A Warning Against Impatience

I dreamed that I was walking adown a country road toward my home. As I approached open fields there were many earth movers lined up along the side of the road, with drivers and motors running, but not moving. I complained to the Lord "Why aren't they moving? They are just sitting there with their engines running not moving anything."

Earth Movers

Immediately I heard the sound of a smaller earth mover coming from behind me at a high rate of speed, plowing up dirt everywhere. As it passed by me and came to a curve in the road the thought came to mind that this guy was going to lose it. Sure enough the earth mover went out of control and went off the road into an open field. He had pushed up a huge pile of dirt and was just sitting there by himself.

Gold Imbedded In Rock

The dream instantly changed and I found myself in a deep gold mine looking at a huge vein of gold imbedded in a rock wall. Again I complained to the Lord and said, "How are we ever going to get this gold out of here Lord?"

I could just imagine how painful it would be and tedious to use pick axes to get it out. I had no sooner asked the question than I witnessed from a distance a huge explosion. Rocks, dirt, debris went flying everywhere. I instantly found myself standing before a sluice box with water and dirt going by. As the machines shook screens in the waterway-- people just picked the gold out in huge chunks and threw it over their shoulders. The dream ended.

Impatience Toward The Work Of The Kingdom

The first part represents impatience toward the work of the kingdom being accomplished. The earth movers are the workers, their engines are running, but in this instance there wasn't anything being accomplished-- yet.

The smaller earth mover that was out of control represents just that, a worker who is zealous and going after it, but in a way that could end in shipwreck.

It's About Attitude - Not Activity

What I am describing is an attitude more than activity. Have you ever felt frustrated at the lack of your own personal fruitfulness and that of the body of Christ in America in general? Do you sometimes dwell on how hard you are working, but how little seems to get done?

I have come to believe that God mostly gives dreams like this, because we are either unaware or have a blind spot to our attitudes sometimes. I believe the Lord was graciously warning me not to get impatient about what He is doing in transforming the church in

America or the harvest.

The second part of the dream represents a hope of the gold coming forth, the treasure of Christ in you the hope of glory. God's dunamis power can accomplish more in a very short time than all our human efforts. It's explosive and shocking, but it makes the work look easy and the glory goes to Him. There is dunamis power-- more to come. That's not to say we should not use what we have and tend to the work of the kingdom. But if you are getting impatient, know that God is in control.

Worst Decisions Made With Impatience

Some of the worst decisions made in the Bible were made out of impatience and led to great harm and disappointment. To mention a few--

1) Abraham, not waiting for Isaac produced Ishmael.

2) Moses in frustration struck the rock instead of speaking to it. It cost him the blessing of entering the Land of Promise.

3) Saul, sacrificing instead of waiting for Samuel to come, cost him his kingship.

4) And there are many other accounts of impatience leading to sin and loss in the bible. God wants us to rest in the work and work in a place of rest, trusting Him for the end result. The gold is coming. a Trust and obey.

- Denny Cline, via Firefall Zine