you feel good! Umm! Okay I am going to do number three, which is really number four. I feel like this is where we are in the progression of what God is saying to us today.

Another place where you will find the word “overshadow” used in the New Testament is at the transfiguration of Jesus. It says the spirit of God came an overshadowed them and Jesus was transformed, transfigured. I have asked the Lord, “What are you saying about it?” I don’t know exactly where He wants to go, but I have some things stirring in me. I just don’t know. But I can say this much. If you respond to what He is saying to you, he wants to come with such an overshadowing or hovering presence that it will release a level of His glory that you have never walked in. It will literally transform the state of Washington, and the church in Washington.

Then I felt like there was something significant that He wanted to say to you about Elijah and Moses. Now I don’t know about this whirlwind thing that Chuck is talking about and prophesied. Now if you know you can come at any point and tell us but I heard the Lord say this: “I am going to move them into the new while also properly connecting them with the old.” Now God will give you revelation on that. But I know this much. Jesus about to move into the new for some reason needed to connect with the old. At the connecting of the old and the new, t here was a release of God’s glory. What I don’t know is what that “old” is. So I am just going to leave it at that. I don’t want to ……I don’t like to trifle with these things and guess. I am just going to say to you, God is going to move you into the new but a part of how He is going to do it is to properly align you with the old.

Now when you get to the end of this passage on the transfiguration, what He says to them is “listen to Him”. So now we have already touched on this, but I am going to say it one more time because I just prophesied it (no Chuck did). What I heard the Lord say was if this work is allowed to happen there will come a new ability to hear and listen to Him and a spirit of revelation (and that is probably why I prophesied it) cause God is speaking in the spirit clearly to you. He wants to bring a fresh release of revelation to you which will enable you to understand the past, and the future and cause you to know how to connect things because right now (and I am just seeing it in the spirit) there is NOT a right connection.

There is a building on foundations and I see a foundation like this, but the house is not on it squarely. I see bones that haven’t been set properly and you know how you set a bone that is not set properly and there is a crooked place in it, I see that and I see God saying “I want to come and properly align you to things in your past, properly align you with history, disconnect you from things that are not right that have caused things to be moved off of the foundation and bones to be set improperly and you’ve grown, but when you stop and look back at it, it has grown crooked or it is not square, not right and the more that is built on that improper foundation the more out of alignment it is going to get. And so the Lord says, if you will listen to Me, I am going to bring a spirit of revelation to you right now and I am going to through that adjust you and cause you to properly connect past and future and the result of that is going to be a release of the glory of God. That is what I see.

So stand with me and let us pray that one. You are not getting tired on me are you? All right! Okay, let’s do it. Father, we thank you for your overshadowing. We thank you for an understanding how to connect the old and the new. Lord, I see that there are some things that need to be disconnected. There are ways of thinking, there are even relationships, the Lord says, in your past that I am going to disconnect you from. There are those that need to be separated, there are those that I am going to connect you to for your future and I am going to reach back into your past and I am going to begin to adjust things in your history that are not right, the Lord says. I am going to even heal the land in ways because of defilement that has come to this region. I am going to come and move into past situations that have caused fractures and there has never been a proper healing or alignment of that and I am going to come to bring a holy adjustment, the Lord says. I am going to connect you with those from the past that you need to be connected to. I am going to connect movements of the past, just as God says that He is going to connect Foursquare with roots, God says I am going to properly connect some of you to giftings and anointings and inheritances that belong to you that you do not know of and are not aware of and things that you thought were dead, but I am going to connect you to inheritances the Lord says. Things that you need to be moving in that have grown stagnant, I am going to move you back onto the foundation that aligns you properly, the Lord says. So there will be a connection of the old and the new.

And now Lord this spirit of revelation that will be necessary for this to happen even as we spoke prophetically of it a while ago, we want to pray it now. Lord, I pray for the spirit of revelation to come to your people. I pray that they would begin to understand how to connect the dots, how to connect things, how to get the foundation right, how to move forward, how to disconnect. I pray that they will be able to listen to Him. Listen to Him! Listen to Him! The key to everything you do is listen to Him! You do not know how to do what God has called you to do. You must listen to Him. You must listen to Him. You must listen to Him!

Pray in the spirit with me just for a moment will you. I feel like we are right on the edge of this but there is something that is not being said, or prayed or decreed. C’mon Lord help us! What is the word, Lord? What is it?

