Arise and Shine

by Ted Hansen

I am very encouraged with the news of God’s increasing kingdom in the midst of shaking times of the nations. In a time of blowing winds, storms, droughts, and melting heat God is moving in a powerful way. We are the princes and princesses of God’s kingdom who fix our eyes upon our righteous King! When the world is blinded by the blowing winds and doesn’t know what to believe, we believe in the One who loves us. In a time of raging storms and the actions of men are those of preserving self, we are being empowered for acts of love and are being anointed to sow more seeds for the multiplication of nobility. In a time of drought and the thoughts of men are inspired to make hasty decisions affecting the generations to come we are growing in the imaginations of our hearts to know the strategies for the life of the generations to come. In a time of melting heat when men lose their focus and they become people of stammering speech, we take on the life giving influence of God’s testimony to the unfolding generations of tomorrow. We are a source of God’s inheritance in the earth!

The center of the universe is not hinged upon a revelation of mankind. A revelation of how good God is and how much He loves us is pivotal for knowing the basis of all life! God is good and He loves us! This is the core of life! The core of religion chooses to see a vision of bad people who need a Savior. The core of life is that although people are bound to sin and deception, God is good and He really loves us! We are in a grassroots revolution of God’s love!

I am stirred by the Prophet Isaiah’s words:

Isaiah 60:1-3 “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.” “For behold, darkness will cover the earth and deep darkness the peoples; But the LORD will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.” “Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.”

I believe that these words are prophetically relevant for this moment and hour for the church in the nations. We are in a grassroots revolution and Christ is calling His body to arise with the testimony of light!

I recall a vision that I had three years ago while in England. I saw a woman standing on a horse in a field. She appeared to be standing with a horse under her. The vision was vague as to whether the horse suspended the woman’s feet or she was standing on the ground with the horse beneath her. The wind was blowing violently. The horse was making sudden moves of its head backward as the wind blew and the woman would turn her head in like fashion as the horse turned its head. The nostrils of the horse were flared and emotional expressions of human reaction could be seen in the horse’s facial features. As I recall the vision I could see the emotions of human strength in the face of the horse and the strength of muscle in its neck. Each sudden turn of the horse’s head caused a sudden turn of the woman in the same sideways to backward motion. This happened four times repeatedly. I thought to see the color of the horse and tried to focus on the horse, but the vision would not allow me to focus on the horse or its color. What I thought to be of importance was not the focus of the vision. Then I saw the woman face the winds head on and she stood tall upon the horse and the horse dissolved beneath her as she stood. The woman’s head was no longer turning for she was fully facing the wind as it blew. I could see that the woman was rising in a glorious posture with a firm stand upon the ground. The woman’s face became radiant and her hair was long and waving like golden wheat. It streamed backward as the wind blew and looked to flow with the wind like waves. Her body and the appearance of her face became radiant, like the sun. The brightness of the light didn’t allow me to make out any features of her body, but her face was clear in complexion and she had a focus of anticipation and expectation in the expression of her eyes. I could now see that the field was a field of wheat and it too showed rhythmic patterns of waving in the wind, but there was no sense of despair. The field looked endless in every direction around the woman. There was only a sense of great glory, peace, and even destiny. I heard the Lord say, “If my church will call what the world calls ‘winds of change’ – ‘WINDS OF DESTINY’ – her finest hour is at hand. She will rise up as the life-giving womb of God in the earth and there will be a great harvest and her glory will be awesome!”

We are the body of Christ and it is time that we rise up with the Holy Spirit of life! We are the life-giving womb of God in the earth and the treasures of heaven are being birthed in a grassroots revolution of love among the nations of the earth. We are being empowered by One Lord, One Faith, One Submersion, One God and Father, One God Above All, One God Through All, and One God In All (Eph. 4:4-6). This is the testimony of the manifested nobility of Christ. A King rules righteously and it is time for princes to rule justly in the earth (Isa. 32:1-4). If we fix our eyes upon the King we will not turn our heads when the winds blow, or the storms come, or the drought is in the land, or the heat is melting the hearts of men. We must be the people who know that God is good and He really loves humanity! When men are crying out because things are bad and they need a Savior, we must be the womb of God that reveals that God is good and He really loves them! This is a grassroots revolution of love!

Who are we as the body of Christ? We are a spiritual house for a spiritual priesthood and we are anointed to make spiritual sacrifices to God. These are sacrifices of love to the one who loves us. Our empowerment is not based upon a command to love Him, but upon a revelation of how much He loves us (Heb. 5:12-14; 6:1-3; 1 Pet. 2:9-13).

We receive our life through a revelation of His love. Our future is secure because the procreative area of our body wears the belt of truth. The belt of truth is not a measure of good and evil, it is a revelation of God’s love. He is good and He loves us! We have been granted repentance from dead works, because we are a chosen race of born again creations and we are alive to God in Christ. We are being empowered for works of life through the evidence of faith. We wear a breastplate of righteousness and our actions of acts of love from our hearts. We have faith toward God. We are a royal priesthood offering sacrifices of faith toward the One who loves us!

We have the testimony of life through a submersion in God’s life-giving Spirit. Our feet drip with an anointing that testifies of the good news of our peace with God. Though we walk upon this earth, we live in the house of God in His heavenly realities of life and there is no gap between Him and us. We are continually experiencing a change of culture and lifestyle by a submersion in Christ. We are holy nation in Christ!

We have been given the authority of life through a submission one to another in Him. We move forward beyond the opposition of every fiery distraction with a shield of faith as God’s ministers of life with the giving of life through the laying on of hands of the corporate body of Christ. We have been given the life-giving authority of being God’s own special people as ministers of life to the world in which we live!

We have the power of life through the manifested evidence of His presence. We wear a helmet of salvation and we know that there is no God above our God. We stand in the power of the resurrection of the dead and have the victory of life in all things. We are a people of praise and are no longer bound to the testimony of days ending in darkness for we live in the in the increasing Day of light!

We have the communion of life through His eternal Sprit made known in His body. We have been given the eternal judgment of eternal life. We were not a people, but now we are the people of God. The testimony of a love for God and a love for people is a life expression in our mouths as a sword of the Spirit revealing the community and communion of the sanctified ones in Christ. We are bringing the community of heaven to the communities of the earth through the life-giving expressions of Christ in us!

We have the inevitable increase and perfection of life in Christ. The awe of God is empowering to pray in the Spirit. The power of perfections is being granted to us through the evidence of prayer and we will know one God in men as a people who have fully obtained the mercy of God!

“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you.”


Ted J. Hanson

Ted Hanson is an apostle and prophet, based in Bellingham, WA. While this word is not specifically to the Pacific Northwest, it comes from the NW, and it speaks to issues God is discussing with his servants the prophets in the greater region.