This is the End of a Seven Year Period of War

The Spirit of the Lord would speak to you tonight. "Is it not possible for Me to just utter one word and everything will change? They shall say, 'Why is it there is a group of people celebrating when the prognosticators have told them this could be the worst time of your life?' What do I say about it," says the Lord?

"This is the end of a seven year period. This is the end of a seven year period of war. This is the end of a seven year period of disdain, and" God says, "at the end of this night will be the end of the seven year period, of the seven lean years. And then suddenly there shall come upon you seven fat cows! And the lean years will not consume nor eat the fat years. The lean cows will not consume the fat that is coming upon you. No, it is the end of war; it is the end of famine. How is this possible," says the Lord?

The Spirit of the Lord says, "Raise up your hands, open up your mouths." There are thousands of people watching right now by Internet all over the world, waiting to hear what the word of the Lord is.

God says, "They will say there is life, scientists will say they found life on the planets, but," God said, "it shall be proof once again of the existence of the Kingdom of God. I will invade science, I will bring from your earth cures for diseases. Angels are coming to this nation, to the nations of the Earth to bring the light.

"You have asked for a prophet, and," God said, "I have rescued so many of you; I have rescued your families. Some of you have not understood My ways, but," the Spirit of the Lord says, "get ready, for this shall be known, the new year shall be known as the year of festivities, the year of festivities. And they say, 'Why would this be the year of festivities? There is so much going wrong.'" But God said, "No, for the Kingdom of God is appearing and it shall be known as the shadow of light, for I am going to bring an unusual light into My Church, into My Kingdom, on this Earth."

And God says, "Even the shadow of Peter struck the sick and they were healed. And," God said, "what I'm going to send is not another revival, but," the Spirit of God said, "it shall be so unique, and so unusual that this manifestation that shall take place shall happen through a mere shadow, the shadow of light. For," God said, "you have watched how I have turned things around. Now as you enter into the New Year I shall bring forth upon you festivities, rejoicing. Listen, for there shall be a death by the year 2010, and it shall be known as the death of debt," says the Lord of Hosts!

God said, "There is a mountain that I'm about to give to My people that will give them access into every arena in life. But I need somebody like Caleb that will lift their hands and say, 'I am not afraid to take the mountain.'"

God is Opening a Door that No Man Can Shut

It's the end of year 2008, and a door is about to shut, and a brand new door is about to open that no man can shut. God is opening a door that no man can shut.

"Throughout this building, throughout the Earth, for those that would receive, for those that would receive," God said, "I'm opening a door that no man can shut." God said, "Tonight, do not take lightly He who holds the key, who holds the key of David."

The mystery of God is being opened up. God said, "This is the end day, this is the end time; you will do greater than the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds you. No man shall stand against those who I have selected. No man shall light a fire without the revelation of the Fourth Man. I'm about to show Myself favorably in science and from your soil, America, and three other nations; they shall discover, discover, discover and cancer shall no longer be a force of any threat to mankind."

Many of you watching right now, say, "Kim, I'm being engulfed, I'm being raptured into something." God's told me to tell you: "I've given you a key, given you a key to take away from Me what I've held in My hand for so long - it's just for you. I'm holding in My hand what you must take from Me, and I've held it in My hand for such a time as this."

Kim Clement. Prophesied December 31, 2008 - San Jose, California.