Olympia a War Zone

December 11 2007 7th Day of Hanukkah Olympia a War Zone

Change is coming to ALL who are here in this area. Nothing will be the same. A dividing line is occurring. Those who choose faith in God and choose him over all else are going to find themselves expanding and growing into new depths this year. There IS NO WAY to stay where you have been in this next season. This is not a plateau season. You will either; follow after God and expand or you go in the other direction. This area is in a war zone. God is calling in recruits from all over to help with the war that is getting ready to take place over this territory. This is a strategic move, because both the enemy and the Spirit of God know this place is strategic for the next season.

God is going to be opening doors in this next season. An alert is going out! Do you hear the warning sirens going off!!! I see red flashing lights just like in my dream (dragon dream). Get where God has called you IN THIS SEASON! Don’t assume where HE had you last is where HE wants you now. You might not make it if you are not hearing from the source for direction in the coming years ahead. It pays to be in contact with the living God, Lord of all! Who AM I? I hear the Lord chuckle and then say (as if to emphasize and impress it into us) by saying, “I AM the Lord of ALL Creation including you! I AM HE who was and IS! I AM HE who made you and moved you where you are now living, I created you with my life’s breath, and I AM HE WHO Delights in you, and gives you favor everywhere you go! Dance with me a little longer child. Dance over this territory. Dance and make known that I AM and IS and will BE! Sing over this territory! Dance in the streets of Olympia as my viceroy. You proclaim by your movements what will come to these city streets. Thousands more like you will flood these city streets with praises. This city will not just be known as the city that hears my voice, but will be known as she who answers and speaks my name with Endurance, Peace and deep abiding LOVE!

Awaken the prophets! Awaken them; call all who have been sleeping! Call them awake so they will join MY forces in this city fully awake and ready for battle! The time for battle has not fully come yet, but it will! Take your positions! THIS WILL NOT BE ANOTHER ALAMO! Tell your fellow warriors, this battle can be won! I AM calling through you for reinforcements from all across this land. Many you will not even meet. Some are being sent to different divisions, but know that you must call in reinforcements! Awaken the priests and priestesses of my presence. So many have fallen asleep, tired! Awaken them. Call assemblies, BUT let it be in MY time, not your own. I AM just letting it be known you are entering a new season so be ready for the changes about to take place in ALL AREAS of your lives.

12/11/2007 Ramona M Wallace