David Yonngi Cho, on Canada

Editor's note: This is a collection of three prophetic words about Canada, and it focuses around western Canada, part of the "Pacific Northwest" (or "Cascadia") region:

I Oct. 1975 in Kelowna, BC This is an excerpt from Dr. Yonngi Cho’s prophecy delivered October 1975 at Evangel Temple

“ When I came to Canada, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart, ‘Son, you have come to the place which I chose. This country is the country I chose to fill the gap.’ Being Canadian is now a welcome hallmark throughout the whole world... You have the welcome open door like the Philadelphia church in Revelation, you have the finances, well-trained personnel, and a good church. God calls you to rise up to meet the challenge before Christ comes.

A clear-cut clarion trumpet sound is coming to Canada. Rise up, Canada! Meet the challenge. God wants your young men and young women to rise up and give their lives as sacrifices. God needs your money, your businesses, your homes, your lives to be dedicated to Him... God is depending on you... I know that you will do it. I know that you are well able to do it.”

“I can personally remember this. I was is in my first year of Bible School in Vancouver at the time and can still remember everyone talking about it.” Pastor John Wassell, Revival Canada

II 1984 in Sackville, Nova Scotia: At a 1984 church growth seminar in Sackville, Nova Scotia, Dr. Yonngi Cho reiterated the earlier prophecy, adding to it:

“Five years ago I visited Canada and travelled from Montreal to Vancouver by car. I was preaching from town to town, and while I was speaking, I felt somewhat depressed. The Canadian Church seemed so small. But wherever I went, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart that God was going to raise up tremendous churches in Canada and that Canada would be used as a missionary sending country, and that Canada would open the way for Jesus Christ to return to this earth.

I was afraid to confess that but when I was praying, the Spirit of the Lord would impress my heart to say it. I was afraid because I already thought that America was far greater than Canada. If ever God would use any country, He should use America instead of Canada because America is a country with greater resources and more population.”

III On October 31, 1995, Paul Yonggi Cho gave this message at Evangel Temple, Kelowna, BC.

And this is now my prophecy in my heart about Canada. After the debacle of Vietnam, American influence is receding so fast in the third world; there is a big gap open and their world is not so ready to listen to America anymore. They can’t trust their word. So American missionary work is suffering a death blow, and they are one by one packing up and leaving. And who is going to fill up that wide open gap till Christ comes?

I expected Great Britain to take up that thing, but they are a sinking small island now; they can’t even solve their own problems. And also when I went to Scandinavia to hold meetings: Communism, idealistic communism, just sweeps whole strata of society and can’t take problem of world. I was discouraged.

I said, “Father, who is going to come and fill this gap?” And when I came to Canada, the Holy Spirit spoke in my heart, “Son, you have come to the place where I chose. This country is the country I chose to fill up the gap.”

Collected by Ralph Beamish. Originally posted here.

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