David Hogan Speaks to the Northwest

Last week, David Hogan contacted the Northwest's own Dead Raising Teams, and asked if he could come speak into the move of God in our region. David is an apostle and evangelist in eastern Mexico (for more than 30 years); he and his team have planted more than a thousand churches. Together, they have seen more than 500 people raised from the dead.

Over the course of 4 sessions, David speaks "comfort, edification, and encouragement" to the church, and then he goes well beyond that starting point. Here are the audio files from that conference.

Session 1: https://files.me.com/iwilldieforhim/midslg
Session 2: https://files.me.com/iwilldieforhim/0u9m7n
Session 3: https://files.me.com/iwilldieforhim/mwjs8t
Session 4: https://files.me.com/iwilldieforhim/np541p

Note that this is more of an "apostolic word" over our region, rather than a traditional "prophetic word." 

Depending on your connection, your browser, and its settings, you may be able to stream these sessions, or you may need to download them & play them from your computer. 

From David Hogan, Freedom Ministries.