September 9, 2005 - Portland, OR

Let no man fool you and say that I am the one that destroys. For the destroyer comes to destroy the land. I speak it out, for there are many that need purging. Do you understand that the blood of innocent ones cry out? And even so they cried out before what took place in Louisiana, in Alabama and in Mississippi. I said that I would unbuckle the Bible Belt, and for this reason many say that they are the ones that brought so much joy through salvation. But religion ruled, and this Nation is divided. Therefore it shall not be divided for long. I am tired of the squabbling that is taking place between democrats and republicans. This is enough!

Let my Church arise. Let my people arise. Let them become the voice. Let them become the voice of this Nation as they were before. Let them become the voice that they were. I shall not allow the enemy to take what is Mine. This Nation does not belong to Allah; this Nation does not belong to Buddha. This Nation belongs to the Lord Most High, the God of the universe. Your forefathers spoke these words. They said it shall be established on the principles that were given to us by Christ. This Nation belongs to Christ. This Nation belongs to the son of the Living God. And I'm looking to My people to bring the unity. If you do not do this then it shall continue.

For there shall be fights between (political) parties and solutions shall come and answers shall come. And those that are corrupt will be brought to the surface. God said this a few months ago, that I would bring forth to the surface the corruption that exists in the political arenas. I will bring it to the forefront. When they speak against an innocent man, I will bring forth the corruption and I will expose their nakedness. Therefore let the voice of the parties not be the voice of the Lord. Let My prophets arise and let them speak while the opportunity is at hand. Do you understand that the prophets could have a voice into the ears of those that matter?

I will predict again and again and they will eventually say we must listen to the prophets of the Lord. We must listen for they are warning, and the warning shall come. For I will do nothing unless I reveal My secret to my servants the prophets. No not My prophets, but to My servants the prophets. There are many prophets who are not servants. I will not reveal My secrets to those who are not servants. I look for faithfulness, I look for humility and I would not use measures to bring humility. Humble yourself before Me and I will raise you up.

This hour it shall come to pass, in the next two months, that there shall be more purging. But listen to Me; at the end of October America shall come to rest. I shall bring you to a Halloween and they shall say we will celebrate our Halloween again. God said you will celebrate nothing of the sort, because before it, I will bring Myself to this Nation and you will go into November and I will bring victory, upon victory, upon victory, upon victory!

Legislation, legislation, they say you cannot legislate unity. You cannot bring unity through the United Nations. The United Nations is abolished. The United Nations has no more say. For I will take care of the refugee Nations. I will take care of those that have become refugees in this Nation. For now I call to the Nations of this earth. America helped you, where are you now? Kuwait, America helped you but where are you now? Yes I see that you have delivered and you have given to this Nation. But now this Nation has what they call refugees. Where are the Nations that we have helped? Where are the Nations that I stretched My hand out to through this Nation? I command you to give and if you do not help this Nation I will see that you suffocate and that you do not prosper. For I have looked upon this Nation and the suffering that is taking place and enough is enough. I will cause vindication to come. I will cause the Middle Eastern Nations to give to this Nation. I will cause the Middle Eastern Nations to say we will help America. I'll use third world countries to give to this Nation. Why? Because I will prove what you have sown over the years and the decades will be given back to you America. This is your day!

The people said to Moses, give us water for we need water to drink. They looked for the obvious, they looked to the wind and they looked to the clouds. They looked for rain but I did not send it through rain. I sent it through a rock. I sent it from the earth not from the sky. They are saying, Oh, you said the oil and the economy shall be revived. Are you looking to oil when I already have something else that I shall use from your rocks and from your earth? Do you realize that America is being forced to embark upon a new energy source? America has been forced to go as pioneers again and create a new form of energy. And it's already there, it's right under your feet. It's not coming from anywhere else. It's not coming from the Middle East. It's coming from the soil of this Nation!

An unusual thing shall take place. For even as the kings came to Elisha they said give us a prophet to prophesy in our earth. Give us a prophet who will prophesy in our famine. Give us a prophet who will say something. This Nation is now crying out for the voice of the Lord. Your President is crying out for the voice of the Lord, and you shall not have it from the obvious. Even Elisha told the Kings. God said I shall send you rain, I will do it because of the King of Judah. I will do it because of the King of praise. I will do it because of the people who have praised Me and said though he slay me I will yet praise Him. I will yet serve Him. The people that said, even though many have spoken against the Lord God we will yet serve him. The prophetic words will come forth. I will send you rain in your valley America. I will send you water into your valley. Not through the rain but through some other source. It shall come from the least obvious thing. This day I will send you what you need and they will say oh how obvious it was. It was right before our very eyes. I am forcing you to go on the journey with the big "E". I will not let My prophet say, for this is not for him to know. There is a big "E" and it shall come forth through this Nation. How did we not realize that this will take place? You will not need the Middle East. I will promise you this, I will send you a new and a fresh thing that will come from the soil of this Nation. Rejoice America and people of God!