I am going to tell you what I am seeing. We have danced around this a little, but I feel like God wants to say it very clearly right here. I hear Peter saying, “Let’s build some tabernacles and the Lord says no listen to Him!” I feel like the Lord is saying, there has been structure and things built in this state and there is even a canopy that has been built over this state that is ungodly. It is not right. The Lord says, “I want to come and dismantle that and you need to listen to Me! I am going to show you how to do that, not Me, but the Lord says, “LISTEN to Me”. He is going to show you how to do that, how to dismantle some things that through the fleshly carnal mind of man have been built and I am going to just go ahead and say it: “Some of it is in the church”. I am not just talking about demonic structures now. There are things that have been built out of a “let’s build a tabernacle” and the Lord says they are not right and I am going to come and adjust these things and I am going to show you how to correct it. I am going to give you understanding and if you will allow Me to do that, if you will listen to Me, I am going to come and put My glory in this house. But I cannot bring it into the house that is not in proper alignment, that has not been built on the right foundation. So this is very important and it is something He is adding to what was said earlier. He is going to rearrange and realign and you must allow Him to do this. Lord, help us!

Now I want every ministry leader, pastor of a church, I want you to raise your hands right now and receive (power problem again) to build only what He wants built by the power of your spirit. Lord, we say realign us now and cause us to build what you want built and to tear down what you want torn down. Thank you, Father.

Chuck Pierce: Keep your hands up. You have got to get the rod in your hands for this next season. Father, we thank you now that you are placing in the hands of this people a new rod. We say Father that many throughout the state will have a burning bush experience this year. The Lord would say, “The cloud that has been on this state, I am creating a wind to blow that cloud away, but then I will come in and overshadow you new and fresh. I would say to you, ‘Watch the wind blow. Watch the March winds blow, for I would say even then that cloud which has rested down, which has brought a fogginess of what I am doing in this state will begin to blow away.’ But I would say to you, ‘Then a new cloud of my anointing is coming upon you. You will be hidden in a way for a season, but then you will rise up and I will send you forth and deliverance will break out and sweep this state’, saith the Lord.

Dutch Sheets: Well, that is good. Now listen to me while you be seated because I am going to get to these others. Listen to me. God is saying there is coming a glory. But before it can come, you must allow Me to do these things. Some of you are going to be a little bit intimidated when God starts coming to you and saying 30% of your vision is not right. Or this that you built over here looks good, but it is not of Me. Stop it! Dismantle it right now! What are you going to do when He says that?

You said, “But Lord, we have put all of this time and energy and spent money on it.” And the Lord says, “You can build it if you want, but it is not of Me!” You are really excited in here today, but when He knocks on your door and He begins to do some of these things, you are going to have to rise up in the same level of faith and intense determination to obey God that you feel now. How many of you think you have got it all together? I rest my case! Don’t feel offended when the Lord does this. He knows you are doing your best. He knows you are trying hard. Don’t be offended when He does this; just do what He tells you to do! I can guarantee you it is coming. I guarantee you this is coming. You are going to have to go before boards, and you are going to have to go before people in your congregation and say, we are going to stop doing this over here. They are going to say why? And you are going to say because it is not of God. And you are going to have to humble yourself. I thought it was the Lord, but it was not. Please forgive me. Let us move on. I am telling you this is coming. The only way you are going to get the glory is if you dismantle it. I am trying to be nice, but when I get this anointing on me, I don’t much care. I just have to do what the Lord says. We can shut down 50% or more than half of the programs in most of our churches and it would not make a bit of difference.

I am telling you that some of you are going to get the word of the Lord that is going to be the hardest one to listen to. When He starts telling you to do some of this, and you ask Him what to do instead, He is going to tell you for a season nothing. He is going to tell you to wait. He is going to tell you to cancel some things and just have prayer, worship and listen. You are going to have a decision that you are going to face whether you are going to be a David and a Samuel that waits on God because you are after his heart or you become a Saul and because of the pressure of the people to perform and you think they are going to rebel against you, you had better do something. You are going to be tempted to offer that sacrifice before He shows up. This is a very important word.

Well, I feel like I almost depressed you now. (NO!!) Well, I am going to do two more and I am going to try to do them quickly.

