The Point of No Return

Monumental shifts have been occurring within me and with others who are seeking the kingdom of God first. Everything Holy Spirit has revealed as to His purpose and plan for this new season is coming forth as He said. The old order has passed and His new order has come. His is not an order as men have considered order, but the order of the the Kingdom of God, the order of the sons of God being revealed. We are witnessing the culmination of things that all creation has groaned for. Holy Spirit has spoken a clear testimony as to what He is doing. He has spoken very clearly in a regional gatherings [including in the Northwest -ed]. It has been made clear we have reached a point of no return. A new day is here, we can never go back. I would like to share some things that came forth from those gathering that are "markers" of season we have entered.

1# MOSES IS DEAD Moses is dead and Joshua (Jesus Christ) is now leading the way into the promised land. Moses represents hierarchal leadership structure in which people have become dependent upon man to lead them and hear God for them. No more do men depend upon other men's wisdom and anointing to carry them forward. The Word Himself is taking us into the land of promise. His leadership is seen in communion and relationship with brothers and sisters, not a top down leadership from the past. He speaks to us through others as we come into divine relationship with them; but it is He who speaks to each one individually and leads them by means of the inward witness of Holy Spirit.

#2 THE ARK HAS MOVED The wanderings of the wilderness have ended. The Ark and the Glory are moving across the Jordan river and there is no grace for those who would stay on the other side. His blessing is where He is, and He has moved on from the ways and structures of the past that have at one time carried the Ark of His presence. The understandings and operations of the previous age are superseded by the fulfillment of the promise and WILL NOT proceed into this NEW DAY of the Lord. Organizations, leaders, and followers that are unwilling to move will be left without grace if they will not move with the Spirit. Father will still give way for those that repent, but the Ark is in the river Jordan and will be leaving the dry river bed. Men must respond and follow or they will be left on the other side.

#3 LEAVING THE CAVE OF OBSCURITY Like David, we have left the isolation of our caves in the wilderness to find connection with others Father has hidden away for this hour. He is connecting His body; and the bones and flesh are coming together to form the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ upon the earth. Christ Jesus is being known upon the earth in His people as they manifest on earth His very nature and authority as seen in Christ. Christ is emerging upon the earth as His people embrace death to the old life and partake of resurrection life that empowers, aligns, and connects them with others they are destined to be ONE with.

There has come a clear distinction of what is birthed of flesh and what is birthed of the Spirit. There is separation of those who operate by the arm of the flesh and those who walk by the Spirit. The son of the slave-women shall have no inheritance with the son of the free-woman. Father is not tolerating selfish ambition in his house in this new day. There is no more tolerance for pleasing and placating man's flesh for the sake of peace. The flesh wars against the Spirit and is a tool of the enemy to hinder the work of God. The time has come for His sons to be about their Father's business and not tolerate the distraction of those who have and promote man's agenda. It is time to cut loose those that are distracting us from the purposes of God with their own ambitions and agendas.

#5 ISAAC IS ON THE ALTAR God did not ask Abraham to sacrifice Ismael, He asked for Isaac. Isaac is the promise, the vision, the future, the destiny. Everything we have "perceived" to be our vision and destiny is required to be laid down. We have not been this way before and our preconceptions from the previous age only limit us. It is a matter of faith that He can and will resurrect Isaac as He sees fit and fulfill the promise. Father has brought us to the place of surrendering the vision of our destinies and purpose into His hands that we might receive a clarified and pure vision and understanding of the days we have entered.

#6 FROM TEACHERS TO WITNESSES A teacher dispenses knowledge, A witness makes disciples. The Pharisees taught knowledge and understanding, but Jesus came made disciples that were witnesses to what they had seen and heard. We are now witnesses to what we see and hear Father doing. And WE are what Father is saying and doing. We are witnesses (testimonies) of the Power and Presence of God that changes men into His very likeness as sons. The kingdom is not in simply words but power, and power is the portion of sons who are His witnesses/testimonies.

#7 ONE WITH GOD As a bride is united with her groom so we are coming into union with our God. We have moved on from Man working for God (Outer Court), to man working with God (Holy Place), to ONLY GOD working(Holy of Holies). The operation of the past has been a mixture of men doing work for God and doing work with God. This new day is characterized by God Himself doing the work. NO FLESH SHALL GLORY IN HIS PRESENCE. We are coming from the place of seeing "Christ in me" to simply seeing "Christ", as He establishes His kingdom in "UNITY"(ONENESS) with His sons. It is no longer us, but "Christ" in us. We are not seeking Him "out there" anymore, but resting in our UNION/ONENESS in Him within. In this place it is HIM that people see, and HIM that is manifest to the world. This is the day of Tabernacles, or the indwelling of God in His temple (people).


Just as Jesus came bringing a new day, so today is the day we are stepping into the fullness of His purposes that changes everything. There is no going back to yesterdays anointing. There is no going back to the church age. The kingdom age is HERE. The Day of the Lord is at hand. Our vision and destiny are laid at the feet of the king and He is giving us clarified vision as to His purposes and destiny within us. He is bringing heaven to earth, and the reality of heaven is now colliding with the earth in a way that changes everything for eternity. This place of heaven on earth has been birthed within His people, but it will grow to fully manifest Christ in His body unto all creation. There is no going back, only joyous expectation.

But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.

Kriston Couchey

Kriston is not from the Northwest; he is a friend and a voice in, to, and among the Northwest.