Proclamation of Elvin Gladney over Seattle and Cascadia Region

Proclamation of Elvin Gladney - 2008-02-22
Over Seattle and Cascadia Region
At the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Latter Rain Revival
Monday February 11th, 2008 at St. Luke’s, Seattle

I was born and raised here in Seattle. I’ve been watching a lot of changes in Seattle. I’ve always had a heart for the city. When you’ve been born and raised here and with a lot of new people, it has not been quite the same. Jim (Watt) was asked a question about the barriers and the blocks to the City Church (and it’s something that Jim & Marie have talked to me about)... something we’ve prayed about… wondered about… speculated… but tonight, if you’d stand with me…

Seattle has a destiny. God chose that destiny… Seattle didn’t! Many five-fold leaders have come from other regions to speak to the destiny of Seattle… but it’s different when people that are here speak it… It’s OK for others to come in and say what they’re going to say but they don’t live here and eat here… sleep here… work here… go through the day to day things… whereas most of us here I believe are…

But for those of you here tonight, if we will collectively unify corporately and make some declarations, I think things will happen…

One of the first things I want to declare – you see there has to be and there has begun already – a fundamental shift in the foundation of churches. This is a very difficult task because what it means is that there has to be (according to Jim Watt, my papa, I call him) a willingness of the agendas of man to be laid down for the agenda of God.

So Lord, we declare tonight over Seattle and the Pacific North West and the Cascadia Region (including Spokane, Vancouver, BC, Portland, Seattle/Tacoma, and Victoria, BC) that You are raising and have raised up a people who will embrace Your agenda and release their agenda to You. And Lord, we believe tonight as we declare this thing… we’re going to pray (like the man said) there’s a great mountain that needs to be conquered in Seattle. And so, Lord, like Caleb said, “Give me this mountain!”

Where the giants live… Lord, there are giant circumstances in the way of a city church but we’re going to declare tonight -- Lord, give us this mountain… our heritage and our destiny… our inheritance. The revival is tied to occupying the mountain… So Lord, tonight we declare over this place that the mountain shall be ours! Because it is not a work of man but a work of the living God… We make that declaration tonight!

Lord, we also declare and we thank You even now that this very night has been a key to a transformation of the people who have been here. Lord, there were people who were here last night and people who are here tonight not just by circumstance but by divine appointment. Therefore, Lord, all of us are going to be catalysts… as intercessors… as prayer warriors…and as prophetic ministers to pray in what Your agenda is… until there is revelation, through worship, in every church that would bring Your Church together.

So Lord, tonight we also declare a fundamental shift in worship all over the Cascadia Region. Angels would begin to fill every worship house. Your Spirit would fall on every worship leader. And the Holy Spirit would take full control. And where man’s plans have come to plan an event, they will be released to the plans of Heaven. Lord, we declare that tonight… that You would take over the meeting… You would take over Sunday morning… You would take over Sunday night… and that people would be enveloped with Your presence as the worship goes forth…

And Lord, we also declare (as Marie also said it) revelation would come as the angels and the Holy Spirit descend on houses of worship all over this city… all over the North West… revelation would come (just like it did on Jim).You spoke those words to him… 64 years ago! Before it ever started to come to pass and You told him he would be part of something… Lord, You said to Seattle, “You’re going to be part of something!”

As a matter of fact, it was prophesied that the revival coming out of Seattle would get the world’s attention… and that we would be a prototype city for all the other port cities around the nation… Lord, we also declare this thing to be true! We’re going to take the prophetic words and we’re going to declare them and we’re going to pray them until they begin to come to pass! And so Lord, develop Your prototype! Use us, Lord! Start in us tonight! Transform us tonight! Give us revelation tonight! Let us be houses of worship… every one of us – individually! Set us free!

And Lord, in every church that’s represented here… we would go and we would be a catalyst in that church for change and reformation. We declare that tonight! Wherever we go… whatever body we belong to... as we worship You… You will honor it, Lord, and begin to come into that house… and You will bring revelation and understanding… and people will begin to move towards Your will, Your purposes, and Your agenda… and we thank You this very night for the shift… the shift… the shift… not only in the Heavens but in the natural… that we are about to see!

And Lord, we declare Seattle a Jesus-City! We declare Seattle a Kingdom City! We declare Seattle will have a city presbytery. You have spoken it, Lord, and it shall come to pass! In Yeshua’s Name. In the Name of Jesus! Amen.

At the close of the two day celebration of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of the Latter Rain Revival, host Father John Roddam felt led to have apostle and prophet Elvin Gladney come forward. Elders present formed a Presbytery and ministered to Elvin with the laying on of hands and prophecy. Then Brother John asked him to prophetically make proclamations over Seattle and the Pacific North West. This is that proclamation.