Spectacular Dead Raising Testimonies

In the Spirit of Revelation 19:10, "...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

This is the most amazing testimony I've ever heard. I know the two men giving the testimony, and I know them to be trustworthy witnesses, so I have to believe them.

Both of the men in the recording are part of the greater Pacific NW: both are from northern California. (Yes, northern California is part of the greater "northwest" region; so is Vancouver, BC!)

These stories illustrate how the spiritual warfare is going in Muslim nations: the spirit behind Islam is terrified of the Spirit of God, but the boldness of the Christians in their testimony, in their reliance on miracles, means the gospel is growing at a record pace in the heart of the Muslim world.

There are three testimonies in this audio recording. The first two are overwhelming and hard to miss. The third is just as significant, just as miraculous, though it's easy to overlook: 90,000 believers turned out for The Call in Indonesia, the largest Muslim nation, one of the most aggressively Muslim nations on Earth. For those of you who know what's been going on in Indonesia, this is stunning.

If you have difficulty playing this clip, click on the title ("Spectacular Dead Raising Testimonies"). Note that there is no video; this is an audio clip.

Testifying: Dan McCollam, from The Mission, sharing with Bill Johnson of Bethel Church. Also available on YouTube.

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