Dueteronomy 32 is another reference where you will find the hovering or overshadowing. It is when Moses is recapping to Israel their history. God talks about how He birthed the nation through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I want to say two things about this (“Like an eagle hovers over its young, I hovered over you).” I want to say two things. This passage has to do with how God took two people, a man and woman who were barren and hovered over them, and transformed their bodies into two young bodies again that could bring forth children. And so it was an incredible breaking of barrenness.

I feel like the Lord is saying, what all this is leading up to for Washington, is “I’m trying to come and break barrenness.” I am trying to come and connect you with your past promise (maybe that is what the old is). I know there was something there I wasn’t getting a while ago. This is what it is. This is what it is. This passage where God hovered was all about God saying I am ready to do what I told you twenty-five years ago, Abraham and Sarah. I am coming to hover. You thought it was for then; it is for now. I am going to connect you with the past promise and then I am going to move you into the future. What I heard the Lord saying to you is, there are things that He has spoken to you that have not yet come to pass. God is ready to bring them to pass. God is ready to bring you into a now, fullness of time, a right time where you are about to come into some things that have been destined to this region for a long time and some of you have had promises and you just said well you know I don’t understand it but they just never happened. Listen, it is going to happen!

Well, here is another part of this passage we need to understand. When you get to this passage, the actual verse where the word is used is like an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young. (The word hover there is the overshadow word again.) Spreads his wings and caught them. He carried them on His pinions. The picture here is of a mother eagle saying to the young now I am going to make you go into another stage. I am going to force you into another level of maturity. I am going to push you out of the nest and make you fly. So it is all about maturity, about going to the next level and then it says that when the eagle pushes the baby out of the next, he locks his wings and soars down under and catches them and then takes them back up and does it again and kicks them out of the next and does it again and then they fly a little bit and flutter and then he goes and catches them and brings them up again. That is what this verse is describing and God says, “I am about to overshadow you and kick you out of the nest.” That is not a bad thing; that is a good thing. You are going to fly like you have never flown before. You are going to come into a season where like the eagle rises up to its destiny and ability to soar. That is what is God is trying to do with you Washington. That is what this wind, these changes, are all about. God is saying I am going to make you fly, make you move into your destiny. I am going to make you, I am going to hover over you and I am not going to take no for an answer, you are going to get there. It is a strong word, but a good word. It is fearful when Mama comes and pushes those eagles out of the nest.

What God is saying is, “I want fruit Washington”. I am going to get it. Are you ready? You may not know it. I would not put this on you if you could not deal with it. You are ready to make these changes, you are ready for this alignment. You are ready to break this canopy, this thing that is over your state. You have come a long way and now I am going to finish what I started. I am going to break you through all the way. I am going to rearrange this thing with the whirlwind and when you come out of it you are going to fly like an eagle and you are going to receive those promises that have been lying their dormant and you thought were dead. I am going to bring the loved ones in, I am going to bring the prodigals home, I am going to build the vision that I gave to you, I am going to fulfill the promise that set there for twenty years because you let it die because you didn’t think it was from God anymore, but it was. I am going to stir that up in you. I am going to accomplish every thing I have spoken to you. Listen, this is the word of the Lord over you right now. He is going to connect you with the old.

So stand and let’s pray this one. Father, I thank you that just as you hovered over Abraham and Sarah and recreated their reproductive organs, You are recreating reproductive organs in Washington. You are causing fruitfulness to come where there is sterility. You are causing life to replace barrenness. You are renewing youthfulness and causing that which has been unable to conceive to come forth now. We speak over this state and these people across this state that there is coming a new fertility to the State of Washington. Begin to pray and prophesy to this state:

There is coming a fertility to the State of Washington. There is coming a fruitfulness to the State of Washington. There is coming a resurrection of promises to the State of Washington. There is coming a rebirth of promise. There is coming a reconnecting to the old, but God’s way, God’s time, God’s season. There is something coming that God is saying, “I am going to resurrect every thing I have promised you and I am going to give you the Isaac I told you I was going to give you.” Lord, we say now fertility, life, fruitfulness to the State of Washington. We say they are going to come into maturity. They are going to fly, soar, be able they have been called to be. You are going to make them fly. If they don’t want to fly, you will make them fly. You are going to change things. You are going to take them out of their comfort zone. You are going to move them out of the nest, because you are going to have eagles. Full grown eagles that know how to fly. The eagle anointing is upon Washington! The eyes of the eagle; the wings of the eagle. The eagle eyes and the eagle wings in Washington! Glory to God, what a promise! Ho! What a promise, ………yeah! Oh! Yeah! Thank God!