Enough of the fighting. Enough of this destructive words against each other. Forget not my prayer when I prayed to the Father in John 17 that they may be one as we are one then the world will know. If there is not unity that I demand from the gatekeepers of America, if there is not unity that I demand from the Pastors and the leaders of the church in this Nation, I will strike them down one at a time. And I will raise up a new breed. I will strike them down one at a time. There shall be one death after the other. And you say, why would God kill? For enough is enough! I've had enough of this. The stench of division has come before me for too long. The stench of lethargy and laziness and lack of prayer and no more fasting and riches beyond measure. Enough is enough! Do you not know that you are naked before My eyes? And therefore because you say you are rich but yet you are naked I will have to take you one side and show you. Enough of this pomp and ceremony! Where are the true men and women of God give that would scrape their hands on the ground and say oh God give us a revival, give us a move of your Spirit. I'm calling for My people to do that and if you do it I will give you the greatest move of the Spirit that you have ever seen.

I will bring back miracles, greater miracles than Kathryn Kuhlman ever had. Greater miracles than Jack Coe. There will be no question that this was the Lord God Almighty. There will be no questionable miracles. They will be proven time and time and time again. These unusual miracles will take place when My men and My women say we will do it, we will humble ourselves and we will pray. And this Nation shall be healed. I raised up Larry Lee to bring a Nation to prayer and then God said away and no more prayer. I will raise up others that will bring this Nation to a place of prayer again. I'm not talking about prayer that is lengthy and that has too much wind. I'm talking about the prayer that shakes hell and that moves heavens within a minute. Just one minute of prayer can do that. This that they call spiritual warfare, screaming for hours, God said enough of this! My Son looked at a lunatic and said today you are the missionary to this region and cast out a legion of spirits. There are going to be mass demonic expulsions that will take place. And you won't even know it.

But I will rid this Nation of the one thing that destroyed My friend President Ronald Reagan, for it shall come to an end. Alzheimer's shall come to an end. Dementia shall come to an end. Do not say that it cannot be done, for it has already been discovered. Portland, Oregon you have embraced the prophets and therefore I will reward you. Oregon and Washington you have embraced the prophets and because you have done this I will do what I did for Obadiah. I will send you Elijah. I will send you the spirit of Elijah. And the hearts of the sons and the hearts of the fathers shall return to each other. And the hearts of the daughters shall return to their mothers and mothers shall be mothers again and fathers shall be fathers again. There will be massive breakthrough in the families of this Nation, for I am putting My prophet in the midst of a pornographic head and a pornographic place that I may rid it of the prophets of Baal, that I may rid it of the false pleasures of this hour. Enough is enough! Get ready the prophets are coming because of you. I'm sending it through this Nation. Watch, watch, watch and pray for great shall be the display of resurrection from the dead.

Would there be a man and a woman that would fall half-way their size, and on a knee they would say God you have spared us and you have kept us. Yet there are those that are crying out by the tens of thousands in Louisiana. My heart has wept but what will come out of it will be a grace upon this Nation. A grace that shall cause your prisons to be less filled. I will cause people that have said we will never come back or darken the door of a church, but they will.

For the Church, as it has been, has officially been abolished. The structure and the system as it has controlled has officially been destroyed. And this means that unless My Son has preeminence, and unless I have My total way that shall no longer be called the Church of Jesus Christ. The system that has controlled and religion that has dictated to your children shall no longer flourish. I will take those in the caves, and I will take those at Gilgal. I will take those that are in the caves of Adullah. I will take those that have praised me as the Sauls have used as his hobby to destroy David.

God said no more! For the David's that I called are arising to the surface and they shall dance before the Lord and they will lose their clothes. And they will say you think I'm undignified now, you watch how undignified I will be. For Zion is calling you to a higher place. Is there somebody that would get on their knees with me and say God I'm going to pray a prayer for this Nation? I'm going to pray a pray for the grace of God. God said if you will do that today I will raise up a brand new and fresh intercessory prayer group. A group of people that will intercede the way my Son did. He said to the disciples, could you not tarry with me just for one hour? And God said that's all it would have taken. It didn't take days. It is not necessary for another Gethsemane prayer. My Son already did it. My Son did what He had to do at Gethsemane and therefore the Hero of Golgotha is now standing in your midst saying unto you, Call for this Nation for I will listen to you and I will hearken to your prayer.

And as you pray to Me there shall be an abundance that will come and I will bring unity into the Church. And once that takes place, My Spirit shall come upon it, and I will raise up those out of chaos and make them great men. I will raise princes out of the dust. I will take those who have nothing and give them something. And you will hear these words, let the weak say I am strong. And the weak shall say I am strong, and the poor shall say I am rich. For My Son became poor so that you could become rich. Is this not the truth, says the Lord? Now pray out loud. For as you pray out loud, I will listen to your cry, and I will hear it from heaven, and I will bring upon your homes and your children, your husbands and your wives, your grandparents. I will bring a fresh thing that will raise them up and cause them to know the Lord and do exploits in his name.

Kim Clement, September 9, 2005; From his website; emphasis in the original. Northwest highlight added.
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