The winds of change are here, the winds of change.

I just hear the Lord saying, "The winds of change are here, the winds of change.

This year is a year for the winds of change that the Lord says there are even things being released in the heavenly realm. Angelic hosts, special dispatches from the Head Throne room itself, there are angelic hosts, warring angels that are being released even this season that have never been released, but the Lord would say, This is a new season for victory. The lord would say, There will be greater giants this year than ever before and the Lord says, With those greater giants will come greater victories. For the enemy would say that he would try to release things into the Kingdom of God that would try to pull down and destroy what the church is supposed to be, and pull apart those things that would try to deceive and lead the elect astray.

But the Lord would say, Yeah this is the hour! This is the hour that the elect will come forward; this is the hour, I will raise up My great army even as Joel spoke about. This is the hour, when the Lord says, My army is just not being raised up, the Lord says, But My generals have been trained and My lieutenants have been trained up.

The Lord says, It is time to release them! it’s time to release them into the nations, time to release them into the battle fields. The Lord says, Now My army will take the battle to the enemy. My army will take the war to the spirit of religion - the spirit of self - the spirit of pride. Men have built their own kingdoms but the Lord says, My prophets will pull down their kingdoms. And the Lord says, My fathers will reestablish and will build up on foundations, proper foundations, but the Lord says, This is the season for those foundations, Hallelujah, to be laid, laid like they were in the Early Church, laid like I intended them to be laid, the Lord would say.

The Lord says, Now even I tell you Jerusalem is being built line upon line, precept upon precept, here a little there a little; but the Lord would say, Even as a mason puts bricks upon other bricks in order to build the house, the Lord says, I’m building precious stone upon precious stone, for the Lord says, This house has not been seen! It is a house of precious stones; it’s a house of My revelation and a house of My Word. Even as stones are transparent, these are a transparent people that My Light can pass through. These are a people that My revelation can go beyond, hallelujah, and touch those, hallelujah, that are just not themselves, for this is the season that My revelation will touch the earth; hallelujah, this is even the season, the Lord says, that I’ve ordained for the airwaves to come open across the nations.

This is a time that has never been seen! Everything, everything that I have prepared and planned for, is meant for this time and for this season. For the Lord would say, You will begin to see many that are out there, that have been hidden in the hidden place, even in the cave, where I have taken them to be trained up, but the Lord would say, This is the season for them to be released from their caves. This is the season for My Word and My revelation to go across the airwaves.

The Lord would say, Even as there is great turmoil within the world, the Lord says, There will be great turmoil within My body and within My church. But the Lord says, I’m removing those cells that are not of Me. I am rejecting those cancerous cells that are in My body, and the Lord would say, I’m separating the wheat from the tares, I’m even separating now, for there would be those that would stand up as My judges within the earth and they will begin to judge and proclaim My nature, they will begin to stand up and say this is wrong! This is not right! This is not what is intended! These are the ones that will stand and say Sin! Sin! Sin! when the Word should be Holy, Holy, Holy unto the Lord. For the lord would say, This is a people that would know Holiness for they will see My holiness, they will walk in My holiness, and they will be consumed by My holiness; they will be transformed by My holiness and everything about them will cry out Holy, Holy, Holy for they will be a people that will see the joy and the power of being made whole.

For the Lord would say, This is a now word, this is a rhema word, and this is a kairos moment within My Kingdom. The Lord would say, Even this year the man child is released, even this year, Revelation 12 comes to pass, and the Lord says, Now I raise up, now I raise up, and now I pull down.

This is the season that even My servants came to me and said Lord did You not plant wheat in this field, what are the tares doing there? Do you want us to remove these tares? And the Lord would say, This is the season that I release My servants to normally bring that harvest in and to bind together what is of Me and what is not of Me. This is now the season that they will even pluck out the tares and this is what I hold dear. Many, many tribulations will come forward, many sights will be seen. Even Hollywood will begin to bow to My knee. They will begin to take the knee before Me. For the Lord will say, There will be great turmoils and great shakings. But the Lord says, Ultimately it is My children that will shake everything.

Do not look at Pharaoh. Do not look at his army. For the Lord would say, It’s time to cross over into the greatest things that have ever been seen, into the greatest season of all. The Lord would say, be fruitful and multiply. For this is the season to multiply. This is the season to be fruitful. I ordain My Word to bring increase and now I release My increase, I release increase in you as My fruit grows in you. The Lord says, My nature grows. The Lord says everything else will be added; even this will be a season of financial increase. Those things will begin to be released to those I can trust them with, houses and lands, new territories. I say it’s time to expand, and expand you will, for this is the season to take cities, even whole nations, and you will see before this year is out, entire nations will be affected, it’s what I am releasing right now.

The Lord would say, Expose those things that are not of Me; those things that are only a dim reflection. Now I bring a greater light, --a greater light. In the past, the spirit of religion has tried to snuff out things that I have done in the past, but the Lord says, No more! For I have raised up those who would fight through and press on and teach others.

We receive and we release Your next move Father. Father, we release Your sons and Your daughters. We release Your season of increase.

I just hear the Holy Spirit saying signs and wonders, signs, wonders and miracles; healings that have never been seen.

Shortly we will begin to see the "haves" and the "have nots". Those that really have Me and those that don’t. Those that have, I am releasing and those that don’t… Thank You Lord.

Also, I see Seattle and Canada -- there is going to be a move in Canada. It’s going to start up and it’s going to increase. It is going to be a move, another move of the Spirit. Thank you Lord. Seattle! The Lord is giving me Seattle… things are going to break forward in Seattle and in Washington. Thank You….. Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah.

The Lord is going to lay foundations in South America this year. More than you realize, the Lord says, this ministry will become an integral part in touching South America. And some of the greatest revivalists, healing movements of men that will be trained up will come out of there and touch entire continents all over the world; and actually, because of the anointing in their hearts and in their lives, will bring the stability to the nation. And the Lord even says that to me, that as we come in with revelation of the Kingdom of Who Jesus is, it literally begins to shake things but brings a spiritual stability to areas; it removes the whole hand of the enemy and the hold over peoples lives. It’s a breakthrough. Father we just release Your season and Your age. … Thank You Lord.

I see something also with the Catholic Church. It’s going to come into such an unholy alliance with Islam. It’s going to be exposed, what’s really happening. People aren’t going to believe it when they see it.

Father we choose to move with You. Father we lift up Southern California, Father, we lift up Dallas, Miami, Florida. Father, we lift up those areas, Father, Houston, Father. Lord we just speak for change to come and revival to move within the nations. Lord we ask for everything to (?), everything to be pulled down.

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