Fast Strategies for the New Year

For months the Lord has been speaking to me about fasting, and then last week I felt God drop the Words “40 day fast” in my lap. It has become clear that this message is not just for me. I strongly feel that God is showing me an urgent need for a corporate 40 day fast for our region, involving any in the body of Christ who might be interested, to enable us to step into EVERYTHING that God has planned. That does not mean that everyone is called to fast or that everyone is called to fast food, although some may feel led to do so.

I hear the Lord calling for an awakening, and calling us together. I hear Him calling for ALERTNESS in this hour. It is dangerous to be asleep at this time. I have seen ALARMS going off in the spirit over our region preparing us so we will not be surprised by the all out attack of the enemy.

The Lord has shown me a massive demonic army being gathered in the spirit realm. Scenes from The Lord of the Rings best describe what I’ve seen. It seems that the enemy realizes before we do that we are on the verge of seeing Heaven’s plans becoming reality. So, his plan is to discourage us just before this region sees God’s plans taking place. He also plans to take more of a foothold in the area than ever before. But it is not just the enemy who is preparing for war.

God intends for the city of Olympia and the surrounding region to be a GATEWAY to HEARING the VOICE OF GOD for our nation. I believe that God plans for Olympia to become a place where HEAVEN’S SOUND is heard. A couple of years ago God gave me a vision of the PUGET SOUND shaped like a horn, pointing into the ear of Olympia. I saw that this region is to hear the sound of God to an extreme degree. God speaks in many creative ways, and I believe that He wants to birth an amazing, creative movement to impart HIS VOICE to this region and this nation.

Different regions across our land hold keys to spiritual doorways into different aspects of the spirit realm. Hollywood is a gateway (movies good or bad), Nashville is a gateway (music good or bad), Kansas City is a gateway (24 hr houses of prayer). Each area seems to have a different flavor or touch of God’s Spirit, and a different calling that is meant to be a key to our entire nation and ultimately the World, for the coming revival to reach its full potential. I believe that Olympia is called to be a gateway of God’s presence, through which God wants to reveal a part of Himself to the nation.

Instead, this region has been infiltrated with New Age and Witchcraft. This has caused confusion and the voice of the enemy to be heard on the streets instead of God. I believe we have been seeing a deaf and dumb Stronghold (Stronghold as opposed to just a spirit) manifest. A spiritual Stronghold means an entrenched belief pattern, in a person, region or even nation where either truth or lies dwell in safety, strongly defended. Jesus said of the Boy with epilepsy, also called Deaf and Dumb spirit in other passages, “this kind comes out only by Prayer and Fasting.” I believe the specific strongholds over our region will only loose their grip on our land by corporate prayer and fasting. I believe a 40 day fast represents a breaking of old cycles and a coming into the promises given to us long ago.

Many of us have just come from long seasons in the wilderness, or we are battle weary and need a time of recouping in the presence of God. I see many of us coming full circle. Many have laid aside the promises God gave long ago thinking maybe those promises weren’t for them, or just not for now.

As we are getting closer and closer to the end of days and the culmination of world harvest the enemy is getting desperate. It always gets worse before it gets better.

Well the Lord is saying, “IT IS FOR NOW, RIGHT NOW and I want you to fight. But you need to fight in ME and My STRENGTH, not in the flesh.” It is time for a season of circumcising our hearts, to come in tune with God and make sure our antennas are truly connected to what HE is saying and not what our flesh is saying. God is getting ready to have us step into our long awaited promises, but not without a fight and not without us re-checking our hearts to make sure they belong completely to Him.

So I am proposing a 40 day corporate fast specifically for breakthrough in our lives, and for the Olympia and the Puget Sound region, beginning January 1st and ending February 9th (last day of Revival Town's When Heaven Invades Earth Conference being held in Olympia).

December 28 2007

Ramona M Wallace