Chuck Pierce: Thank God for these eagles that are coming! The Lord says, “I am coming to the reservations of this State and I am going to loose the eagles that have been captured on those reservations. They are going to rise up. The Lord says there will be a surrounding of the Space Needle with the eagles of God in this region and I say from that the explosion of the revelation will begin to move on this State. I say, wait for proper alignment, but in days ahead, the reservations will be released in a new way and it will be a sign and then as you come around the Space Needle the course of the atmosphere of this State will fully change and My anointing will flood the entire State!

Dutch Sheets: Now that is some of the old that God is going to readjust and reconnect so that you can move into the new. That is the word of the Lord. I knew there was something I wasn’t getting. That is part of it. Father, we thank you for doing that. In this hour you are bringing all of the body of Christ into fullness and we are reconnecting. We are disconnecting from the pain and the broken places in the past. We are reconnecting to the destinies and the giftings and the callings even of the ancient peoples, Lord, the native peoples. There is coming a new soaring on the reservations of Washington. There is coming of a breaking of all that would cause disruption of the flow of life and now there is going to be a new release of life through a marriage of people. Hover over this State. Hover with healing power now. Hover with reconnecting power. Hover and break barrenness and bring life, bring the ability to reproduce. We say there is harvest coming to these regions of Washington. Lord, let them soar now. Thank you, Lord! Man when this prophetic mantle hits you can go ten different directions at once. Try to stay real focused! Thank you, Father.

Lord, I say that all the promises that you have made to every people group, you are going to connect yesterday, today and tomorrow now and you are going to resurrect that which has been destroyed and seemingly forever destroyed by the enemy, you are going to come in now and show that your resurrection power is able to raise it all up. You are going to show how in a remarkably sovereign way you are going to marry the old and the new and it is going to be a glorious thing. And it will cause new heights of revelation. There will be a soaring, there will be a rising up. There will be the eyes of the eagle and the wings of eagles over Washington. This is an Eagle State…..Here me! This is an Eagle State! This is an Eagle State! This is an Eagle State!!! Revelation, strength, vision, warring mantle, warrior mantle. Just pray in the spirit for another minute and let the Lord keep doing this work. Let it come. Do the marriage! Do the reconnecting right now in Jesus name. Reconnect (4x). Washington shall be connected! Washington shall be connected! Stir, Lord, stir! Hover, birth, bring forth! Keep praying! Let is happen! Yeah! Eagles, eagles, eagles! Keep supporting through your intercession (2x). I say life is coming, fertility, fruitfulness (3x). Isaac is coming. (6x) Eagles are coming (3x).

Chuck, what do you feel? Chuck Pierce: Father, we thank you for this divine connection. Father, we thank you for how you are raising up a new anointing. Father, we decree that the Eagle Anointing is now coming down upon Washington State. We say that what has not been seen clearly will now be seen clearly in our ministries in the ministries of the people here, in the life of the people here. Father, we also declare there will be a rising up and a soaring. We declare that new strength is coming. We declare right now that there is a release that is breaking forth in the atmosphere of this state. What I want you to do is get 3-4 people around you to pray.

Thank you, Lord. Father, we thank you for what is stirring in this State. We thank you that you are shifting the atmosphere. We thank you that old and new are being connected. We thank you that conflicting currents are coming. We thank you for the whirlwind. We thank you, Lord, that the old cloud is being cast away and that new is coming upon this State. We thank you for what you are doing.

Dutch Sheets: Can you hear me? I want you to pray one more thing, okay? Just stay in your circle and I am going to tell you what the fifth one was. I want you to begin to pray this. We are going to finish with this. It is when the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary and she conceived Christ. Here is what I hear the Lord saying, “Washington in shifting into a new season. You are pregnant with something new, a fresh revelation of Christ, a fresh ability to present Him. He is going to break out in your midst in a new way and be conceived in you. Begin to pray that Jesus is coming to the church of Washington and you are going to conceive the fullness of Christ. You are going to be able to minister Christ to the world. C’mon!

The 50 State Tour, with Dutch Sheets & Chuck Pierce.
Emphases in the transcript as I received it.