The Remainder of 2009

Revolve to Resolve

By Pastor Vince Morales

During Spring, 2009, I began to hear the word “resolve.” As I prayed into this, I began to notice patterns in various people of unresolved issues resurfacing as an old cycle. I approached the Lord about 2008 having been a year for leaping forward. February and March 2008 were months for God’s people to leap forward into their seasons. Many were walking out of the season of the Lord and straggling behind. In 2008, the Lord presented a divine chairos moment for stragglers in the Body of Christ to leap forward and into the current season of God. Prophetic acts were made and scriptures declared in prayer gatherings in many church gatherings. By faith, God’s people took a leap forward. Seemingly, many brothers and sisters continued in frustration during the remainder of 2008 and well into 2009.

As the word “resolve” stirred in me, I connected the matter of “old cycles.” Many anointed prophets and teachers have taught and prophesied regarding “old cycles” and the need for those “old cycles” to be broken over the last couple of years. This is no new revelation in many apostolic and prophetic streams. The Lord began to tell me:

The advancement of My Kingdom hinges on the ambassadors I have placed in this world. I have equipped you, empowered you, commissioned you and anointed you with My authority and power. The idea of advancing My Kingdom is understood. The revelation of it is undiscovered and not understood by many in the realm of their own lives. Before My Kingdom can be advanced in the world, My Kingdom must be advanced in your own life. My Kingdom must advance in your minds. I will not shift their paradigms, I will not change your mind, My people must change their minds.

“Being diligent to preserve the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace...” (Ephesians 4:3). While this passage speaks to unity in the Body, its truth applies to the central core of each believer. Where there is no bond of peace, there is no unity of the Spirit. Where there is no unity of the Spirit, there is often a fractured condition of the believer. Thus, the believer has not resolved an issue or old cycle in their life. Their struggle around the same mountain or sins continues. This struggle continues to prevail simply because we have not done the first thing in Ephesians 4:3, “Being diligent to preserve…” the things stated, unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Jesus said the peacemakers are blessed in Matthew 5:9. It is easy for many “warrior” minded believers to conceive being a “peacemaker” in the world. That Jesus did not come into the world to bring peace, but a sword (Matthew 10:34). Understanding Jesus definition of “sword” is the Word of God is common knowledge in the Body of Christ. The Lord told me:

My Church is ready to take the sword to the world but fail to take the sword to their own flesh. My peace always follows my sword. My people would rather that peace precede My sword. I say, as surely as you take My sword to your flesh, to your old cycles, to your old habits, surely the peace I give will follow. The process of being a peacemaker will always involve the violence and confrontation of judging yourself. Resolve to bring your old cycles under the judgment of My sword through your repentance. Apply My sword and bring your flesh to a place of death. Sever your flesh from the throne of your life, that I may be the sole ruler in the throne of your life. I will not share the throne with any idol, nor with your old cycles that rule powerfully in your soul.

In Romans 12:18, Paul exhorts us, “if possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” Many in the church understand the importance of being at peace with those around us. With family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc. What is not always easily grasped is the need for God’s ambassadors, His representatives on this earth, His prophetic vessels, to be at peace with themselves. We include ourselves in “…being at peace with all men.” Many are not.

This is the place where many in the Body of Christ are continuously in a holding pattern. Understanding a holding pattern is easily understood when we think of an airline on a runway waiting for clearance to take off. Holding patterns are places where many believers find their greatest experiences of frustration. These “holding patterns” are not always the will of God, but are self-inflicted “holding patterns.” Rather than painfully judging one’s self, they push it off on “the Lord’s doing something in my life” or the “dealings of the Lord.” Since 2008, the timing for the next season may be now. We “revolve” or continuously circle around our mountains or “sins” and call it a “desert season.” However, like the Israelites, the Lord will allow our revolving around our mountain until we resolve our mountain.

One Saturday afternoon, my wife and daughter were in the backyard when they noticed a beautiful bald eagle being harassed by several crows. They reported that the crows were essentially chasing the bald eagle away. I heard the commotion but did not see the event. Out of wanting to see this event personally, I asked the Lord to show that to me because I believed the Lord was saying something through this.

A week later, my daughter and I were at my son’s track meet when we heard a loud commotion in the sky. We looked up and noticed a half dozen or so crows chasing off a bald eagle. The Lord was answering my prayer. Frankly, the crows looked like tiny birds compared to the bald eagle. At that moment, the Lord confirmed to me what I believed I was understanding about that scene:

My prophetic voices in the earth are like the great bald eagle. I have empowered them with strength in their wings to ascend to the highest places in Me. Their wings are designed to reside in My highest realms. The power they carry within them is so sufficient, so extraordinary, the patterns of this world and the kingdom of darkness is merely like harassing crows. At any moment the bald eagle could turn around and drive off or destroy the assignments of the crows. What My people have yet to resolve is themselves in Me.

My people will flee like the bald eagle, rather than stand strong in Me. It is easier for them to revolve their old cycle than to resolve who I am and what I promised I would do. My people are faced with their finest hour. My glory stands at the door for those who choose to resolve Me in their lives, who choose to resolve my Word in their hearts and who resolve that which I have spoken through My prophets. Arise My people, your finest hour is here. You must resolve Me in your heart, and you must dissolve your flesh and your carnality in Me.

Let all of God’s people, Arise! for He is a rising God. Don’t focus on the enemy who may come in like a flood. Your God promises He will raise up a standard against him (Is. 59:19). When your God arises, He arises big! He arises powerfully! Gloriously! and always on time. He spoke the universe into existence and it continues to expand because He never ordered it to stop. When your Lord commands you to arise, you are never to stop arising because He never commanded you to stop. NOW ARISE!!

Pastor Vince Morales

Revival Life Northwest

Bellevue, WA