Fresh Fire Board of Directors Update

Note: Todd Bentley is from our Northwest region. Fresh Fire Ministries is still part of our Northwest region.

To our friends around the world,

We trust you are doing well and looking forward to what God has planned for all of us in 2009. Last year was adventurous and challenging for us here at Fresh Fire Ministries (FFM), but God's grace has made us equal to the challenges. And we are excited about the opportunity to see God work everything together for our good and His glory as this year continues to unfold.

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with an update of the ministry as well as give some vision of where we plan to go from here. The first news item that we wish to bring to your attention is that Todd Bentley has resigned from his involvement with Fresh Fire Ministries Canada and will continue a process of restoration under the capable leadership of Rick Joyner and his association. Because Todd founded Fresh Fire Ministries, we feel it appropriate and honorable to give FFM's name to him to use as he chooses when he starts ministering again in the future. We here at FFM are in the process of changing our name to reflect our present and future focus as we continue with the God-given mandate for this ministry. Check back with us soon to see our new name, logo and image.

The Lord has dramatically expanded our vision both nationally and internationally. On an international level, we will continue our crusades with FFM associates, inviting and equipping teams of passionate and like-minded believers to join us. In keeping with the original mandate of the ministry we will remain focused on working together to bring in the end time harvest around the world as we champion the call to transform nations.

Many of you have inquired regarding the status of the Uganda Jesus Village (UJV). You will be delighted to know that we are scheduling a trip in the Spring. This will be an exceptional trip, in that Shonnah Bentley and son Elijah will be part of the team! As you know, Shonnah was one of the original founders with a vision for rescuing and establishing a safe place for the children to be loved and restored. Presently, we have rescued and are caring for 64 orphans with a vision for 500 children, as we continue to expand in personnel and resources.

Many improvements have been made at the UJV in 2008, with new buildings going up right now on the land purchased this year. As you read this letter, there is a 40-foot shipping container on its way to Uganda. It is loaded with medical supplies, tools for both farming and construction, food items, clothing, bedding, household products, sewing machines and various other essentials, all of which have been provided through the generosity of our partners. The most extraordinary item is a compact backhoe and rotor-tiller, the likes of which our team in Uganda never dreamed to have and will be thrilled to receive. This piece of equipment will greatly accelerate the construction of all the building and agricultural projects.

Both in Canada, and internationally, we are networking with other churches and ministries that have similar passions and vision to our own. We are excited about the relationships we are building with Christian leaders around the world with a view to networking together to host conferences, seminars, and other endeavors to establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. To accommodate the many invitations coming in, we are sending our ministry associates with the Fresh Fire DNA to encourage local congregations through teaching and a demonstration of the supernatural.

Locally, we are continuing to establish our kingdom resource center. We will be re-launching our Supernatural Training Center in late spring of 2009, in which we will continue to train people from all walks of life to radically share the good news of the kingdom of heaven both in the church and the marketplace. The expanded curriculum will have modules focused on developing the five ministries found in Ephesians four, as well as, equipping students to model a kingdom culture in all the influential gates of society.
We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your partnership with us in prayer and financial support this past year. We believe the Lord will reward you for your faithfulness and that you will be blessed abundantly. We invite you to continue with us this year with a passionate resolve to transform nations. The nations are calling with invitations to hold crusades and schools, so perhaps you can join us on one of the trips being planned for 2009. Watch our website for details as they become available.

In closing we want to encourage you with the scripture found in 3 John verse 2:

“Beloved, I wish above all things, that you be in health and prosper even as your soul prospers.”

We remain in the service of the King,


The Fresh Fire leadership team

From the Fresh Fire Ministries board of directors.