Fire In The Northwest!

Deborah Voetberg

With the fires that have been raging over the Northwest this past month, the Lord reminded me of the word He had given me two years ago concerning His fire hitting Washington State and the Northwest region.

1 Corinthians 15:46 However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural, and afterward the spiritual. (NKJ)

Get ready for an awakening!

Washington Fire 11-24-99


I saw a map of America and a bright blazing sun rising from the East. At the same time I saw the Mighty Right Arm of God stretched out. As the sun went across America, so His arm also went across America. As the light hit the land, it hit MASH Units, filled with wounded soldiers of God's Army. They were lying on cots. bandaged up. Some were sitting up, not as wounded as others...lots of doctors and nurses tending to them. Simultaneously as the sun and Right Arm of God moved over these units, the soldiers had the opportunity to rise up and be healed or remain behind.

As the sun and Right Arm of God went across the map of America, the light became brighter and brighter as it drew closer to the West Coast. I saw Washington State, it was black. Because it was so dark, the sun's light was brighter than it had ever been and it hit Washington State like a ball of fire! It ricocheted off the state and it was brighter than any light that had shone forth before. Washington State was transparent and clear. The sun moved back over the map of America with a greater light and fire!


There have been many words concerning the revival God has planned for the Northwest Region. I believe this is another confirmation of what is soon coming to Washington State. But also of what is already happening across America.

The sun rising from the East is the light of Jesus Christ that is already going across our land. Picking up intensity as it goes. The greater the darkness, the greater the light. Washington State has always been known for it's darkness, how great will be her light!

The Right Arm of God is very significant and not to be overlooked. The Right Arm of God represents many things: Lovingkindness toward His people...(Psalm 17:7) Glorious power and bringing forth of judgment against His enemies...(Exodus 15:6) It chastises His children... And acts valiantly on their behalf...(Psalm 118:15 & 16) It brings judgments & deliverance ...(2 Kings 17:36 & Exodus 6:6) It brings salvation... (Isaiah 52:10 & 53:1) and releases authority over men, beasts, & the earth. (Jeremiah 27:5)

Along with the Arm is coming the Light. The light exposes darkness and makes the way for truth to come in. The Right Arm of God brings lovingkindness and at the same time judgment. All of us will be given the opportunity to yield under the mighty Hand of God, and when we do, we will Arise and Shine as in Isaiah 60:1-3. Darkness is covering the Earth and great darkness the people, BUT the Lord will ARISE over you and His Glory will be seen upon you!

Deborah Voetberg

Via Dabar Ministries