Hidden Warriors

[Note: This word is not specifically about the Northwest, but it is a theme that resonates strongly among many of us in the Northwest as a key theme for this season. -Ed.]

Many of the ones who are called to play a key role in this responsibility are not even known on earth; but they are known in heaven. These spiritual warriors have received the imputed righteousness of God and carry His influence.

They have captured the attention of Heaven and it is now time to arise, like Moses from the wilderness, and exercise their delegated authority.

For a season, David was hidden in the cave of Adullam. When the time was appropriate, he and his mighty band emerged in strength to execute the commission of God. So shall it be with this company.

Although the call is for the entirety of the Church, those that will be used most notably in this battle will be many who are yet unknown in a public forum; but they are well-known before the Throne of Grace. Their reward will be great, once victory is achieved.

The heart of this message is for God's people to adhere to His standard of righteousness. Purity and maturity will prepare us to carry great mantels of authority needed for this commissioning.

A primary part of our mandate for this season is intercession for our nation and Israel. A deposit of anointing and authority is being allocated for those who will apprehend it.

Although we are focused on the prophetic promises for the future, much will be determined by our willingness to embrace this present responsibility. Winning this battle will lay a platform for the achievement of many prophetic promises granted to us as a corporate body and as individuals.

Bob Jones, White Dove Ministries